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A Fresh Start

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Summary: When Buffy goes to pay her respects, she makes a friend. What will happen when she decides to move to Plainsboro where she meets the insufferable Dr. House?

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Television > House, M.D. > Buffy-CenteredAstridWinchesterFR133163,49716192100,27417 May 1031 Jul 12Yes

Chapter 2

A/N: House belongs to it's creators, Buffy belongs to Whedon :)

Chapter 2

Buffy stared up at the hospital with apprehension. She’d kept in touch with Chase in the 4 months it had been since they’d met but she hadn’t been able to visit him. He’d often call to talk about Cordy but after a while they became comfortable enough to have normal non-strained conversations about work and such. Buffy had to edit hers however but she enjoyed her talks with him whenever he wanted to vent about some patient or his boss, the ego-centric Dr. House. Oh yes, she’d heard a lot about Dr. House and very little of it was of the good.

She and Willow had gotten word that a Slayer was living in a town near Plainsboro and she’d flown out to meet the girl and start working with her over a week ago. Buffy felt a bit at odds these days with Dawnie off in college and Xander and Willow all spread apart. She hadn’t even heard much from Giles or Faith or Andrew. She had heard that Faith and Robin had taken up shop in Cleveland and that Andrew was making noises about becoming a Watcher.

So when news of the Mini-Slayer had reached her she’d agreed to go and train the girl, Lauren. The Slayers that had survived the battle with the First were spread out too so she didn’t know where they were, though occasionally she did get a call or letter from them. She was even considering moving here, getting her own apartment, the whole kit-n-caboodle. What was a caboodle anyway?

She’d probably walked and jogged past the hospital a dozen times since she’d gotten into town but she just didn’t have the nerve to go in and find Chase. Talking on the phone was all fine and good but she felt a little weird just waltzing into his work. She heard shuffled footsteps behind her and half-turned to see a man with a cane and a biker jacket approaching.

He was taller than her, with a five a clock shadow that clearly said he didn’t care about his appearance. His cane was black and had flames at the bottom of it and he was dressed casually in jeans and a shirt with a blazer-type jacket thrown over it. He looked distinctly rumpled and regarded her with hard cynical eyes.

“It’s probably not going to do a trick so watching it’s pretty pointless,” he retorted. She blinked slowly at him but before she could think of anything to say he limped inside and the doors closed with a hiss behind him. What was that about? She wondered and took a deep breath before walking inside the hospital after him.

She glanced around the busy lobby at the nurses and doctors walking this way and that and noticed Cane guy get into an elevator, then she started when he winked at her before the doors closed. Weird she thought and approached the front desk. She waited till she had the receptionist’s attention and gave her a friendly smile.

“Hi, I’m looking for a Dr. Chase. Do you know where I can find him?” She asked politely and the woman shuffled a few papers and nodded.

“Yes, Dr. Chase is up in his office working on a case for Dr. House. Do you know where that is?” The woman answered and Buffy shook her head. “Take the elevator to the fourth floor and take a right, you’ll find a door with Dr. Gregory House on it, can’t miss it.”

Buffy thanked her and headed for the elevator, then waited anxiously for it to arrive. She adjusted her clothes and checked her hair and took a steadying breath. Why was she so nervous? She and Chase were friends, not like there was any romance-potential there. A bell sounded to indicate the arrival of the elevator and she stepped inside, pressed the button for the right floor and waited for the doors to close again.

She fixed her gaze on the lit-up numbers above the door and shifted from one foot to the other restlessly. She went over possible scenarios in her mind, wondering how exactly she was going to explain her presence in NJ.

When she arrived on the right floor she glanced down the hallway and saw a few more doctors walking past, clipboards in their hands. She set off in the direction the receptionist had told her to, slipping her hands into her pockets as she walked. She finally came upon a glass door with the name Dr. Gregory House M.D. and glanced inside. The office was dark and empty but she heard voices in the one next to it, Chase’s voice in particular.

She didn’t understand much of what they were saying since it was probably all medical-ese so she knocked on the door before opening it and poking her head in. The door was glass so they already knew it was her but Cane Guy straightened and the others turned in their chairs to inspect the newcomer. Chase smiled instantly and stood to give her a hug of welcome which she returned happily.

The rest gave each other speculative looks but she heard Cane Guy clear his throat loudly. Chase stepped back and released her but he was grinning.

“If I’d known it was bring your hooker to work day I’d have told mine to come along.” Cane Guy said and Chase whipped his head around to glare at his boss. Buffy didn’t even stop to think, she just took 3 steps and brought her fist back in a punch, connecting with the guy’s jaw. He staggered a little and brought a hand to his jaw but he didn’t look mad, in fact he looked intrigued.

“Uh, Buffy this is my boss, Dr. Gregory House.” Chase interjected once he got his voice back. The rest of the doctors were gaping at her in astonishment.

“I’m not a hooker, thank you very much.” She snapped in annoyance. She swung her gaze back to Chase and her cold tone softened. “Meet you for lunch?” She asked.

He nodded and she tossed Dr. House another glare before stalking out the door again and toward the stairs. She heard Dr. House say something to his team and the sound of shuffling and his cane as he followed her. “Hey you!” He called and she stopped, turning to look at him, her hands on her hips.

She waited for him to reach her and he leaned one hand on his cane and stretched his bruised jaw. He appraised her with a cool glint in his eye as if she was a new puzzle he had to figure out and it made her a little uneasy. The last thing she needed was some guy butting into her life trying to find out all of her secrets.

“How do you know Dr. Chase?” He asked finally and she cocked her head to one side as she contemplated her answer.

“How’s that any of your business?” She growled.

Her tone didn’t faze him however because he just smiled. “Everything’s my business, I make it my business.” He smirked.

“I was a friend of his cousin’s.” She relented. “That was really rude, calling me a hooker you know.” She fumed with a petulant frown.

“If I wasn’t rude I wouldn’t be me.” He tossed back with a careless shrug.

“Well maybe your mother should have taught you the Bambi rule,” she said. He raised an eyebrow at her so she explained. “If you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all.” She pretended to think for a moment as she heard the sound of heels clacking toward them. “Although that’d leave you pretty much mute wouldn’t it?” She turned on her heel and stalked off.

House chuckled as he watched the blond walk to the elevator and press the button. She heard him ask the brown haired woman that approached him, “Can I keep her mommy?”

Buffy cracked a reluctant smile then ducked her head so he wouldn’t see.

“House don’t you have clinic duty?” The woman asked in an exasperated voice.

“But Cuddles,” House whined as Buffy stepped into the elevator. He watched the doors close but did as he was told, thinking about the new puzzle in town.
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