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Lost Ones

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Summary: Willow makes a deal to get them all through the events of the final battle with the first, and finds herself on the far side of ANOTHER universe...

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredShezziFR1519322142,87018 May 1018 May 10No
A/N: Another one from Sherryn’s insane ideas basket…not entirely sure about it, so let me know what you think. If you all hate it, it’ll go away, as long as it stops bugging me! Otherwise you’ll all just be stuck with it. I don’t own Stagate: Atlantis, or BtVS. Have fun, and PLEASE let me know what you think! love xx Shezzi

Willow sat, the Scythe in front of her and her hands held above it.

”Do you understand the price, daughter? It will not be an easy one to pay,” the voice reverberated through her, almost vibrating her bones, and Willow forced herself to respond.

“I understand, Great Mother. For a chance to change the balance of our world towards that of light, I make this sacrifice. I pledge myself to whatever path you choose for me as payment of my debt, to perform whichever tasks are required of me, and accept that I will never return to my former home.” Uttering the final words of binding, Willow submitted herself to the flow of the magic. She felt as it light up the Slayers around the world like brilliant dots on a map, and smiled in success before she doubled over, screaming in agony.

She felt as the floor under rippled and then she was falling.

She did not know how long she fell for, the pain feeling as though it was tearing her apart, before she was falling once more through air until she hit something decidedly solid, and the world went away.


Carson sat in his cell, waiting for Michael to come and take him to his lab for the day. He was startled out of his reverie by hurried footsteps, then the door to his cell was thrown open with much greater urgency than Michael normally exhibited.

“Come,” snarled the hybrid, grabbing the doctor by his shirt and dragging him behind him. “I have a patient for you. I wish you to heal her,” ordered Michael. “I do not care what resources you will require, name them and I will supply them.”

“Wha’ happened to her?” demanded Beckett, and the Wraith just shrugged. Anger spiking once more at his captor, and he snarled, “If I din’nae know what happened, I can’nae help her, ye ken?”

“I don’t know what happened to her, Doctor,” Michael snarled back, whirling to face him. “She fell out of a glowing red hole in the sky and landed right in front of me. You now know as much about her injuries as I do. Get to work.” He yanked another door open and thrust Carson through in front of him.

Carson swallowed hard as he took in the diminutive form lying on the table in front of him. Long red hair fanned around the woman’s head, and her face, as well as every bit of her skin that was visible, were mottled purple and black.

Swallowing hard against the bile rising in his throat, he crossed the room in quick steps and set about examining his patient.


Willow was floating in inky blackness. It was quiet and peaceful but somehow she knew it was not going to last. She felt it starting to lift and she fought, trying to hold on to that peace, but it slipped through her fingers like sand on a beach and she felt her body starting to awaken.

Everything hurt. The blinding pain overruled all else, until it was a struggle to even draw her next breath. She could feel her power trying to fight it, but in doing so she could also feel how drained she was, and she forced it to stop as it started to burn through what was left of her life energy. She pulled her remaining energy in, packing it into her central energy reservoir, what the Chinese called the dan tian.

She turned her attention away from herself, once she knew that her magic wasn’t going to kill her by trying to heal her. She was lying on a firm, but not too hard, surface, and was covered with what felt like a rather scratchy blanket.

She drew in a deep breath, and gasped, choking, as her chest exploded in pain.

“Easy, lass, just breathe,” came a soothing voice, and a gentle hand took hers. “You’ve got some broken ribs, so don’t gasp. Breathe slowly and shallowly, in and out. That’s it, good girl.”

Once her breathing was under control, Willow concentrated on opening her eyes. It took a lot more effort that she expected, but finally she caught a glimmer of light, and then more, as she forced them up, feeling as though she was lifting Olympic size weights.

She found herself lying on her back in a small room with dirty, off-white walls. There was a man standing beside her bed, leaning in slightly so that she didn’t need to turn her head to see him, and he smiled gently when her eyes fastened upon his face.

“I’ll get you something for the pain in a moment, luv,” he said softly, his voice pitched to be easy to understand but not loud enough to truly aggravate her headache. “I just need you to answer a few questions first, alright? What hurts the most?”

Willow had to thing about that. She hurt all over, deep aches and sharper, stabbing pains, but the worst was definitely… "My leg,” she whispered hoarsely, her throat dry and tight as she tried to speak. “Left,” she added, and the man nodded.

“I’m Carson, by the way. Doctor Carson Beckett. And your name?”

“Willow,” she whispered, feeling the darkness start to pull her down, when something suddenly occurred to her, just before she slipped back over the edge into unconsciousness, “why am I in Scotland?”

The barely there whisper that passed her lips as she slipped unconscious again took a long moment to register with Carson, then he was pulling back, staring at her in shocked amazement.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Lost Ones" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 May 10.

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