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At the Crossroads

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Summary: Dawn jumps -- and lands at the base of the tower, unharmed. She's not hurt, in fact she's a lot better than she started. She's remembering her old life, her old family, and now she wants answers from the only ones who've got 'em: the Powers That Be...

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Literature > Dark Hunter SeriesamusewithaviewFR1345,1572287,59919 May 1023 May 10Yes


Disclaimer in first chapter.

A/N: This was a BITCH and a freaking HALF to make. I hope y'all like it.


Enodia's Wikipedia Page

Name: Enodia, pronounced "eh-NO-tee-uh"

General Overview

Alternate Designations: the Laughing God, Wanderer, Path-maker, Light-weaver

D.O.B: unknown, artist's renderings first appear around 11,000 B.C.

Age: 13,000 years, give or take a human lifetime.

Birthplace: the skies above Atlantis.

Residence: Katoteros, though a frequent visitor of Kalosis.

Race: she is considered both an Atlantean and a Greek goddess, though her primary duties are to the Atlantean pantheon. Amongst the Greeks her responsibilities are few and her followers are frequently also attached to Hecate.

Height: 5'8

Weight: unknown

Hair Color: brown, though known to take on the colors of a rainbow when one is in the sky. Artistic renderings of the goddess most frequently depict her with multi-colored hair, though the majority of her priestesses hold that brown is the primary shade.

Eyes: swirling green

Alternate Forms: as the primary trickster deity of the Atlantean Pantheon and a daughter of Iris, Enodia is known for her tendency to walk amongst her followers in a myriad of disguises. The ones most often utilized are those of an adolescent girl, a strong young man, and an old crone. In each of these disguises her primary identifying mark is an ever-present smile and eyes the color of the sky.

Emblem: Enodia's emblem is that of a circle with a vertical line cutting through the center, at the top of the circle it branches into two directions, the joining of the differing 'paths' is marked with a golden sun and a single drop of rain.

Important Relatives/ Associates:
Archon, King of the Atlantean Gods -- Father
Iris, Goddess of Rainbows -- Mother
Apollymi, Goddess of Life, Death, Destruction and Wisdom -- mentor(?)
Savitros, nymph(?) -- frequent associate

Domains: though she is primarily associated with traveling, Enodia's supplicants include those who must make a life-altering or difficult decision and people looking for truth. She is the favored goddess of merchants and soldiers-for-hire, sharing with her fellow god, Ydor, the devotions of sailors.

Notable Myths

Origin: Though few myths match up on all the particulars of her birth, all agree that she was born of Archon's encounter with a rainbow. Whether this rainbow was one of Iris's and if the encounter was deliberate or not (one myth insists that Archon was provoked by the Greek trickster god -- Hermes), all accounts agree that she was born of the trail of Archon's splendor when he traveled through a rainbow.

First 'Trick': Though variants of this myth have popped up more and more down through the centuries, scholars refuse to enter it into mythological canon due to the lack of literary evidence from the time. The only actual support is drawn from a sculptor's rendering of what appears to be a first meeting between Enodia and a being later believed to be the nymph, Savitros. Versions popular myth say that Savitros was the first worshipper of Enodia, and as such she elevated him to minor godhood at her side. Other versions say that it was he who taught her to be a trickster, as he fooled her into believing he was a human when they first met. The most popular states that he was her lover, winning his place at her side when he made a vow to traverse all of Atlantis (traveling both sides of every crossroad) in a single night -- and succeeded.

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The End

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