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Back In Black

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Summary: Five years after the destruction of Sunnydale the Scooby Gang has finally managed to rebuild the Watchers Council to an effective level. Now Xander sets out to find his own destiny. Mayhem follows in his wake.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
Games > Horror > Resident Evil
Supernatural > Xander-Centered
DantragFR18416,75213824,15714 May 1022 May 10No

Chapter 1: Dem Lovely Witches part 1

Back In Black Chapter 1: Dem Lovely Witches part 1

Title: Back In Black

Author: Dantrag

Crossover: B:TVS, A:TS, Charmed, Supernatural, Resident Evil. Tom Clancy’s books.
Pairings: None defined though many potential ones will be hinted, implied past X/F.

Disclaimers: Charmed belongs to Constance M. Burge, Angel and Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and WB, Resident Evil belongs to Capcom, Jack Ryan and Rainbow Six belong to Tom Clancy. I own nothing.

Summary: On the road to his next destination, Xander reminisces on the time he spent with the Halliwell-sisters

A/N: Just thought I should point out that the scene with Xander and the vampire in the car in the previous chapter was inspired by Tenhawk's Journeys-series (Thanks for the correction djhardim, I always mix the two up).

On The Road Again…

The ’67 Ford Mustang was tearing away on the tarmac heading towards its next destination. The dark green hull was slightly covered in dust because it had not rained for days now. The orange and black cat of the driver, named Garfield in honor of everyone’s favorite lazy, fat cat from classic comics was lying on the dashboard and looking at the scenery.

Xander Harris was doing an excellent job dividing his attention between keeping his car on the road and reading up on his next possible mission. It definitely reeked of something unnatural. Cannibalistic murders weren’t unheard of but one in such scale as this one not to mention the rumors floating around about a group of police officers sent to investigate and most of them losing their lives was concerning enough.

However it was the fact that the surviving officers were dismissed of service and that the city’s police department was trying to sweep it under the rug that caused the alarm bells to start ringing in his head. He’d seen something like this too many times before. He’d have to watch his step with this one. Corrupted officials could make one’s life very difficult if they wanted to. But if he watched his step he should be able to figure out who it was that was trying to sweep this mess under the rug.

Luckily for him his Willow had managed to pull some information on the survivors of the incident thanks to her hacker skills which, even without magical help were way above his. He missed her terribly but at least her voice was comforting as he listened to his best friends voice coming from the laptop on the shotgun’s seat as he once again listened to Willow’s debrief-babble about who the survivors were, what their service records were and what they claimed to have encountered.

Umbrella Corporation worried him. According to Willow Jill Valentine and the other survivors claimed that the company was the one responsible for the murders. Apparently the company had used the mansion they had been sent to check out as some sort of research base. That thought almost made him growl. If it was true then they had another Initiative on their hands. Unfortunately not even Willow had been able to hack in to their servers to find out more and on the outside the company was too clean to take direct action against.

For brief period of time Xander toyed with the idea of either contacting Riley or his other unofficial contacts to see if they could find out anything about the elusive company and its goals. If necessary he could always contact the President of the United States for more information. Jack Ryan still owed him a few favors after he had taken down a rogue slayer on the payroll of a terrorist organization that had attempted to assassinate the man just shortly after he had stepped into the office.

That girl had been his fifth rogue whom he had disposed off. Now he stacked up to 15 dead rogue slayers who had gone on far worse killing sprees that Faith could have even imagined in her worst days. He had the highest slayer body count out of all of the council’s cleaners and an eternal reminder to him that awakening the slayers might not have been the best idea to deal with the First.

Luckily only he himself, Giles and Robin knew that he took care of the unredeemable cases. It would have killed Faith and Buffy if they knew what some of their sister slayers had decided to do when they had gained powers. Willow would not be able to live with the guilt either as she had had her own bad experience with having too much power.

He killed that trail of thought as it brought up painful memories of Willow and the ever sweet Tara. Lighting up a cigarette he glanced at his jacket lying on the back seat barely covering his custom Hardballers.

At least the zombies in Raccoon City should he encounter them, would be something he could kill with regular guns, unlike what he had dealt with San Francisco with the help of the Halliwells. Xander absolutely hated poltergeists even if he and Prue had had a blast with the investigation, not to mention the playful bantering and occasional flirting.

Not to mention the fact that Prue had been a stone-cold fox Xander mused and the bar-hopping they had done on his last evening there had been memorable to say the least;

San Francisco, California, November 30th, 2008

No one said a word for a while after the last of the vampires in the back alley had run away after Xander had crashed their late evening snack. Prue, Piper and Phoebe were all staring at the new arrival as if they could not comprehend how someone who seemed so ordinary could scare away so many monsters just by mentioning his name.

The three witches could not sense any sort of power emanating from him but when they looked at his eyes (Well the one that wasn't covered by an eye-patch hiding a rather hideous and empty eyesocket) they saw that despite the mirth visible in there he was still alert in case the vampires would decide to come back to finish the job.

“Err, sorry about butting in like that, but when a stray vampire flies out of a dark alley and smashes through one of your car’s windows it does make a man a bit curious,” Xander explained while trying to keep the laughter out of his voice when he saw their dumbstruck expressions. Prue had the decency to look a bit ashamed as she had been the one to send several of them flying to multiple directions.

The three women got up and the middle one walked closer Xander giving him a soft smile.

”Well whatever the reason was that made you come here you have our thanks as you most likely saved us from any serious injury. I’m Piper by the way,” the woman introduced herself before continuing;

“And these are my sisters, Prue and Phoebe,” she said as she first pointed at the woman on her left and then on her right.

“Nice to meet you all, as you heard a few moments ago, I’m Xander no-admitted-middle-name Harris. Xander is short for Alexander but the nickname has sort of stuck on me ever since I was a kid,” Xander replied.

“And I must say it was refreshing to meet witches who actually took the time to go out in the world and fight the darkness. Most witches these days tend to isolate themselves in their covens and getting them to help will often take a lot of haggling and arm wrestling. Was there some particular reason why you lovely ladies were out tonight?” Xander asked causing all three women to blush.

“Well Mr. Harris…” Prue, as Xander identified her began before he interrupted her asking her to call him Xander like everyone else does;

“Xander… It’s sort of our job to fight these things. We had just finished vanquishing our demon of the week when these vampires, as you said they were got the drop on us,” she continued.

“A weekly thing, huh? That sounds really familiar, there wouldn’t happen to be a prophecy or some sort of destiny involved, would there?” Xander asked with a slight grimace.

All three women were taken aback a bit as they were afraid to spill any secrets to the man as they did not yet know him or fully trust him even if his aura told them that he meant them no harm. Seeing their expressions Xander decided to play damage control as it was generally accepted that upsetting a magic user was a bad idea. Upsetting more than one would be suicidal.

“Relax I won’t pry if you don’t want to tell me. It’s just that this isn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with things like that. For the most part they tend to be a pain but you have to remember that no prophecy is unbreakable and destiny is just a guideline. Even if you have one, you still have a lot of leeway as to how you want to handle it,” Xander explained.

“Well Xander, I don’t think this is the best place to be discussing the matter. How about we locate to somewhere more comfortable?” Prue asked while subconsciously giving him an appraising eye.

“Oh, a chance to spend more time with three ladies such as yourselves, how could I say no?” Xander bantered back while giving them another lopsided grin.

“I have a car if you need a lift?” he continued and as the three women nodded in approval he began to lead them away from the alley. They didn’t get far before Xander turned around with a slightly embarrassed look.

“Errr, you wouldn’t happen to know a good car shop around? I still need to get that window fixed,” Xander asked looking rather sheepish.

At that point Phoebe couldn’t take it anymore. The stress of the evening and their unexpected rescue and the humorous reaction of the vampires towards the man who had saved them and now said interesting man looking at them with an expression that almost reminded them of a puppy that had been caught misbehaving, was too much for the youngest witch. She started laughing her ass off. The laughter was quickly joined by her two sisters and their savior.

Halliwell Manor, San Francisco. November 30th, 2008

The three tired Witches and their new companion arrived at the Halliwell Manor half-an-hour after they had left the alley. The three girls had taken a shine on Garfield the cat, which was now shamelessly enjoying the attention and scratching he received from the girls as was evident by the rather loud purr coming from it.

As the three got out of the car Xander immediately liked the red and white house. It was beautiful and the carpenter in him noticed the great care that it had been maintained. It also felt very familiar but he could not remember why.

The four made their way inside and Xander was immediately taken by the feel of the home. Safe yet mysterious as was the case with almost all of the good Wiccan houses he’d been into. It felt like home.

“So Xander, are you in town for good or just passing through? Do you have a place to stay?” Phoebe asked, she kind of liked this new guy though it was obvious that Prue was more interested given the long and sometimes not-so-subtle glances she gave to him. Even Piper seemed to enjoy talking to him even though she had her eye out for their resident handyman. She hoped that Xander would stay for a while because they could use some joy in the insanity that was their life.

“I’m actually here for a job of a supernatural quality. I only got in town a while ago after checking on my old hometown. I hadn’t had the time to check into a motel yet,” Xander replied there was sadness in his voice and to the girls the look on his face was one of a man who had lost and seen too much in his lifetime.

“Well, you could stay here with us. I mean there’s plenty of room and we already have another house guest who works as a live-in handyman, right girls?” Prue stated quickly. Perhaps too quickly given the knowing smirks her sisters directed at her. Xander though did not seem to notice.

“I wouldn’t want to be a bother,” Xander stated quickly as he did not want to intrude even if he liked the place and the people he was with.

“Oh, you’re staying alright. There’s no point in wasting money on a motel room when we have plenty of space to spare.” Piper said taking pity on both Prue and Xander. She liked the man he had a certain aura around him, it made her feel safe.

“So Xander, how did you get into the supernatural?” Phoebe asked. She wanted to know as Xander had had an aura of experience around him that told of a long hard life.
“Well if I could get some coffee, I would be happy to tell you my story. Though you must understand I might not be able to tell you everything as not all secrets are mine to tell,” he said. Coffee was a must at this point as he had spent a long day driving around.

Halliwell Manor Kitchen…

While waiting for the coffee to brew Xander had met Leo Wyatt, the resident handyman of the manor. Thanks to his status as the one-who-sees he could tell right away that there was something supernatural about the man but he didn’t feel evil so there was no point in pursuing the matter.

Now all five were sitting around the kitchen table watching Garfield as it enjoyed the food Piper had placed for him. Xander spent a few moments gathering his thoughts and thought best at how he should start.

“It is a bit of a cliché but most stories start because of a girl and mine is no different. I was born in a small quiet town called Sunnydale here in California. Until my first year in high school my life revolved around my two best friends Jessie and Willow whom I had known since we were practically in diapers. Then on the first day of school our lives changed completely. I met a girl who literally made me fall hard…” he said explaining the infamous skateboard-incident. He noticed that Leo seemed to recognize the name of the town and truth behind it as he paled considerably.

What followed after that was a story full of both happiness and pain. Xander told them about how he a body was stuffed in a locker on the campus. How he had stumbled on the fact that Buffy was the Slayer when he was going through the library. How him, Jesse and Willow had saved Buffy from an ambush only for Jesse to be captured and turned into a vampire.

How he had accidentally staked his former best friend during the Harvest Moon and how they had prevented the Master from being freed. He told them of the various demons they had dealt with. He told them of his possession with the Hyena spirit. He told about Angel, the vampire with a soul and how Buffy had been destined to die at the hands of the Master only for him to revive her and helping her deal with the ancient vampire.

He told them of the second year, which had been a lot more painful for him. How Buffy had started dating Angel and what it eventually led to. He told them of the Halloween, though he left out whom it was that possessed him that time, only telling them that he had went as a soldier of sorts. He told them about Spike and Drusilla. About Jenny Calendar and how she had become like an older sister to him. He told them about Cordy. He told them about Kendra the second vampire slayer, who’d been called because of him. He told them how about Angel losing his soul and becoming Angelus again. He told them what Angelus did: The Judge and the death of Jenny. Acathla and the death of Kendra. He told them how Buffy had sent Angelus who had gotten his soul back into hell and how she had fled the town.

The third year was a roller coaster. He told them about Buffy coming back, meeting Faith, the fluke between Willow and him that led to Cordy and him breaking up. He told them how he had been constantly pushed aside How Faith had gone evil because of an accident and how working for the Mayor had resulted in her ending up in a coma. He told them of the quilt he felt for not being able to help her. The highlight of the third year was the battle on the graduation day and how Mayor Wilkins was defeated.

He told them of his impromptu road trip while leaving out some personal details. About his own problems and how none of his friends had bothered to help him. How he had planned on not returning only for Joyce and Dawn forcing him to return home. He told them of the fourth year. How he visited Faith almost every day, begging for her to wake up, dealing with odd jobs while his friends lived their lives. He told them how he had failed Faith again and how Joyce had stopped him from running after her when she fled only to end up in Jail. He told them of Initiative and that Buffy had defeated Adam. How Willow had met Tara and how Oz had left because he couldn’t control his inner wolf. He told them of Anya and how he fell for her.

He told them of Glory, the hell goddess, searching for a way home. He left out the fact that Dawn was the Key. He told them of the death of Joyce, his mother and the death of Buffy. He told them how in their sixth year they had brought Buffy back. He told them of the loss of Tara and Willow going on a rampage. The quilt at not being able to save Jonathan whom he’d know only a little shorter time than Jessie or Willow still had an effect on him. He told them how he stopped his best friend from destroying the world.

The last year there was the hardest to speak off; Spike with his soul, Buffy, the potentials, The First, Caleb, Losing his eye. Faith coming back and how they renewed their friendship, the last battle, losing Anya and the town being destroyed.

He then told them about the following years, how they rebuilt the council, searched for the newly called Slayers and how he had gotten word of a friend dying and how he promised to protect his friend’s sons.

When he was finished all three girls had been moved to tears and he was quickly encompassed in a three-way hug. Even Leo seemed shocked that someone had gone through so much from such a young age. Needless to say Xander Harris was a man who deserved respect.

“So that is my story. It’s been a long ride but I really can’t seem to get out of it, nor do I really want to. I can’t just sit by and let bad things happen. Now, would I be allowed to know your story?”Xander asked with a small wistful smile on his face.

“Well Xander, have you ever heard of the Charmed Ones?” Prue asked only to be slightly taken off balance when Xander started laughing.

“Oh god, it’s just my luck to run into another legend. Willow is going to freak out when she hears this. Though I suspect she might want to meet you seeing as she is now one of the most powerful Wiccan-Witches in the word,” Xander explained after he managed to get himself under control

“We’d like that as well,” Piper replied hoping to have a more experienced witch as a guide besides Leo.

“Anyways, we didn’t actually know we were witches until our grandmother, Penny Halliwell passed away a little over a year ago and after that well the rest is history,” Phoebe explained only to be as shocked as the rest of her sisters when an awed look appeared on Xander’s face.

Penny… As in Penelope Halliwell?” Xander asked the girls and received a round of nods as a reply.

“I met her you see, during my road trip. I was in a bad place but she helped me out a lot. And now she’s gone too” Xander said then proceeding to explain how the two had met.

The rest of the night was spent swapping stories about Penny and other friends lost with the sisters sharing some of their other adventures.

"So what’s the deal with Leo here? He’s not evil but he isn’t exactly human either,” Xander asked after the first round of explanations only to get a shocked look from the witches which led to him explaining why he was called the one-who-sees.

To be Continued in Part 2…
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