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Back In Black

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Summary: Five years after the destruction of Sunnydale the Scooby Gang has finally managed to rebuild the Watchers Council to an effective level. Now Xander sets out to find his own destiny. Mayhem follows in his wake.

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Chapter 3: Dem Lovely Witches part 3

Title: Back In Black Chapter 3: Dem Lovely Witches part 3

Author: Dantrag

Crossover: B:TVS, A:TS, Charmed, Supernatural, Resident Evil, Tom Clancy’s books, Hitman.
Pairings: None defined though many potential ones will be hinted, implied past X/F.

Disclaimers: Charmed belongs to Constance M. Burge, Angel and Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon, Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and WB, Resident Evil belongs to Capcom, Jack Ryan and Rainbow Six belong to Tom Clancy. Hitman belongs to Square Enix. I own nothing.

Summary: On the road to his next destination, Xander reminisces on the time he spent with the Halliwell-sisters

Roadside motel…

The door to the dusty motel room flew open as Xander Harris staggered inside holding his bruised ribs. The patrol had been relatively boring for the most part. Sure he dusted nine vampires but five of them had most likely been newly turned as they were pretty much as dumb as posts. They had attacked straight on, so it had not been difficult to dispose of them. It had been a perfect one shot, one kill -situation.

The next four however had caused him a bit of trouble. When he shot the first of the four with an incendiary -round the other three did what most cowardly creatures do. They ran and managed to slip into the sewer system. Xander was seriously beginning to wonder if there was some sort of cosmic joke that he was not aware off. It seemed like every place, where humans lived in even slightly larger quantities was designed to give the fang-faces a better chance at stalking their prey.

It took ages to track the remaining three down and dispose of them all the while he had to suffer the stench of sewer waste. Sometimes Xander wished that someone had warned him about the not-so-glorious side of fighting the world of darkness; low life expectancy, the chance for an un-timely death and severe maiming, having to spend time in places no decent human being would be caught dead in and worst of all, research.

Xander hated research with passion. He was more of hands on kind of guy. Learning by doing is what people called it. Even after all his years in the business he would still run from research if given a chance. He was the kind of guy you pointed at a target and told to kill it and the job would get done.

Xander had gotten so good at it that the run of the mill -vampires had become nothing more than minor annoyances. It was kind of ironic he mused as he started to take off his coat wincing at the pain coming from his side. It hadn’t been the vampires that had injured him, even if it had taken a while to track them down. No he just had to select the wrong ladders to try to climb out of the sewers. The grime and grease on the ladders had caused him to lose his footing and he had fallen down on a small guard rail separating the maintenance walk-way from the filthy sewer water. As if that hadn’t been bad enough he just had to roll to the wrong side ending up drenched in the filth.

Xander was sure that somewhere out there Janus and the other gods of mischief were laughing at his misfortune. He cursed to himself it sucked to be at the butt-end of a universal joke. And his clothes were probably ruined he mused as he started to remove his gear. He’d have to clean every last one so that there wouldn’t be a problem.

But first he needed to shower and maybe find some ice packs to avoid further bruising. It was too bad he couldn’t call Leo to patch him up. It would just be too damn embarrassing to tell him how he’d gotten injured this time even if the guy was wicked cool with most things.

Halliwell Manor, San Francisco, California, December 1st,, 2008

Piper and Leo orbed back to the Halliwell Manor only to find Phoebe fussing over Xander as she probed and prodded Xander’s ribs trying to find out how badly he had been hurt. Prue was sitting at the kitchen table holding her head with a glass of water and a bottle of Tylenol next to her.

“What happened?” Piper demanded to know as she rushed to her older sister who groaned at her loud voice.

”Keep it down sis. This headache was already bad enough without yelling,” she groaned softly. Xander winced at a particularly strong poke from Phoebe before he slowly started to tell them what they had encountered;

”To put it shortly it was a poltergeist. A woman who had been killed in a rather violent manner, there were stab wounds all over her torso and her throat had been slashed according to Prue. She got the drop on us when we found a sort of secret passage way. I think she broke a couple of my ribs.”

Xander winced again as he shifted in his chair. Leo walked up to him to check the injury.

”Yes, two of your ribs have been cracked,” he stated before asking and receiving a permission to heal him.

”Wow, that felt funky,” Xander muttered as he felt his ribs knit themselves back together thanks to the Whitelighter’s magic.

”That’s not the worst part though. We found the bodies of about 20 women in a chamber that the passage way led to. Catherine Newcastle was among the deceased,” Xander finished sadly.

”We should call Andy and let him know,” Piper said as she moved to pick up the phone but Xander interrupted her before she could make the call;

”It’s too dangerous. The poltergeist is still there and if they went in there’s a very good chance that they would get killed. The rock salt I hit it with may have disrupted its form but it’ll be back if it isn’t already.”

”So we should set up a vanquish-spell for it. That should take care of it,” Phoebe suggested much like Prue had when she and Xander had been searching the apartment.

”It’s not that simple Phoebs,” Leo said quietly.

”A poltergeist, like many of the vengeful spirits is usually bound to the object of its rage. It can be a person or the location of their death. Their physical remains are what usually keep the link open for them. So if you try to vanquish it the remains will allow it to re-manifest itself. That is if we’re lucky. If there are no physical remains then it will be a lot harder to deal with it. Usually destroying the remains will take care of the spirit,” Xander filled in.

”The problem is though that we don’t know who she is,” was what Prue had to say.

”I may be able to help you with that,” a voice by the kitchen door said causing the rest of the rooms occupants to jump in surprise.

”Andy hey, we didn’t hear you come in,” Phoebe was the first to recover.

”No harm done,” Andy said and the next few minutes were spent introducing him to Xander.

Andy had brought all the files related to the apartment that he could find. The oldest file was that of a confirmed but unresolved homicide from 1979. One Anne Summers whom Xander hoped had no relation to Buffy had been brutally murdered in her apartment. The main suspect had been her sister Virginia who had disappeared the same night that she died. What was weird about the file though, was that there was no picture of either of the people in question nor was there any indication to her cause of death. It was like someone had erased most of the information of the file.

Luckily Piper and Leo had been able to find a news article about her and it stated that at the time of her death she had been dating a man named Todd Lewinson. After a few calls Andy was able to find out that he still lived in San Francisco.

Xander and Prue decided to pay the man a visit as Andy did not want to get too involved in this because of all the supernatural incidents related to case. Xander could understand that. Kate, a good friend of his who was originally from L.A had gotten into some serious trouble when she had helped out Angel and his crew back in the day. These days she worked in Cleveland and was the local contact for the Slayer HQ.

Richmond District, San Francisco, California. December 1st 2008.

Prue and Xander were once again doing a stakeout on the apartment. They had visited Todd earlier and he had immediately set off the warning bells in Xander’s head. Xander had pretended to be an FBI -agent from their violent crimes -division and presented Prue as a civilian consultant. They explained to the man that they believed the latest disappearances to be the work of a serial killer and asked him several questions that could help with their case. Todd was adamant that it was Virginia who had killed Anne but Xander thanks to his unique gift could tell that it wasn’t the truth. The only downside was that his gift didn’t tell what the exact truth might be. However his suspicions had been raised even higher when he told the man that there were rumors of abandoned maintenance hallways in the building and that forensics he had called in would arrive to check them out in a couple of days. Todd had gotten even more nervous at that revelation even though he hid it rather well.

Luckily they were able to get a picture of both Anne and Virginia saying that Virginia was still a suspect and they would need some sort of picture of her that they could use to create a simulation of what she might look today. The picture had confirmed that the poltergeist was indeed Anne Summers.

So here they were now. They had taken Prue’s car so that Todd should he show up wouldn’t spot them and Andy, who had also been called to inform him of Xander’s suspicions was staked out 200 meters behind them in a civilian police car. He had agreed to wait until they called him that it would be safe to enter.

Luckily Anne’s police file had contained the location of her grave and Phoebe, Leo and Piper had agreed to handle the salting and burning just in case. Though both Piper and Phoebe had been grossed out by the idea of having to dig open a grave.

Xander’s musings were cut short when they noticed a car arriving without its headlights on. It stopped in front of the apartment building and a nervous looking Todd stepped out. After glancing around in the dark to see if anyone was looking at him he started to make his way into the building.

Prue and Xander nodded at each other and waited until the man was inside before they got out of their car and followed him.

The hunting season was now open.

Anne Summer’s Grave, San Francisco, California, December 1st,, 2008

Leo, Piper and Phoebe were all covered in dirt after they had dug Anne Summer’s grave open. Neither Phoebe nor Piper really wanted to do this but the book of Shadow’s had confirmed that this was the easiest way to deal with vengeful spirits.

”You know, this is kind of morbid,” Phoebe whispered, while Leo pried the casket open and started spreading the salt and gasoline in it.

”Still, she deserves to be able to rest properly,” Leo replied as he climbed out of the grave. His heart felt for the trapped spirit as her remains did not have the feel of an evil person in them, which meant that it was some sort of tragedy that was keeping her trapped on the mortal plane. It was just another thing he could tell as a whitelighter.

”Rest in Peace Anne Summers,” Piper said quietly as she lit a match and dropped it into the casket. The gasoline caught fire immediately.

Now all they had to do was wait for the fire to burn out before filling the grave back in. Hopefully her spirit would now be at rest. And hopefully no one would notice the burning grave.

Maintenance Tunnels, Richmond District, San Francisco, California. December 1st 2008.

Xander and Prue followed Todd into the apartment. The man hadn’t been hesitating at all which confirmed Xander’s suspicions that something else had been going on during Anne’s death. Todd had gone straight to the secret passage which had been left wide open even though he and Prue had closed it when they ran from the apartment. He seemed to be in a hurry.

The two rounded a corner and came face to face with the poltergeist. She seemed feral and immediately sent the both of them flying backwards with a powerful telekinetic blast.

”No one will keep me from my vengeance,” she snarled and bounced at them. Only she never made it as her form started to smoke and shortly after burst out in open flame. The high-pitched scream was all the warning Prue and Xander got as her form exploded and they were forced to shield their faces.

They laid there for a few seconds gathering their bearings before they remembered that Todd was still out there. They had to check on him as Anne may or may not have killed the man.

”So I guess Anne is gone now, huh? Burning her remains must have worked,” Prue whispered.

”I think so. Come on,” Xander replied as the two made their way through the hallway towards the central chamber.

Central Chamber, Richmond District, San Francisco, California.

Todd was frantic. What the creepy agent-guy had said meant that certain things from his past he had saved for his future would be endangered. He had been a player back in the days, screwing both Anne and her sister. It had been such a good life. However it had gone bad. He was also a dealer and stole money from his boss and then that stupid bitch Virginia just had brag about how amazing he had been which of course had made its way to Anne.

It was even worse that she found the stolen money he had hidden in her apartment and had called both him and her sister over. Then when he told her what he had done the bitch had had the gall to threaten him about going to the police. Of course he had to kill her to save his own skin. Too bad his stupid sister had managed to run from him.

Todd had been afraid of her coming forward but thanks to a crooked cop whom he’d been forced to offer half of the money had managed to turn the girl into a suspect. Of course the man hadn’t gotten anything as he had been killed on a drug-raid two days later.

Things hadn’t gone smoothly after that either. Todd’s boss had been livid that someone had stolen from him but luckily the man had not suspected him, though it meant that Todd hadn’t been able to just up and disappear. And then the disappearances from the apartment started. He’d been too terrified to go in there as he didn’t have a clue at what the fuck was going on.

And now years later some punk of an agent comes along and says that his team is looking for a rumored secret passage because they were investigating a potential serial killer.

So here he was now, back in the damned building trying to recover his retirement plan. The God damned chamber was filled with corpses. Some sick fuck must have really taken their time with them.

Todd was close to a nervous breakdown by now and that scream from the hallways was doing no favors to his sanity. The last sledgehammer strike to the wall made the hole in the wooden wall large enough that he could see the leather sack he had hidden there.

After removing the sack from its hiding place he opened it and looked inside. Todd started laughing, the money was still there.

”What’s so funny Todd?” a voice asked from behind him.

Todd spun around only to come face to face with the FBI -agent and his assistant. The bag was tipped over by his movement and its content was spilled to the floor. His nervousness grew as he noticed that the agent was aiming a very big gun at his chest.

”So this was all about money, huh Todd?” the agent asked. What was his name again, Todd wondered. Then he remembered. It was Harris something. Right Xander, that’s what he said his name was.

”You can’t run Todd, so you might as well just confess now,” Xander demanded. The assistant was looking at him with pure disgust in her face. The bitch, how dare she judge him?

”The bitch was going to turn me in. After all the damn hardships I had to go through to get this dough, do you really think I was going to let some stupid cow stop me? Like hell she was going to keep me from enjoying what was rightfully mine,” Todd snarled. The thought of going to jail was slowly driving him into a rage.

”So his sister had nothing to do with it then?” the woman, Prue if Todd remembered right questioned him.

”Ah, fuck no. The girl was as dumb as a post. A good fuck but useless for anything else. I was just lucky that she was too much of a coward to actually come out. If she had, I’d have gotten caught ages ago,” this time Todd actually sounded very smug about himself.

”Well you are caught now and you will be going away for a long time Todd. Murder one is twenty-five to life,” Xander said.

”Like Hell I will,” Todd snarled as he spun into action. His right hand reached under his jacket as he pulled out an old Luger and aimed it at the agent intent on firing. Only he never got the chance as Harris fired a single shot at his shoulder that spun Todd around making him hit the floor hard driving the air out of his lungs.

”That was a very stupid thing to do, Mr. Lewinson,” Xander snarled as he spun Todd on his stomach and cuffed his hands behind his back.

”Prue let’s take this bastard downstairs. The local police can handle the crime scene and the officers we called in can take this bastard to be patched up and shipped to a holding cell,” he said as he dragged Todd to his feet.

”No one is going anywhere. You won’t rob me of my vengeance,” a voice Todd knew so well said. But it was impossible. She was dead. He had killed her.

Xander, Prue and Todd spun around and Todd screamed in horror. Even if it looked like her it was horrifying. It was a monster of some kind it had to be. It was rather ironic that Todd, a monster of another kind thought that the spirit of a wronged and murdered woman looking for justice, a woman he had killed was a monster.

”Xander...” Prue started worriedly. This was very bad and Xander hadn’t brought his shotgun with him.

”I know, I know. Burning her remains should have set her spirit free. It seems that she had a lot more reasons to stick around than I thought,” Xander replied tensely.

”He is mine,” the poltergeist of Anne Summers snarled as she sent a telekinetic attack at Xander and Prue sending each of them to the opposite walls of the chamber and making them stick there. Xander’s gun was knocked out of his hand and he couldn’t move to grab his other one. That made him curse out loud.

”You are going to pay for what you did to me and my sister,” Anne snarled as she gripped Todd by his throat and lifted him up with considerable strength.

”Did you murder my sister like you did me?” Anne questioned as she moved the fingers of her free hand across Todd’s chest leaving four deep bleeding wounds and a gurgling scream of pain in their wake.

”He didn’t. He tried to but she ran,” Prue said with a pleading tone in her voice.

”Then why haven’t I seen her here?” Anne snarled at Prue once again tightening her grip on Todd’s throat this time preparing to scar his face.

”That bastard frame her for your death. Christine was too scared to come back and disappeared because of it,” Xander said in a soft voice before continuing;

”We don’t know where she is or if she still lives but we have a way to find out. But you can’t kill him even if he deserves it. If he dies we won’t have a way to clear her name.” he said softly.

”What is the way?” Anne asked. Xander swore she almost sounded excited and hopeful.

”You are a spirit. Have you ever heard of the Charmed Ones?” Prue asked quietly.

Anne nodded at her. All the mystical beings knew of the Charmed Ones, even those like her that were tied to a place they couldn’t leave.

”I am Prudence Halliwell. I along with my sisters Piper and Phoebe are the Charmed Ones. We have a picture of you and your sister. We can use that to make a spell to track her down if she is still alive and if she is gone we can summon her spirit here so that she can talk to you. That I can promise,” Prue said to the ghost.

Hope was clearly visible in her now tearing eyes as she let go of Todd who once again fell to the floor groaning in pain. Some of the evil miasma that had been poisoning her slowly bled away which was evident by the fact that some of her old injuries disappeared and her spirit seemed a lot brighter.

”I never meant for this to happen,” Anne sobbed hiding her face in her hands as she realized what she had done as a ghost.

”We know honey, he’ll never hurt anyone again,” Prue soothed her.

”He’ll go away for a long time, I’ll make sure of that. And I’ll make sure all these girls are buried properly as well,” Xander told her.

”If she is one of the Charmed Ones, who are you?” Anne asked quietly.

”Oh, sorry, I’m Alexander Harris, though please call me Xander, he introduced himself.

”The White Knight,” Anne whispered in awe causing Prue to look at him questioning to which he replied “I’ll tell you later”.

”Yeah, I’ve been called that,” he said slightly embarrassed. Xander felt that he didn’t really deserve any special titles. He was just an ordinary guy doing what needed to be done.

”So, um, could you let us down now?” he asked sheepishly.

Halliwell Manor, San Francisco, California, December 5th,, 2008

Anne had allowed them to leave unharmed and they had turned Todd over to Andy after telling everything that had happened. Andy had called in the forensics to gather all the bodies and other items needed from the crime scene. The bodies would be identified and their relatives would be notified for proper burials.

Prue, Piper and Phoebe performed the spell to track down Anne’s sister and found out that she lived in Seattle under a fake name. She had started a family of her own but had been suffering from guilt for her entire life. The Seattle Police Department arranged for her flight to San Francisco immediately and she gave her own statement about Anne’s murder and was acquitted from the charges.

Xander and the girls then took Virginia to see Anne’s ghost who by now had recovered completely from the darkness that had poisoned her and after a tearful reunion and apologies she moved on to the afterlife.

Todd was now awaiting a trial and was looking either a life in prison or in a mental ward as he kept blabbering about witches and ghosts but he did confess to the murder of Anne Summers and received several other charges as well.

Xander had decided to take a small vacation staying in San Francisco with Prue. They visited several places some magical and some ordinary. Xander introduced Prue to a small shop in Chinatown that Penny Halliwell had taken him to. They also visited her grave so that Xander could leave some flowers for her. The girls also agreed to summon her and Xander spent several hours telling her what had been going on in his life. He made Penny Halliwell proud.

In one of their trips Prue and Xander had even become unknowing quest stars in Mythbusters as they had visited the Bone Room, a shop selling real and replica bones of human when Jamie and Adam had been doing a supply run for one of their myths.

But the vacation came to an end all too soon as Giles sent him some worrying news about a potential new group similar to the Initiative in a place called Raccoon City. Xander had agreed to take care of it but only if Willow would also help out.

For his last day in SF Xander had managed to gather the courage needed to ask Prue out, which she had agreed to. They had gone to a restaurant in Chinatown whose owner was one of the people he had helped years ago. She had agreed to reserve the place just for the two of them. They had then gone to the movies and even visited the Golden Gate -bridge.

Now they were together in Prue’s room lying on her bed and talking while the radio was on and the DJ started a new song:

Another hard day in the city
Sweat pouring down oh it ain't to pretty

Neither of them noticed how their bodies and faces unconsciously drew closer until the first kiss.

Working your fingers to the bone
Trying to get blood from a stone

At first they were surprised but that slowly faded away and excitement began to build as their kissing became more energetic and tongues slowly probed for entrance to the others mouth. They moaned quietly in pleasure.

Whip it cracks just like thunder
Some survive her, most go under

The hands roamed over each others’ bodies as they slowly searched for the places caused most pleasure for their partner.
Dancing this ball and chain around

It ain't no dirt to be found

Clothes started coming off as the excitement in their bodies grew so large that from the astral plane it was like looking at two raging torches of fire.

(Angel of the city)
Now you're watching over me

Xander’s head slowly moved towards Prue’s breasts while his hand slipped between her thighs making her moan out loud.

(Angel of the city)
Tell me where can you be.

Phoebe covered her head with her pillow cursing at her sister good-naturally because she had been the one to bag the Xander-shaped goodness. She wondered if she would find someone like him someday.

In time I'll find you, angel of the city

Xander moaned as Prue caressed his manhood with her mouth.

The streets they scream, with desire
The air is thick with dreams on fire

Prue laid on her back as Xander moved up and penetrated her as they moaned together.

And this ain't any kind of life
Living on the edge of a knife

Piper giggled as she listened to her older sister. She was happy for her, even if she knew that Xander would leave the next day. Leo interrupted her musings as he pulled her back to bed and the two started their own round of love making.

(Angel of the city)
Are you watching over me?

Prue giggled as in a fit of naughtiness she flipped Xander over so that she could be on top.

(Angel of the city)
Tell me where can you be.

They danced many times that night giving and receiving pleasure in ways they didn’t even know was possible.

In time I'll find you, angel of the city
(Angel of the city)

Willow giggled as she noticed that the special amulet she had made for insuring that her oldest friend was safe was gloving in a special color. She had not seen that color for a long time. When she went to bed with Kennedy her smile was brighter than it had been in a long time.

Come on show your face
(Angel of the city)

Phoebe slept while she dreamt about a man who could sweep her off her feet.

Free me from this place
In time I'll find, you

Unknown to Piper or Leo something happened that night that would lead to the birth of the first child of a Charmed One.

Heaven send her to my door
I can't hide away here anymore

Xander and Prue collapsed in each others’ arms exhausted but content. That night Xander slept without any nightmares from his past haunting him.

(Angel of the city)
Are you watching over me?

Penny and Patty Halliwell smiled as they felt the new life that was starting in Piper.

(Angel of the city)
Tell me where can you be

But they frowned when they looked at the destinies of Prue and Xander. While there would be happiness, there would also be incredible pain for the both of them, yet they could not interfere.

In time you know I'll find you
In time you know I'll find you
In time I'll find you, angel of the city

The following morning Xander left to his next destination.

Roadside motel…

Xander sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror. His body while in almost perfect physical condition was filled numerous scars from his previous encounters. However each of the scars he had, he had received them while protecting someone or fighting against evil.

His eye was the obvious one. He had lost it when he saved Kennedy from Caleb. The arrow wound that had gone through his right pectoral and out of the back had come from when he worked to destroy a slaver-group that sold children for various demons. The ragged scar on his left thigh had come from a particularly wicked spear. He got it when he shielded a wounded young slayer with his own body. Another scar at the right side of his chest had come from a crazed shaman who had hit him with a knife when Xander had interrupted a sacrificial ritual that would have used a small boy as the sacrificial item.

There were many others on his body besides those and now they had been joined by a new one. It was a small scar on his left cheekbone that he had gotten when he and Prue had helped Anne Summers’ ghost.

All of them were badges of honor to him.

Xander left the bathroom. He had calls to make and plans to perfect. Robert, his contact in a city few hundred miles away from Raccoon City should be able to take care of Garfield and hide his current car and most of his equipment in case he needed to leave the city in a hurry. He would also need a less noticeable car.

As Xander picked up his cell phone another thought entered his head.

He would surely gain many more scars before his time was out, but he would carry each one with his head held high.

Raccoon City goes to hell. Zombie-dogs? The things Xander goes through…

A/N: The song used was Robert Tepper’s Angel of the City from the Cobra (1986) -soundtrack. I also honored him by giving him a cameo as a fictional person acting as Xander’s contact.

The Dem Lovely Witches -arc is also a tribute to Supernatural’s season 2 episode; No Exit, where Sam and Dean deal with the poltergeist of Dr. H.H. Holmes. He was a serial killer from around 1890’s with a rumored body count of possibly over 200 murders. Though this arc had a happier ending than the episode did.

I had a little trouble getting the confrontation between Todd and Anne to work out the way I wanted it to but I think it turned out alright.

I also squeezed a small Mythbusters-cameo in there.

The End?

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