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Isolation Years

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Summary: A chance to start over, but for just how long can you outrun the past?

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Chapter 4

Another long delay, this should answer the questions as to whether or not I was going to introduce Ryan into the story.

Once again some dialogue is from The OC.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or The OC


The next day when Dawn arrived at the marina, Seth was with another boy, a well-built blonde in a wife beater. Seth looked up as she approached and gave a friendly wave.

“Dawn you made it awesome.”

“I said I’d be here didn’t I?” Dawn said with a friendly smile.

“Well sure you did, that was last night though, I thought for sure you’d find something better to do.”

“Don’t sell your self short, this is going to be fun.” Dawn turned to the blonde who was looking at her and Seth strangely. “Hi, I don’t think we’ve met, I’m Dawn.”

“Ryan” he replied. “So are you two, you know…”

“What, oh, no its not like that.” Dawn managed to stammer out, Ryan’s assumption had caught her slightly off guard.

“Dawn’s family, like a cousin I guess, it’s complicated.” Seth explained looking embarrassed.

“I live with Seth’s cousin Willow, she’s my guardian.” Dawn explained.

“Ok, so apparently not that complicated.” Seth said with a smile, “Right are we ready to get this show on the road?” Seth led the pair onto his boat the ‘Summer Breeze’.

Dawn had to admit she was enjoying herself out on the water, Seth really seemed to be in his element operating the boat since she had met him she’d never seen him acting as confidently as he was with the boat, it bought out a whole new side to his personality.

While Seth was busy with the boat Dawn turned towards the other passenger “So Ryan, have you known Seth for very long?”

“Only since this morning actually.” He paused “It’s kind of a long story, my big brother, Trey stole a car, I was with him, there was a police chase he crashed, we got arrested, Trey had pot and a gun on him, Mr. Cohen showed up as my attorney or whatever, he got me out, then my Mom threw me out, she was drunk, pissed off like usual, I had nowhere to go so Mr. Cohen took me in gave me a place to stay last night.”

“Oh, that was cool of him.”

Ryan nodded “Yeah Mr Cohen seems like a pretty cool guy, but you probably already know that, he’s your Uncle and everything.”


“I only met Dawn last night.” Seth replied listening into their conversation.

“I’ve only lived with Willow for like 3 days or something now, she’s Buffy’s, that’s my older sister, Buffy, Willow is Buffy’s best friend I’ve known Willow almost as long as I can remember. When Mom died like 4 years ago Buffy looked after me. The problem is Buffy and I we don’t exactly get along. She got this new job or whatever in Rome last year, dragged me along with her. I hated it there, things kind of came to a head got messed up Buffy couldn’t deal so I get shipped off back here to America to live with Willow.”

“It’s not all bad though right?” Seth asked.

“No of course not, I’m back in America, living with Willow is pretty awesome, there’s a whole other continent worth of distance between Buffy and me, your family seems pretty cool. Plus it’s this whole new chance to start over you know, I think I’m going to like it here.”

“See I wish I could do that you know?” Seth replied wistfully.

“Do what?”

“Move to a new place and start over. I could do it you know, it’s 40 days sail from here to Tahiti I’ve got it all figured out I could catch fish and cook them right off the side of the boat.”

“Wouldn’t you get lonely?” Ryan asked.

“Well I’d have Summer with me.”

“You’d sail this to Tahiti.” He gestured at the Summer Breeze incredulously.

“Summer’s the girl the boats named after.”

“Oh” replied Ryan.

“She must be thrilled.” Dawn spoke up.

“Yeah…” Seth paused for a second. “She has no idea.” He paused again. “This is going to sound stupid, but Summer is like my dream girl, she’s perfect and beautiful and I’ve liked her since the 5th grade, the problem is I’ve barely said 5 words to her, she doesn’t even know I exist not really.”

“Oh Seth,” Dawn said playfully hitting him over the head “That’s one of the sweetest things I’ve heard. Silly, but sweet.”

“I know I’m pathetic right.” He looked to Dawn and Ryan.

The pair just shrugged in response.


Sandy was waiting for the Trio when they came into the Marina.

“Hey there you three are, did you have a good time, you were gone for so long I thought Seth had run you guys aground.”

“Yeah right Dad, like that would ever happen.” Seth said with a laugh.

“Yeah it was fun, I’ve never really been on a boat before but I enjoyed it.” Dawn replied.

Ryan nodded “Same here.”

“Well why don’t you guys come back to the house and have lunch. Then we have that fashion show tonight.”

“Oh great Dad, like every day isn’t already a fashion show for these people, count me out.”

“Well Ryan has to go Marissa invited him, hmm she also invited you and Willow right Dawn?”

Dawn nodded.

“Wait Marissa has spoken to both of you guys now, I don’t even know how this is possible the pair of you are in town five minutes and you are more popular then me.”

“Well maybe if you come to these events more often you’d be more popular.” Dawn supplied.

“It could be fun,” Ryan added “Plus maybe that girl you were telling us about, Summer, might be there.”

“Interesting, she is Marissa’s best friend, it starts at 8 you say?”

Sandy nodded, “So what’s this about a girl son?”

Dawn could practically see the embarrassment on Seth’s face “Not now Dad. I’ve got to tidy up a few things with the boat, you guys go on back to the house I’ll meet you there.”

As Dawn was walking back with Ryan and Sandy, Sandy struck up a conversation with the pair “So hanging out with Seth was fun for you guys right?”

They nodded. “Sure.”

Mr Cohen smiled, “Seth’s a good kid, but sometimes I worry about him.”

“I guess you’d be a pretty bad Dad if you didn’t you know.” Dawn added.

Mr Cohen didn’t say anything to that as they continued the rest of the walk in silence. Soon after Seth joined them back at the house for lunch. After lunch Dawn asked Mr Cohen for a lift back to Willow’s to get ready for the parade.

“I don’t see why you’re leaving so early we still have hours to wait, plus what about that rematch you owe me from last night.” He indicated towards the video game they’d been playing the night before.

Dawn shook her head, “Seth I’m a girl, and for us these things take time there’s hair, makeup, jewelry, trying to find the right shoes, it’s a very complicated process.”

“Trust me on this one son.” Sandy said with a chuckle. “Your Mom drives me nuts every time one of these things happen.”

“I’ll tell you what Seth, Willow and I will be round here before the parade starts, if we get here early and there’s time I’ll give you your rematch then. Same goes to you Ryan, I hope your better at video games then Seth because I kicked his ass last night.”

“I was letting her win.” Seth mock whispered to Ryan.

“Sure you were.” Dawn replied with a wink as she turned and left with Sandy.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Isolation Years" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jun 12.

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