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Away With Memories

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Summary: The powers that be mess with Kelly, Shannon, and Gibbs' lives.

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Chapter One

Title: Away With Memories

Author: cmm14513

Rating: Rated R for now might change later.

Summary: The powers that be mess with Kelly, Shannon, and Gibbs' lives.

Disclaimer: The Buffy verse belongs to the awesome Joss Whedon, and NCIS belongs to CBS.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to my betas for me helping me out with this story. Hopefully this will be the story that gets done.

Chapter One

Washington, D.C.

Willow walked around the Washington streets trying to get a feel for the city, hoping there weren’t a lot of vampires in town. She had just moved to the D.C. area after finally getting a break from the supernatural world.

It had been three years since Sunnydale turned into a crater and they defeated the First. She had been working nonstop with Buffy and the gang trying to remake the Watchers' Council and form an academy for the Slayers called the Jenny Calendar School. They currently had over 1,000 girls and not nearly enough Watchers. They had two branches: one in England with Giles and Buffy as the headmasters,; and one in Cleveland with Faith and Xander.

When everything finally started to settle down, she and Kennedy still had irreconcilable differences. After so many years helping Buffy with the slaying, she just wanted to take a break from it all for awhile. Her dream was to have a family, but Kennedy wasn't ready to settle down. Willow explained to the gang what she wanted to do and was surprised by the acceptance of her desire for a normal life. She'd told them whenever they needed her, all they had to do was call and she would teleport to help in the fight. She'd expected more resistance from them.

Willow was just shaking herself from her reverie when she spotted a Starbucks. She smiled; she hadn’t had a latte in so long. The store was empty, probably because it was so close to midnight.

She was nearly to the line behind the register when someone bumped into her. She would’ve fallen flat on her back if he hadn’t caught her by the arms.

“Oh jeez, I’m sorry.” She looked up to see a tall man with brown hair who was trying to steady her fall. He looked cute and sophisticated; you could tell he was from money. Not that Willow looked for that in a relationship, and not that she was looking for a relationship, right now at least. She wanted to get settled into D.C. first. Then she shook her head – definitely overthinking the relationship thing. Thankfully, the guy didn’t spill any coffee on either of them.

She smiled. “Nice reflexes," she said as he set her upright and she steadied herself.

“It comes with the job," he said, mouth forming a little smirk.

She wondered what kind of job he had. He seemed like a charmer. She was going to ask the question when his beeper sounded.

“Duty calls!" he said, facing her as he started walking backwards toward the door. "Wish I had the chance to get your number." He raised his coffee in farewell.

Willow grinned at him as he disappeared through the Starbucks door, wishing she'd gotten at least his name. She turned back to the line and waited for her coffee.

An Alley Street

Tony sighed and looked around the alley he was in. Gibbs wanted him to look for the bullet while the others were working on the case back at the squad room. They been on the same case for a few days and they needed the bullet.

He took a sip of his coffee before focusing his flashlight, his mind immediately turning back to the redhead at Starbucks. She was adorable; he cursed Gibbs for interrupting their conversation with the order to "quit flirting and find the damned bullet already, DiNozzo." He didn't even have a chance to ask her for her number.

He sighed as he began to poke around the alley, shining the flashlight. He walked over to the garbage bin and pushed it away from the brick wall, bending down. That was when he heard a sound like someone kicking a can. He set his coffee on the ground and turned around, pulling out his gun. He walked a little further into the alley, mentally giving himself a headslap when he saw a cat darting past him.

He was headed back for his abandoned coffee when a glint of silver drew his gaze, and he pulled out a pair of evidence gloves. He'd nearly grabbed the bullet when he was attacked from behind. His assailant spun him around and he barely had a chance to take in the guy's deformed face and sharp teeth before he was being slammed against the hard brick, his gun clattering to the ground. The guy was definitely strong for his height.

Tony was so focused on getting free of the man as he lunged for Tony's exposed neck when he turned into dust, Tony fell to the ground.

He looked up to see the same woman from Starbucks walking over, a worried expression on her face.

“Are you ok?” she asked him.

He took the hand she offered, standing up and brushing some dust off of his favorite suit with an irritated sigh. "What the hell was that?" he asked, seriously hoping he was hallucinating or something.

“A vampire.” she said it in a way that said she was pretty sure he wouldn't believe her.

He gestured faintly, at a loss. “Of course it was," he muttered sarcastically. "D.C. is just a haven for vampires." He holstered his gun and scrubbed a tired hand over his face.

“You're taking this surprisingly well,” she said, her eyes following him with concern. ”Most people just think I’m crazy when I tell them that vampires are real.”

He didn’t know how to respond to her, so he just said, "Actually, I'm kind of in shock," his eyes still searching the alley.

“I can understand that.”

Kate would’ve loved this, knowing that his bete noire was coming true. He could just see her making a joke at his expense.

“You never had a nightmare?” Tony asked Kate as they went to turn in the evidence in the garage.

“Uh-uh.” Kate told him as she was signing the papers.

He found that hard to believe.

“Not even as a kid?”

“Nope. No fear of the dark, or a bogeyman in my closet,.” Kate said as they started to walk ed towards the elevator.

“Me either, but the vampire canopy on my bed freaked me.”

“You had a canopy bed?” Kate asked him.

“I was five, my mother was into Louis XV, it wasn't my call, Kate," he said defensively.

“She still frighten you?” Kate asked him as they got the elevator.

“My mother?” Tony leaned in towards the retina scanner.

“Ha. The vampire?” Kate him with a smirk.

“What makes you think it was a she?” Tony asked as they got into the elevator.

“Vampires are seducers. Knowing you, Tony, it had to be female,” Kate said with a knowing grin.

“Well, she was after my blood, not the pride of my childhood.” He covered the fear of the memory with a smirk.

“You were proud at five?” Kate asked in disbelief.

It took the a few seconds to get up to the bullpen when the elevator doors opened.

“She finished the story, tucked me in, blew out the candles - my mother thought that candlelight enhanced the Trompe de L’Oreal.”

“Canopy beds, Trompe de L’Oreal, flickering wonder your bête noire was a vampire.” Kate said as they walked towards their desks.

“Bête noire, cute.”

“Goes with the Louis XV bedroom. So, what happened?” Kate asked curiously.

“Forget it.” Tony said as he saw Gibbs at his desk.

“So what are you doing alone in a dark alley anyway?" Willow asked, tilting her head curiously.

“I’m trying to find evidence for a case we're working,” Tony told her when he was brought back from his flashback of Kate.


“NCIS." He expected confusion, not the flash of recognition – and irritation – that flitted across her face. He still rattled about knowing that vampires were real.

“Military.” She muttered something under her breath that sounded suspiciously like, "That's just what I need right now."

“You don’t like the military?” He crossed his arms.

“It’s not that, it’s a long story.” she said with a shrug.

It was the perfect opening for a dinner invitation. “Want to tell me over dinner sometime? I do owe you for saving my life, after all.” He shot her one of his charming smiles, and she looked as though she was actually thinking over the offer.

“I would love to. Here’s my number.” She took out a pen and paper from her purse and scribbled her number on it. “I should let you get back to your job.”

“Already finished, “he said, reaching for the bullet he'd found and dropped again and tucking it securely in an evidence bag.”Walk you to your car?"

“Left it at my apartment, I wanted to explore on foot," she said as they walked out of the alley.

“I'm Tony, by the way," he said with a sideways glance and a grin. "Tony DiNozzo."

"Willow Rosenberg." She offered him her hand to shake and he took it.

"Lovely name for a lovely woman," he complimented just as they parted ways.
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