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Off To See The Wizard: Are WE Really...

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Pack". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy, Dawn, and Willow awaken on autopsy tables in the Jeffersonian, as do three other girls, all are 16. Why are they here, and Who brought them here?

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ArjaiHFR181019,02813018,22018 May 1011 Jun 10Yes

CH 10: Sacrificial Lambs

CH 10: Sacrificial Lambs
Disclaimer: I own nothing except the OC's and the plot such as it is. BtVS belongs to Joss. Bones belongs to Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and author Kathy Reichs. ‘NCIS’ belongs to Belisarius Productions, and CBS. True Blood belongs to Charlaine Harris and HBO, The Doctor and Torchwood belong to the BBC. Burn Notice belongs to the USA Network. I own nothing am nothing and am not making a sou from this, in fact I'm not even here (imitates wallpaper) I just do it cause I'm retired and hate golf and loath fishing (Grew up on the Great Lakes, and fished WAY to much)!

(RECAP) About five hundred yards into the cemetery, the sky went dark, and the vampires began to creep out of their crypts.

The face of a female with long wavy hair and a cruel smile appeared above the pack.

"I'm so sorry children, but I can't have you disrupting my experiments! Science must march on. My old 'friend' the Doctor can be so tiresome. He should have known that a rag-tag group as yourselves would have no chance against a Time Lady, but he does so love his humans!" she said with a definitive air of superiority.

Then she said apparently to the vampires, "Destroy them, all of them!"

Buffy and the pack stood stunned, for just a moment, by the suddenness of the attack. Then she roared like a mama bear defending her cubs, only to be joined by two other roars, one form Dre, and a second one from Pam. These three, Dre in the middle, the Slayer on the right, and the Living Vamp on the left, form into the front line. Moth, Dawn, and Abby backed them up. Rose defended Willow with her bow, as the Red Witch began an intricate spell. Willow had not told the others of this spell, because she was unsure of two things, a) it may not work, and b) it may completely drain her of all of her life energy!

The fight was on Dre's axe counterpointed by Pam's decapitated vampire after vampire. Buffy's thrown stakes had never been more accurate, but their limit was, after all, finite. Soon she was reduced to her machete, and parang These were eventually ripped from her grip by a vampire whose appearance took her by surprise!

"Angel?" she said incredulously.

The vampire grinned and said, "No, little girl, vampire! I'm no angel!"

Another vampire with a small pointed beard growled, "Don't play with them Booth! Kill them!"

"Shut up Hodgins! I'll do as I please!" the pseudo-Angel shouted back...just as Buffy's bear-clawed hand tore his head from his shoulders.

An arrow from Rose's bow struck the one called Hodgins in the center of his chest, and he too turned to dust.

The vampires, however, just kept on coming. The a voice rendered almost deafening by pain and need roared above the din of battle, "Solaris Incedio brillare et lux incendra!"

Two things happened almost simultaneously! The sky was lit up by the appearance of a brilliant miniature of the sun, bright enough to instantly set the vast majority of the vampires on fire. Those few that weren't destroyed ran for their unlives.

The second was the collapse of the Red Witch, her body drained of both youth, and life. She died instantly, with a big smile on her now ancient face. Abby dropped to her knees, holding her "friend's" on her lap. She wept bitter tears, and was soon joined by the other three Scoobies present Dre, Buffy, and Dawn. Soon Buffy arose her eyes red from crying her face grim, and frightening.

"I will destroy that woman, whether she be human, Time Lord, or goddess! She will die by my hand!"

As the spell continued to burn Willow's body continued to age. Buffy opened one of the crypts, a hero's grave and asking the dead soldier's spirit his pardon, and asking him to watch over the body of her fallen friend...another hero...she placed the body of the red witch inside with as much reverence as she could.

"She saved the world...beside us...a lot!" Dre said as Buffy closed the tomb.

Dawn added, "Amen!" Which was echoed by the remaining Pack members.

Setting a punishing pace Buffy stalked off toward the source of the blue light. No one complained.

Soon they passed the, now, burned out 'eternal flame' that once marked the grave of President John F. Kennedy and his family. from there they could see an antebellum mansion high on a bluff overlooking DC.

"Custis-Lee Mansion," said Moth her voice almost bland and lifeless, "also called Arlington House."

At the back of the mansion stood a tower of glass and steel.

"That shouldn't be there." Abby sounded both angry, and hoarse from crying.

"Then that has to be the bitch's house." Buffy held the growl of the bear, as well as the serpent's hiss, it held violent certain death!

"From what she said," Dre snarled, "It's her lab! This whole thing is some cockamamie science project for lunatics!"

At the base of the hill was chained an honest-to-God Tyrannosaurus Rex. the beast out of time blocked the only pathway to the top of the bluff.

Buffy didn't even slow down, she marched toward the monster. The serpent's voice in her head warned her, "I have no power over the beast! It is not of my recent enough kin."

Buffy snarled, "Tough shit! Can it die?"

The serpent's voice hissed, "Yesss, if you can kill it. It can die!"

" Then we will kill it!" the Slayer growled.

Buffy raised her hands in the air, "Scythe" she screamed.

The Slayer Scythe, beyond all sense, or expectation appeared in her hands!

Dre drew her axe, Pam drew her's.

Rose fired her first arrow, ominously it bounce off the creature's hide.

Pam's axe struck first but for all of her vampiric strength it barely nicked the monster's scales.

Dre's axe did very little more, but Buffy's Scythe cut deep, though not deep enough to slow the Tyro down.

The monstrous head butted the Slayer knocking her from her feet, the Scythe skittering from her hands. unthinking Pam dove to Buffy's aid. She grabbed the little blonde and threw her out of harm's way. Buffy recovered the Scythe and turned back to the dinosaur in time to see it teeth close on the body of the living vamp, tearing her in half.

The monster's head was still down when Buffy drove the Scythe down with all her strength, fueled by her rage and grief between its beady eyes splitting its tiny brain in two.

Pam had died saving Buffy's life. Buffy had only halfway trusted the girl, , now she regretted not getting to know her better, and returning her friendship.

As the beast fell another danger reared its ugly head. A badly thrown primitive spear aimed for Buffy took Abby in the stomach. The Goth girl went down without a sound. Moth ran to her side, but she was too late.

Abby's last words were, "Go get 'em McGee! I've got confidence in..."

Moth turned drew her automatic and shot the spear thrower between the eyes, then she dropped a cave man for every shot until she ran out of ammo in the clip. Without care for her own safety he waded in with his short spear and shield. Dawn tried to stop her, but when she couldn't joined her, casting what spells she knew, and swinging her short sword. Moth made it to the top of the stairs, before she was brought down by the last of the cave men, Dawn hadn't been so lucky. She lay beside the path her sightless eyes staring directly at her sister.

Dre held Buffy back for only a moment, then the two of them followed by Rose climbed the pathway to the top. The pack that once stood at ten was reduced to three. Two were wounded and sent back to the Jeffersonian. Five were dead.

Dre did not even slow down as she passed the portico she smashed open the heavy front doors and marched, flanked by her lover, and Rose. The Three marched down the Center Hall killing cave men as they did. to the main stairs, and all pervasive hum came from the top of them.

At the top of the stairs they came to a high tech security door cut in the back wall of the building that obviously was not part of the original building. As they stood facing it, a laugh came from behind them.

"The Doctor's poor little playthings! The manipulative bastard got you this far but you will get no further. You have failed, as you must from the beginning. You are no match for me fools. I am as far above you as you are from the beast men. I am a Gallifreyan Time Lady, you are mere...amoeba to me, less in fact. Only one who has traveled through time can open that door!"

Rose fired her last arrow at the woman, it passed right through her with a shimmer.

"Hologram, I thought so." said the Doctor's former companion.

Rose turned around and placed her hand on a panel next to the door. With a hiss the door opened.

"How..." the Rani began.

'My name is Rose Tyler! I traveled in the TARDIS with not one, but two incarnation's of the Doctor, and married his human clone!"

Without a backward look at the hologram the trio stalked down the brightly lit steel, and glass corridor.

Rounding a corner into a laboratory like room. Buffy came on a horrifying sight.

Stuffed and mounted inside a glass case was the corpse of Daniel 'Oz' Osborne.

Beyond the gruesome sight was a red leather lounge chair, and chained to the floor beside it were two cavemen. the one on the right was an almost handsome boy-man with dirty dark blond hair. He wore the remains of a pair of scrubs like the ones at the Jeffersonian. The one on the left was dressed it dirty, damaged, purple, and red wizard's robes. Even with the degeneration of the man's body and bestializing of his face Buffy knew that this was Ethan Rayne.

The creature that had been the mage strained at the chains in an attempt to attack the intruders. The other cave man grabbed the mage by the throat and swiftly broke his neck!

He then held his hands up to Buffy, and the others. "Free," he said. "No hurt. Zach free."

"He wants us to free him?" Rose said.

"Zach help, no hurt, free!" he abased himself, and begged.

"Aw Hell!" Dre said, and using her axe she smashed the chain that held the beast man down.

Zach pointed to a steel cabinet that appeared to be standing against the western wall.

"Big room, small doors, big room!" he babbled.

Then it dawned on Rose, "That cabinet is her TARDIS."

"Huh?" Buffy, and Dre spoke in unison.

"Take my word for it it's her TARDIS."

A bolt of some futuristic weapon hit the cave man that had been Zach Addy, and he crumpled to the floor a hole burned through his chest.

'The Rani stood pointing a small pen-like weapon at the three of them.

"The wolf men are the key to the anti-virus you know. They are immune to the virus, and their blood is what makes them so. I can tell you this because none of you will leave this room alive, and I just love informing others of the success of my experiments!" the Time Lady gloated.

Then without warning she shot Dre in the chest. As Dre sank down dead, Buffy threw the Scythe with desperate accuracy. The Scythe hit the renegade woman splitting her from shoulder to groin.

"She'll regenerate" shouted Rose.

What she didn't realize was that as the Scythe hit the evil alien scientist, her last act was to fire a blast into Buffy's valiant heart.

Seeing the Slayer fall, and the glow that told her the Rani's regeneration had stared she entered the woman's TARDIS, and without a thought for herself, hit the Self Destruct lever, on the control panel.


Miles away at the Jeffersonian a red gold glow lit the sky, there was no sound, but the silent shock-wave cracked the unbreakable windows in the building. The anti-virus stored in the glass tower was disbursed on the winds.

Over the next few years the world re-evolved slowly at first, but at an ever increasing pace until thing were back to normal. Cleanup of the world, and rebuilding took much longer, but Dr. Saroyan, and Dr. Brennan were at the forefront of the leadership that accomplished it.

A simple bronze plaque inscribed with the names of eight lost members of the pack was affixed to the front of the Jeffersonian.

Epilogue Addendum:

"Well Jack, did you get all of the samples I will need?" said the tall man with the brush cut, and the leather jacket.

"Of course, Doctor, have I ever failed you?" Jack answered, then added, "Don't answer that."

"Good the people of Proxima Centuri Five need their expertise!"

Never The End

Next Stop: Proxima Centuri Five 5125A.D.!!!

The End

You have reached the end of "Off To See The Wizard: Are WE Really...". This story is complete.

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