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A son makes hard for a daughter

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Finding His Purpose". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Kyle returns to Roswell, to find Dawn living in his house, with his father.

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Disclaimer: I do not own the concept of Roswell or Buffy, just the words that you are reading below.

Extra: This takes place about six months after the end of chapter one.


Dawn sat on the couch flipping through the channel’s. Jim was at work, who Dawn also called dad, but not in front of people. He did not mind but she did not want to make people question him. From what she had been told, he had been questioned enough to last a lifetime. With her slaying and the new mysterious things that have been happening in Roswell, the last thing they needed were questions.

Dawn was glad that they had been able to keep it under wraps this long. She had been in Roswell a whole year and had slain enough demons to make someone notice. Maybe this town, like Sunnydale, had seen so many weird things, people just gave up asking questions. Though the Evan’s always seem to look at her funny,

“Hello,” a voice called from the front door as it was pushed open. In a panic Dawn moved herself quickly to the door. First off she was in her pajamas and secondly, she was not prepared to fight anything be that the case. “Dad, are you home?”

Dawn felt a knot tighten in her stomach. It was Kyle. Sure she had never met him, but Jim sure loved to talk about him. He talked about Kyle so much that she felt she had known Kyle her whole life. Maybe that knowledge would make it easier to talk to him.

“Hello,” Kyle called as he walked into the kitchen. “I know you are here, the television is on. Come on dad where are you.”

“Dad’s,” Dawn began as she stood up from the other side of the couch. She was nervous but she knew it would only be a matter of time before she was spotted. “Um, I mean, he’s at work right now.”

Dawn could not believe that she had almost called Jim dad in front of Kyle. That would not work out the best for her. She wanted meeting Kyle to be a good moment, not an awkward moment, but it seemed that awkward was the route taken.

“Who are you,” Kyle asked curiously, making this very cute worried face that made Dawn’s heart melt. “Please don’t tell me you are dating my dad. If you are please beam me up Scotty. Let me guess you come in peace?”

Dawn made a face at Kyle. She was at a loss for what to say at this point. He pretty much had her beat on weird crazy things that could be said in this moment. Inside though, Dawn laughed at how utterly cute he was.

“Oh, god no,” she let out in response to dating Jim, “Dating Jim would be like dating my dad, which is so not my thing, though Giles always was pretty cute in his British ways.”

Dawn stopped talking when she realized that she was rambling on and on about stuff he had no idea about. She was really good at doing that. Jim called her rambler, because well she could go on for hours and hours about random shit.

“Alright then,” Kyle said placing his hands in his pockets, “if you are not dating my dad, who the hell are ya?”


Dawn pulled into a parking space in front of the police station, Kyle sitting in the passenger seat. When she had turned eighteen, Jim helped her get her license and then bought her a car. Sure it was an old car, but it was a car non the less and she loved it. She even loved the nights when it wouldn’t start up and she had to walk wherever it was that she was going. Jim helped her to appreciate the smalls things in life.

“So you are sure you are not dating my dad,” Kyle asked as they got out of the car. He seemed to not want to let up on this topic, which slightly annoyed Dawn. How many times did she had to say that Jim and her were not dating for Kyle to get it.

“I am not dating your dad Kyle,” she said in a stern voice, “you can ask me a million more times and I will still say the same thing. Unless you want me to say that I am. Will you shut up if I tell you that I am, because I am really just wanting you to shut up.”

Dawn stopped quickly and smiled. She loved those moments when she sounded just like Buffy. It was those moments that made her miss home but she knew she could never go back. She felt like she had a purpose here, and this had become her home. Maybe one day she would try to get in contact with Buffy, wherever she may be, but it was not going to be soon.

Regaining herself, Dawn and Kyle headed into the police station and straight to Jim’s office. The door was open, which was great, because she would not have to waste another awkward moment while waiting for the okay to enter the office.

“Dawn,” Jim smiled up at her as she walked into the office. His attention however quickly darted to Kyle. “Kyle, what are you doing here?”

Jim moved over to Kyle and pulled him into the tightest hug that he could muster. He looked as if he was never going to let go and Dawn could not blame him. Dawn wished that she could join in on the excitement but she did not feel that it was her place.

As Jim pulled back, Dawn noticed tears in his eyes. She smiled, happy that he got the chance to be near his son again, something he feared would never happen.

“Dad,” Kyle began, not even giving Jim the time to speak or get over the shock that his son was back. “Please tell me that this is not your girlfriend.”

Jim laughed almost immediately and Dawn laughed along with him. She was sure that with how many times she had told Kyle they were not dating he would have gotten it. She figured it just needed to come from someone that he knew and trusted.

“We are not dating son,” Jim said placing his hand on both his son’s shoulder and onto Dawn’s. “This is your sister Dawn. I adopted her when you were gone.”

Kyle’s face dropped with a look of both surprise and confusion. He looked back and forth between his father and Dawn, unsure of how to take this information.

“You adopted her,” Kyle asked, moving to a chair and sitting down in front of his dad’s desk. “You adopted a teenage girl, what just for the hell of it.”

Jim took a seat back in his chair and looked over at Kyle, he knew that this was going to be hard to explain but Kyle had been though enough to understand it quickly.

“Look son, I would love to explain this to you, I really would, but i have a lot of work to do.” Jim looked over at Dawn. “How about you spend a little time with Dawn today and we will all have dinner tonight and discuss this?”

Kyle had nothing to say, he just nodded in agreement, which showed how much more calm Kyle had become. Dawn nodded as well. Guess this was going to be quite the night.


Dawn and Kyle spent the day at home getting to know each other. It did not take Kyle long to adjust to her, and they were having a great time. Sure Dawn had left out the major parts, but he was getting to know who she really was and that was what really mattered.

“So you are my new sister huh,” Kyle asked with a disappointed look on his face. This worried Dawn, she thought they were doing so well. They were getting along and laughing but he still did not seem okay with them being siblings.

Dawn looked away, trying to work this out in her head. This made her miss the way that Kyle looked at her. You could tell in the way he examined her, he was not upset about her in general, it was that he was seeming to be really interested in a girl that he was starting to like. Which seemed to always be the case with him and women. They all seemed to have a good reason why they could not date him.

“I better get dinner started,” Dawn said as she got up from the couch. “Jim will be home soon, we can finish talking about this in a bit.”

“Do you um,” Kyle stood up from the couch, “do you need any help?”

Dawn smiled at how sweet he was. She shook her head no at his offer however and headed into the kitchen. She was not the best cook in the world, but Jim never complained and she seemed to be able to eat the food she cook pretty well. There were some times however where they just ended up ordering pizza or Chinese.

Dawn pulled together what she was going to need to make dinner and set out to make it the best one she had made thus far, she really wanted to impress Kyle.


Dawn sat out the last of the food on the table. Kyle and Jim were already set in their places, waiting to dig in. Both of them looked hungry, so Dawn nodded at them to dig in. It took them no less then a few seconds to have their plates full.

Dawn sat down and slowly filled her plate up. She tended to snacked when she ate so she was not in so much of a hurry to eat. She was glad that they seemed to be enjoying her food though, from what she had tasted so far, it was pretty good.

“So,” Kyle began, as he filled his mouth with more food. “What is the whole situation with you adopting Dawn. From what she told me she moved here six months before she turned eighteen, what did she need adopting for?”

Jim and Dawn looked at each other. They knew that they were going to have to explain it to him, they just were not sure how.

“Well you see,” Jim started, “legally, I did not adopt Dawn. I just kind of took her in and gave her a place to live. After a while she just kind of felt like family, so I treat her as such.”

It was then that Dawn told him the story of why she was really here, who she was and how she ended up living with his dad. At first Kyle was not sure how to take this information, but unlike how it would have happened years ago, he did not freak out.

Kyle leaned back in his chair, with a look on his face that said he was processing all of this information. “Alright,” he said as he leaned forward, “let me get this straight, you are not an alien, but a vampire slayer? You can’t like go into my dreams and crap can you?”

The End

You have reached the end of "A son makes hard for a daughter". This story is complete.

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