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Private Andrew

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Summary: Someone else wears a soldier costume besides Xander.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralrothosFR1815690482316 May 1016 May 10Yes
Private Andrew

Disclaimer: BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Riding with Private Malone belongs to David Ball.

A/N: this is most likely going to a one-shot. This is a tribute to the song “Riding with Private Malone.”

Andrew was a little late grabbing stuff for his costume and it was too late to go anywhere besides Ethan's.
Grumbling about his so-called friends in wizardly outfits, he went to the register after Harris at least someone else was wearing a soldier costume although he had Vietnam appropriate combat gear while he had Korea vintage-looking gear.

“Thankfully,I have a costume, though I would have rather gone as Boromir.” Andrew thought.

“Twinkies! Twinkies! Oh how I love thee!” thought Xander

“Looks like I'll have some bloody fun with Ripper.” Ethan thought.

A different place,sightly different reality.

Janus was happy, not only because he'd get a little chaos out of this. But, he'd finally repay that poker debt from last millennium. Grant the desire of Private Andrew Malone to ride in a 1966 Corvette again.

Janus fixed his power on a model in a model of a 1966 Chevy Corvette, and waited for his errant worshiper to cast the spell.

Later, Ethan's Store.

Janus I invoke thee, the world that denies thee thou inhabit.


Andrew was leading his group over through the business district when it happened. He felt strange, then when he blinked it was Private Andrew Malone in control.

Andrew Malone just jumped into the waiting 1966 Chevrolet Corvette and started the gas-guzzling motor. He started accelerating away from the curb dodging pedestrians, accelerating away from 'Nam and out of the city limits.

When the spell ended, Andrew was dragged from the burning wreck of the car crash. Several bystanders said they saw a soldier drag him away. At the bus station, he was going through his memories as he waited for the bus to take him to Sunnydale and back to the Good Fight he was going to join with the skills of an Airborne Ranger that was killed in 'Nam. He got off the bus and lit a cigarette.
“Damn, Mom's going to kill me if she sees me smoking.”

Months later, MOO Incident

Andrew stood behind the crowd ready to burn Willow and Buffy at the stake. With a bellow of “Remember the Corvette!” he charged the fires cutting bonds with his knife and grabbing the two women. He ran until he ran into Private Alexander Harris and delivered the girls before going to fight the MOO crowd.

That was the last they heard of the heroic nerd. Of course, he never died since he was eighteen at that point he had gone to basic under the name of Andrew Malone.

The recruiter did a spit-take when he saw the dead man's records and Andrew's come up together. After an AGIS investigation it was explained away as a gas leak in his former home.

Years later

Sergeant Andrew Malone-Wells slid out from underneath the Hum-vee he was working on when the last day of work was announced before his leave where he went home. He went home and re-joined the Good Fight for a while, playing a minor role until he had to go back to active duty.

Eventually, it got back to the Joyce Summers Institute that Sergeant Andrew Malone-Wells died on a classified operation in the service of America. Shortly thereafter, Buffy found out what it was and slew the demon responsible for their nerd-ranger's death.

A/N-A couple of words, Finis for the story and Hua! For my favorite service.

The End

You have reached the end of "Private Andrew". This story is complete.

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