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The day it began

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Finding His Purpose". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Jim Valenti runs into someone who is destined to change his life ... again

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Disclaimer : I do not own any of the characters from this story, just the story itself. Credit for the others go to their creaters.

Timeline: Three Years After Third Season of Roswell and One Year After the final Season of Buffy.


Jim sat as his desk looking over some papers that needed to be filed. Life in Roswell had slowed down since the Aliens had left. Along with Max, Isobel and Michael, they took with them Maria and Kyle. Jim had a hard time with this but he knew that it was the safest thing for all of them, even his son. So he waved goodbye and placed a smile on his face, yelling to his son as they drove away that everything would be okay. He needed his son to believe that he would be fine, when in all honesty, he was not.

Jim heard from his son and the others every now and again. They would disguise letters as bills or something else that would not suspected and then after he read them he would burn them. He wanted to leave no evidence of their whereabouts to keep them safe. It had been harder with every letter that he had received and he grew lonelier by the day.

“Hey Sheriff,” A voice spoke from the doorway. It was his new deputy. The old one had quit after graduation and decided that Roswell was not where he wanted to be a cop. From what Jim had heard he was a Sheriff a few towns over. Jim was glad he could get away, sometimes he felt that maybe he should have left, but he had to stay here. If he would have left too people would have been more suspicious then a bunch of teens leaving after high school graduation.

“Hello Deputy,” Jim greeted him as he got to his feet. He reached for his hat and placed it firmly on his head. He had been here longer then he needed to be and now that his deputy was here, he could finally go home, “I think I am going to head on home. You take care now.”

Before the deputy had anything to say in response to Jim, he was out the door and headed to his car. Sure Jim would probably have been better off staying here and keeping him busy but he was going home like usual. He was going to curl up on the couch, put on the game he had recorded, start a new bottle of whiskey and hopefully make it to bed before passing out on the couch. Just another day in the life of Jim Valenti, he thought to himself.

Turning down the road that led to his house, Jim noticed some strange movement in the graveyard. Being the person that he was, he pulled over his vehicle and decided to check it out. If someone was in danger he needed to know about it.

Getting out of his police vehicle, he grabbed his flashlight and headed in past the gates. He was not sure if he had really seen something or if it was just his mind playing tricks on him. His mind had done that for the first year after Kyle had left, he saw him everyone and thought he was losing his mind, maybe he had.

Jim was soon pulled from his thoughts when someone came flying threw the air. The person hit a gravestone and completely broke it in half. He felt like he should be shocked at this but it took a lot to shock Jim. He had seen more things then most humans would ever see. He wondered at times if he would be happier right now if he never knew the truth, he still did not have an answer to that question.

Jim ran over to the guy to make sure that he was alright. That was when he noticed the girl. She could not have been more then seventeen years old or so. She was average height, with long brown hair and a hard face. Jim was not sure why she was attacking this guy, but Jim had to step in.

Stepping up, Jim headed towards the girl. She placed her hand on his shoulder and pushed him away. Hurrying herself over to the guy she had thrown and shoving a stake straight through his heart. He screamed momentarily and turned into dust.

Jim’s eyes grew wide, not so much out of fear but out of curiosity. He had thought that all of the crazy things that had happened over the years were over, but obviously he was wrong. Jim smiled, he welcomed the weird thing that happened in front of him just now, though he was still curious as to what it was specifically that was going on. Had she just killed an Alien with a stake?

“Are you okay,” The girl asked with great concern in her voice. “I am sorry that I pushed you out of the way like that, I just, well I didn’t want him to get away.”

The girl offered her hand out to him and helped him to his feet. It was in the moment that she realized that he was a cop. Her eyes got a hint of fear in them but she did not more. She knew she would end up with more consequence by running then staying, and in all fairness she really did not do anything wrong. Not like she killed a living person or anything.

“Who are you,” Jim asked to the girl. “What was that thing, and what did you do to it.”

Jim had a million questions going through he head, but he knew that people who were different were fearful of people knowing and had a lot to lose with the truth. He only asked the simplest of questions, in hope that he may get an answer to at least one of them.

The girl thought about this. She knew she could not give her real name. If he knew her real name and tracked down who she was, he might try to send her back and she could not have that. She did not want to go back home anytime soon, she liked Roswell and she wanted to give it a chance.

“Anya,” she answered after thinking about it for a while, “My name is Anya. And as for what that was, well, I really don’t think you want to know and even if I told you, you would not believe me and you would just think I am crazy. So lets just go with he was bad, and he has been taken care of.”

Jim looked the girls face over. She had a hint of innocence left in her. That was hard to find in kids today. Everyone was so destroyed by the things on the television and the world around her, but she seemed to be bright and full of innocence. That made him even more curious about her then he already was. How could someone who could do what she just did, look so innocent?

“Was,” Jim began, hoping not to sound like a complete crazy person, “was he an alien, or something along those lines?”

Anya, at least that what she had told him her name was laughed. She seemed to be almost of the verge of hysterics. Had what he just asked really been that funny of a question or was this her way of showing that she was completely nervous, like Jim had figured her out?

“An alien,” She laughed again, grabbing the side of her stomach, “you actually think that was an alien, as from like outer space or some crap. Wow and I thought you were going to think that I was crazy, but you have done lost it gramps.”

“I think it was a valid question,” Jim said getting a little agitated. “You just jammed a stake through that mans heart and poof he turns into dust, what am I supposed to think?”

Anya got a sad look on her face. He had not meant to make her unhappy but she was making him feel like he was crazy and he knew that he was not. He was not going to tell her that he knew Aliens but being laughed at because of his question was out of line.

“Look I am sorry gramps,” She began, as she placed her stake into a torn up backpack. “I was just not expecting you to ask me if I was staking aliens. But just so we can both seem to be crazy and move on with our lives, that thing I staked was a vampire.”

Now it was Jim’s turn to laugh and he did. Vampires. She was staking vampires in his graveyard. He really was losing his mind. He was sure this girl was not even standing in front of him and he was sitting at home with a bottle of whiskey making this shit all up in his head.

“So what I can’t laugh at the thought of aliens but you get to laugh at the thought of vampires,” she asked him as she placed her hands on her hips. “Don’t really think that seems fair do you?”

Jim straightened up and stopped laughing. She was right, he had not right to laugh at her after getting onto her about yelling at him. It was just the thought of vampires that made him laugh.

“Are you from around here,” he asked, quickly changing subjects. “I pretty much know everyone in these here parts and I am sure that your face is not one that I have seen before.”

“Um,” she was not sure how to answer this question but she figured it was no problem telling him that she was new. “I just got here actually, thought I would give Roswell a chance.”

Jim smiled, almost as if his prayers for an unnormal life was being answered. He took his hat off of his head and nodded at her.

“My name is Jim Valenti,” he introduced, “I am the Sheriff here in Roswell. Sorry I did not introduce myself sooner, was just kind of figuring things out I suppose.”

“You are not going to arrest me or anything are you,” the girl asked with a scared look on her face. Not that she was not sure that she could outrun him and get away, it was just the point of the question that mattered.

“I was thinking more along the lines of offering you a room,” he said, wondering if more of these so called vampires would come with this deal, “on the condition that you tell me everything you know about vampires.”

The girl thought about this for a moment and then nodded. She really did not have a place to stay nor did she have a job, “Sure,” she answered.

Jim poured two cups of coffee. He began to drink one and set the other one down on the kitchen table. Anya should be up and out here any moment. He generally had some sort of breakfast on the table but he had another thing in mind. He was going to take them out to breakfast this morning. It was after all her eighteenth birthday. After a few months, she had caved in a told him more things about herself. Last month was when he learned about her birthday. She had been more then happy to let him know that it was around the corner.

“Morning,” she said in her normal bubbly voice as she sat down at the table. She took a quick drink of her coffee and then gave Jim a look of confusion. “No breakfast this morning?”

Jim leaned against the counter and smiled at her. She was good at giving him looks like he was crazy. She stopped looking at him like he was crazy when he talked about aliens though, once he told her the story. She in return told him the story of her sister and how when her sisters best friend called upon this power to activate all the slayers in the world, She somehow became active, even though she had failed the test to show she was a future slayer.

She had continued with slaying vampires and Jim had helped her over the past seven months as well. Sure he was getting old and he was a little slow, but he was good at helping her out. He was no longer lonely and he now felt like he had a purpose again. Someone to protect, another secret to hold onto with his life and he needed that more then anything else.

“I was thinking we could go out to breakfast for your birthday,” he smiled at her. She smiled back at him, surprised that he had remembered it was her birthday.

“Awesome,” Anya laughed as she got up and headed towards her room, “I am just going to get ready. I will be quick this time I promise.

The two of them took their normal booth at the Crashdown and Jeff Parker came to take their order. They both ordered there usuals. She always got pancakes, Jim was more of an eggs and bacon person.

“Oh before I forget,” he smiled, pulling a box out of his jacket pocket, “I got you a present.”

He really would not have forgotten to give it to her, but it was just a way of transitioning into giving it to her. He had been holding onto it for the last month and it was burning a whole in his pocket.

Anya squealed with joy when she took the box. She loved presents and she knew it was going to be the only present that she got, well except for her breakfast. Mr. Parker told her that it was on the house.

“Thank you so much,” she said as she began to open up the box. She had not remembered the last time she had gotten excited about getting a gift. The gang back home had been bad about giving good gifts.

“I hope you like it,” Jim smiled at her, hoping that she did and that he had not made a mistake by giving her this gift.”

She finished opening the box and her face lit up when she saw the locket on the inside. She pulled it out of the box and looked it over. It was more beautiful then she could have imagined. She slowly opened it up, wondering if there was anything on the inside. To her surprise there was.

To Dawn, your secret is safe with me. Jim

Dawn looked up at him and gave him a soft smile. She knew it was only a matter of time before he figured out who he was. She had almost told him before, but she was still scared he would try to send her home, now that she was eighteen he could not do that.

“Thank you,” she smiled to him one more time, “Its the best present anyone could have ever gotten for me .... Dad.”

The End

You have reached the end of "The day it began". This story is complete.

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