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Away With Memories

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Summary: The powers that be mess with Kelly, Shannon, and Gibbs' lives.

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NCIS > Willow-CenteredChrissyMFR1822,5533225,55712 May 1011 Feb 13No

chapter rwo

A/N: Soooo so sorry this too so long to get updated. I had so much trouble with this chapter; I'm not very good at writing conversations. I'm going to try and develop Tony/Willow relationship before I have her meet Gibbs and the team. Also this chapter wasn't beta read.

Chapter Two

Willow's Apartment

Willow took a deep a breath to calm her nerves. She hadn't been out on a date with a guy since Oz. Hopefully she won't make a fool out of herself. Before she met Oz she was nerves wreck around guys. For some reason talking to girls were easier, she laughed a little at that. She guesses now she knew why, but she wanted to try to have a guy relationship; and if this didn't work out, she was going back to girls.

She looked into the mirror in her bedroom to make sure everything was looking alright. She had on a long red skirt with a slit open at the bottom there were black flowers all around the bottom, and a blouse that was made with see through arms and sparkly. Tony said it was a fancy restaurant that he was taking her too and she wanted to look nice. Hopefully he approved.

She applied on some make up to finish the job, and then she heard a knock and assumed it was Tony. She took another deep breath and grabbed her purse and jacket.

Tony walked towards Willow's door and hoped the date will go well. He's not usually the nervous one but there was just something about Willow that intrigues him, and especially the world that she lives in.

He waits a few seconds before her door opens and was left speechless. He loses his train of thought when he looked willow up and down and saw that her face was starting to blush at his intense gaze.

"Well you ready to go?" Tony asked her.

"Yes, I think I am. Can you help me with this?" She pointed to her jacket and Tony grabbed and Willow turned around so that Tony could put the Jacket on her.

Once Willow had her jacket on, Tony offered his arm and she took it and they walked out of Willow's Apartment and towards Tony's Mustang.

Café Atlántico

It took at least fifteen minutes to get the Italian restaurant Café Atlántico, which Tony talked so much about on the way there. It took another five minutes for them to wait for their tables, so they grabbed a couple seats at the bar.

"So enjoying your self so far?" Tony asked trying to make small talk while they waited for their seats.

"Yes, Yes I am actually." She said it in way that she was surprised to be having a good time with him.

"You're Surprised?" Tony asked her curiously. Tony went to drink a zip of his bear when Willow answered.

"Well I'm actually more comfortable with girls then I am with guys." Willow told him waiting for the reaction she would usually get from guys. It only took him a few seconds to understand of what she was applying when he started choking on his bear.

"You ok?" Willow asked him amused, with a smile at his reaction.

"Yeah, so you dated Women before?" with that question a mental image of Willow and another woman together got into his head. He shook his head trying to stay clear of that thought.

Before she could answer him, a petite woman came over as their waitress to show them their table.

When they got to their table, Tony pulled Willow's chair out to help her.

"Thank you." Willow said to him as he walked to his chair to sit down. The waitress gave them both a menu to order their dinner.

"Would you like a few minutes to decide on your orders?" The waitress asked them polity doing her job. Both Willow and Tony said yes.

"So back to the dating women thing." Tony said with a smirk.

"Yes I've dated woman before." Willow told him with a smile. He kind of reminded her of Xander when he was curious about her and Tara. "It's the personality that I look for in a relationship."

"So how long have you been working for NCIS?" Willow asked him.

The same waitress that showed them their tables came over to asked for their orders. Tony and Willow both gave the waitress what they wanted to have.

Five minutes later, their waitress arrived with their dinner. During the meal both Tony and Willow asked more about each other.

Willow found Tony to be humorous. She never laughed so much in a long time, and it felt good to be silly. He told her about his job with NCIS, his boss, and his team mates. Gibbs sounded like can be a real pain in the ass but with care, though she could see her being friends with Abby.

"So what do you want to do next?" Tony asked her leaning back into his chair with a smile shown to her. They both were done with their dinners and just waiting for the check to arrive.

"How about we go see a movie?" Willow suggested.

"Sure, that sound like a great idea."

They paid for their dinner and went to the closet movie theater they which were just down the street. It was a cold night, so Tony offered Willow his arm and they walked out into cold air and towards the movie theater.

It took only a few minutes to get to the theater, and Tony then turned to Willow and asked her what movie she wanted to see.

Willow looked up at the listing of the movies and saw that Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows Part One was one of the movies that were playing.

"What do you think about Harry Potter?" Willow asked him, hoping that he would say yes. She has wanted to see that movie for a while now.

Tony thought it over for a few seconds, and gave Willow his answer.

"Sure, I would love too."

After he said that, Willow got the biggest smile that he has seen on her so far, and would say yes to her all the time if he could see that smile again.

Two hours later quite a few people came out of the movie theater, talking about the movie they have seen and headed towards different directions. After a few minutes Tony and Willow came out the glass doors and head towards Tony's mustang.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Away With Memories" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Feb 13.

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