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Xander Stone

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Summary: Xander dresses as a soldier, but not of the ordinary kind...

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Games > Sci-FiZarachekFR131289042,22014 May 1014 May 10Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, all rights belong to their respected owners. The crossover is obviously BS:AoG and game made by JAM productions and published by Appogee Software, or as they are know today… 3D Realms.

The main character of the games is Robert Wills Stone III, or Agent Blake Stone of the British Intelligence of the Earth Directorate.

Alexander Lavelle Harris woke up, it was dawn, and the sun was just rising from the horizon. Almost automatically he stood up and went to the bathroom, after splashing some water in his face Alex looked into the mirror and remembered yesterday’s events.

Blake stood up, shaking his head. The whole ordeal felt like a teleport, only much more… chaotic. After pushing down the nausea, the British Intelligence agent looked at his wrist computer and spoke in a cultured British accent.

“REBA, where am I?”

“From what I can gather we are on Earth in the twenty first century, year 1999 to be exact, in an small American town… Agent Stone.”

“That’s impossible!” Robert Wills Stone III exclaimed looking around the street he was in.

”Nevertheless, the primitive planetary network called the ‘Internet’ has provided all the necessary information. I theorize tha-”

“Cut the chatter REBA.” Blake interrupted the AI. “How are we here?”

”It seems Dr.Goldfire has decided to deal with us permanently. My data archives indicate we were about use the teleporter to his office in the Satellite Defense installation. After that there was a chaotic burst of energies.”

The rest of Halloween went by as whirl, Alex could remember taking down Larry the pirate with a few combat moves from Robert’s Royal Navy days and nearly killing Spike with nothing but a recharging energy pistol.

”Agent Harris?” slowly Alexander Lavelle Harris looked at his wrist and looked at the small computer screen of his wrist computer, the only part of his costume that didn’t return to normal .

”I’ am ready and operating at 100% efficiency.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander Stone". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking