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Twins and... Not twins?

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Summary: Warning! PWP, Yaoi, Twincest! Amazingly the title is pretty vaguely descriptive. What happens when the Weasley Twins meet Xanders?

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleysciphyFR2111,420131,54519 May 1019 May 10Yes

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Twins and …. Not- Twins?

By Sciphy

Summary: Amazingly the title is pretty vaguely descriptive. What happens when the Weasley Twins meet Xanders? This story has no redeeming value what-so-ever. If you do not like the idea of slash, Yaoi, or twincest then please don’t read. If you flame this story you will become the subject of ridicule between my friends and I.

So this is a one shot for corrupted_smile. It is NOT in her “Love is….” series, just has similar characters. We often have plot bunny pillow fights (It’s better with plot bunnies so that the feathers don’t get all over the place) and this is the result.

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and whoever else owns “BtVS”. J. K. Rowling, the WB, and whoever else own “Harry Potter”. I own NOTHING. I mean really, nothing. I can barely pay for food, let alone hot guys.


There were two sets of hands holding him down.

One set he knew like his own. He knew the taste, the smell, the feel. He didn’t need to be able to see to know where every line and freckle was located. The long thin fingers, perfect for tinkering, fiddling, tweaking. Long ago they had learned how to use his body to the fullest, of course, he had been just as eager to do the same. These hands, on his right, were more forceful than his own would be, more forceful than their companions could be. They knew exactly how much pressure to use, how much he could take.

By comparison, the other set of hands were almost gentle, as if the owner of them didn’t want to risk harming him. It gave him the odd sense of being lopsided, like his left side was going to float up towards the ceiling. He almost wanted to tell the lover on his left side to be more forceful, to hold him down proper, but that would break the spell, the mood that had settled over them. This person hadn’t been with them as long, but it was impossible for anyone to be. The brunette was still unsure of his welcome, of how much he was allowed to take.

He had been waiting for this, though. It was everything he wanted, to be held down and taken by those that he trusted most. Not to give himself, he did that all the time, he wanted them to know that they could take him whenever, wherever they wanted. His body was tight with tension, he felt like he would explode and he hadn’t even been touched yet. He was being held down on their bed, blindfolded, gagged, unable to see what was coming, but knowing that he was safe, no matter what.

The tension in the room ratcheted up with the sound of someone moving around.
The sounds caused him to strain against the hold on him. Even knowing that it was part of the plan, he couldn’t help but react to the sound of a stranger, in the room, watching him being held open by the two men he trusted the most. It was when he felt a third set of hands running up his thigh that he really began to panic.
The stranger was never supposed to touch him, just watch as his lover’s took him. Witness the possession. Know that he belonged only to them…

So why was this person touching him in his most intimate of places? Why were his lovers doing nothing to stop this unknown person? His cries were getting louder through the gag, tears were running into the hair on his temples. He was unable to breathe properly, his breath coming in small pants. He was hyperventilating, about to pass out when he felt the hands not busy holding him down move up to his head.
The person shifted their entire body to cover his own, he could feel their breathing on his face. Their hands wound through his hair and the blindfold before he felt soft lips brushing against his right ear. He could hear and feel the breath leaving the other person. It was familiar to him, impossibly familiar. He turned his head to the left, trying to see the presence there.

If his lovers had really managed it, then they had anticipated his greatest fantasy. Just the thought made him moan and arch up into the body above him. This too felt familiar. It was even more perfect then he could have imagined. Those wandering fingers found their way back to the most sensitive parts of his body, working their way down from his head. They swept past the neck, across the collar bone, over the swell of his chest. Moving with still agitated rise and fall of his chest, they moved in perfect rhythm with him, like seaweed moving with the currents of the ocean.

They moved further, past the most insistent part of his anatomy, down and then in. It was an exquisite moment, the first breach, the first sense of ultimate fulfillment. His head moved from side to side, he was glad of the gag as it gave him something to bite onto, something to do with his mouth to keep from screaming out his frustration when he realized that the hand had stopped moving, it was going no further. The gag stopped him screaming, but did nothing to hide the moans that were forming in his throat. His chest was now heaving, his arms and leg were straining against their living bonds. He was trying to get enough leverage to move on the finger inside of him and it wasn’t working.

At a signal he couldn’t see his arms and legs were released, he was flipped over, and bound again. The finger never moved away, in fact, while he was distracted, it was moved in even further, causing his mind to short circuit. When he could think again he was fully secured face down, arms out at his sides, but propped up on his knees. This left his nether regions waving in the air, open to the view of all.

He could feel his mysterious yet familiar lover moving behind him, hear the sound of a container being opened, smell the faint scent of sandalwood underneath the sweat that was permeating the room. The pull on his arms only added to it. It was a strain that he was sure he would remember for days, if not weeks, to come.

The only problem with this new position, was the lack of friction. This was more than made up for by the allowance of movement in his hips. Now he could move, he could rotate, he could wiggle, he could entice. As soon as he realized this, he pushed himself back onto the finger that was inside of him. Then forward. Soon he was pumping himself on that single digit with vigor.

He was finally brought up short when he pushed back, not onto one finger, but two. It was enough to call a halt to his movements as his mind shorted out again. He couldn’t understand how his lovers could handle it so calmly, he was certain that if the circumstances were changed he would not be able to… suddenly he was pushed down flat onto the bed and another finger was inserted.

With three fingers, he was now feeling filled. With a wiggle of the digits he arched as far off the bed as his living restraints would allow. His body was only allowed to relax a small amount before the fingers were removed and replaced with something longer and harder. It was pushed into him in one smooth move, slippery from whatever lubrication was used. In the same moment, the blindfold and gag were removed so that everyone in the room could hear his broken scream.

The person giving him so much pleasure did not stop to allow him time to accommodate, but just kept pounding into him at a punishing pace not giving him a moment to realize that he could open his eyes if he wanted to. When he felt himself being pulled up to his hands and knees and someone slithering underneath him his eyes opened without his conscious thought. Below him, waiting with his legs spread, was his American lover, Xander. On the next thrust he was pushed into his brunette lover who must have already been prepared as there was no resistance. Looking over his shoulder he confirmed that the lover forcing his way into his body was also Xander.

His head was grabbed and pulled to the side where his lips were attacked by his twin. Their mouths involved in a never ending duel which had been going for eternity. He felt a complete, intense, burning orgasm rip through him as he woke up.
Damn Xander for sharing that story about his past. He would have to see if Fred would be willing to help him hunt down one of those “Toth” demons.


Yes, I am Evil!

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The End

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