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Lifted Unto the Light

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Summary: When the battle is done, what happens to those left behind in the wreckage? Noncross, spoilers for the movie 'Legion'.

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Movies > LegionJmariaFR1516391171013 May 1013 May 10Yes
Title: Lifted Unto the Light
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: Scott Stewart and Peter Schink own Legion.
Spoilers: The film Legion.
Summary: When the battle is done, what happens to those left behind in the wreckage?
Characters: Audrey, Gabriel and Michael
Words: 523
A/N: So, my brain is crazy. Also, mad love for Legion. And it’s not just that Jessica from Supernatural is in it, or Paul Bettany is in it…okay, it might have been about Bettany in the beginning, but still! And Kevin Durand! I have mad love for him as well, but then I have since he was Joshua on Dark Angel, so…there was a point? Right…Gabriel and Michael…*drools*…okay, story time?

Lifted Unto the Light

Tiny Warrior

The last things she remembers are telling Jeep to just do it. All that matters is making sure Charlie and the baby make it, and that this bastard Gabriel doesn’t win. Tears form in her eyes, whipping off her face as she is bulleted out of the front window, her skin shredding on glass and asphalt. His weight bears down into her, and they’re whipped across the unforgiving ground.

She feels the crack in her bones and hears them with startling awareness. It’s hard to draw a breath, but she fights as hard as she can to see what happened to Jeep, Charlie and the baby. One last tear forms in her eyes as Gabriel disentangles himself from her body, having no care for the broken teenager beneath him.

Except he does linger, and she wonders why. Is he making sure he did a thorough job of killing all the people willing to protect Charlie and her baby? He looks down her body, as if he’s never seen a human before and she wonders why. Gabriel crouches beside her, his large hand hovering over her hip for a moment before actually touching her. Gently he flips her short skirt back into place, giving her some modesty in death. Audrey sucked in one final, painful breath and watched the remorse on his face as she dies.


The next thing she knows, Michael is there, holding her hand in his. Light pours through her fractured and broken body. Sixteen years old, and she helped bring a child of power into this world. The battle with Gabriel had been over long before, and he is shocked to see the angel hovering over the body of the girl who died heroically. Gabriel won’t meet his gaze, but Michael knows that this child had helped teach his brother.

“She was lost for so long, and in the end she found the light,” Michael brushed a bloody strand of hair from Audrey’s face. “Even when she was scared, there was no hesitation in her actions.”

“I did not hesitate,” Gabriel murmured, watching Michael’s hand as it rested at her temple.

“No, but then you never had the fear she did,” Michael replied, placing her arms gently across her chest. “You never worried about failure, Gabriel.”

“And she did.”

“It plagued her thoughts before she ever entered the diner. But not for long after,” Michael closed her eyes, noticing the tick in Gabriel’s jaw at the simple touch. “She jumped from a roof to save her fellow man, and fought an angel to save an innocent child when she was little more than a child herself.”

“She was meant to die in that car, before you interceded.”

“She was still needed,” Michael countered, bending again to pick up the broken body. Her head listed brokenly against his chest as he carried her over to Gabriel. “And she is to be rewarded for her sacrifice.”

Gabriel didn’t even question as Audrey was placed carefully into his arms. He only bowed his head to Michael and spread his wings. His arms tightened carefully around her body and ascended into the heavens.

The End

You have reached the end of "Lifted Unto the Light". This story is complete.

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