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Love Hurts

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This story is No. 4 in the series "A Light in the Dark". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It's Dean Vs. Faith when he tries to help her see the error of her ways

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterAstridWinchesterFR7915,9000194,48212 May 1024 May 10Yes

Phone tag

A/N: Well here's the first chapter as promised! Characters belong to their creators. This one will cross the episode 'Consequences'.

Chapter 1: Phone tag

Dean glanced at his phone in the cup holder and rolled his eyes as it started to vibrate. It wasn’t dad; they’d just separated a day ago for a case in Montana of what sounded like a shifter. God, he hated shifters. Sam was inside the diner he was parked outside of, getting a newspaper to look up some happenings in the town that’d narrow their case a little. No, it was Buffy again. She’d called at least 5 times in the last couple weeks that they’d been gone. He still hadn’t figured things out with her and he wasn’t going to answer the phone until he had.

His phone beeped to signal its owner that he had a voicemail and a missed call—as if he wasn’t already aware of that—and with a sigh he reached over and grabbed it. May as well find out what she wanted, maybe it wasn’t anything more serious than some demon that had gotten the better of her. He sat and looked at the caller ID that flashed a picture of her for a moment before snapping himself out of it and pressed the button for voicemail. Sam climbed in on the passenger side and flipped through the paper he held. He gave his brother a glance and listened to the operator then typed his four digit code for his inbox.

“Hey Dean, it’s uh Buffy again. I guess you’re busy on your hunt or whatever, but I wanted to talk to you about something. Can you please call me back?” Buffy’s voice was cut off by Dean deleting the message and snapping the phone shut again and replacing it on the charger. He wasn’t going to call her. He wasn’t. Nope. Not a chance. Maybe later.

He started the Impala and backed out of the parking space and toward the highway once more. He noticed Sam shift in his seat and looked over at him. “What’s up?”

“Who was that?” Sam inquired.

“No one important. Anything new on the case?” He answered dismissively as he shot a glance into the rearview mirror and flicked his blinker on before moving into another lane.

“Was that Buffy?” Dean didn’t say anything. “C’mon Dean, there might be something going on, you need to call her back and fix things.” Sam sighed at his big brother’s stubbornness and reached for the phone himself. Dean glared at him and snatched the phone before he could touch it and tossed it into the backseat on the floorboard.

“She’s a Slayer, she’ll be fine. We’ve got a case already.” Dean argued and Sam huffed an annoyed breath but let the subject drop. Nope, he wasn’t backing off on this.

When they pulled up outside a hotel after they killed the shifter that night Sam was too tired to do anything but tug off his shoes, jacket and shirt before passing out on one of the beds. Dean gathered some clothing for a shower first, he was covered in blood and shifter guts. His phone started to ring again and he grabbed it without thinking.

“Yeah?” He grunted and there was a moment of silence before he heard a familiar voice.

“Dean? Are you okay? It’s Buffy.” Dean swore inwardly and cradled the phone between his shoulder and ear. It wouldn’t be polite to hang up but all he wanted was a shower and sleep.

“Hey. Yeah, everything’s fine.” He answered evasively as he glanced over at the already snoring Sam. “We just got in from a case. I’m actually about to hop into a shower so..”

“Oh well, I’ll make it quick then.” Buffy said and Dean made a face but set his clothes back down. With Buffy there was no such thing as ‘make it quick’. “Dean, you remember Faith right?”

“Yes, I remember Faith. What about her?”

“Dean..” Buffy hesitated. “She killed someone by accident.” Dean waited for her to say more but he was greeted with silence.

“Killed someone? As in a not demon someone?” He clarified, confused as to exactly why she was telling him this.

“Yeah. We were out patrolling and she thought it was a vampire, and reacted before she realized that it wasn’t. She accidentally staked the Dep. Mayor.” Buffy’s voice got quieter as he digested the information.

“I see.” He stated simply. “Did you go to the police?”

“No, she wouldn’t go. We just ran.”

Dean rubbed the back of his neck with one hand warily and sighed. “Have you talked to her about it? Or Giles?” He asked when he remembered her Watcher.

“She won’t talk about it. She went to Giles, Dean.” He glanced over at his bloody silver knife and picked it and a cloth up to clean it off.

“That’s good then right?” He asked as he wiped the blade with the cloth. Stupid ugly sons of bitches. He really hated shifters!

“No, she told him it was me.” He had to strain to hear her and he forgot his blade-cleaning for a moment to grip the phone more firmly.

“She said it was you? What do you mean?” He demanded, hoping he’d heard wrong.

“She told Giles I killed the Dep. Mayor. He didn’t believe her though, but I think she thinks he did.” Dean gritted his teeth and counted to ten in his head. “Dean, I know things between us are rocky but can you guys come back?”

Dean cursed under his breath away from the receiver so she wouldn’t hear. They’d finished their latest case and hadn’t gotten assigned another but he wasn’t sure he wanted to go down that road again with her. But if she asked him to come back, he knew he would. “What do you expect me to do, Buffy? Talk to her? She obviously doesn’t think she did anything wrong if she’s blaming it on you.”

“I know, but I can’t believe that she’s too far gone to accept help. Dean you’ve been hunting demons for years, and I know sometimes that you have to kill people that are possessed.” Dean felt himself stiffen but he didn’t disagree. She was right, they had, but only if they couldn’t dis-possess the person. “Maybe you can reach her. Can you please try?”

Dean weighed her request in his mind and let out a sigh. Looks like they were heading back to California. “I can try. No promises though. We’re in Montana, we’ll head that way in the morning.” He agreed gruffly and he could almost hear her smile through the phone. He picked up his clothes and shower stuff again and headed for the bathroom, abandoning the half-clean knife on the nightstand.

“Thanks Dean, I really appreciate this.” She answered and he grunted again. “I’ll let you get in the shower now. See you soon?”

“Yeah, soon.” Dean sighed and hung up. He stared at his phone then tossed it on the bed before going into the bathroom and closing the door. He was such a sucker when it came to her.
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