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As if the Hellmouth wasn't enough...

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Summary: Xander was hooked to a new computer game before Halloween. Oh dear.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Games > Sci-Fi
ivanjediFR767,958411829,51122 May 1026 Jun 10No


Disclaimer: 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Production, Starcraft belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.

Xander Harris sat in the semi – darkness of his new home, his senses allowing him to trace the pace of the organic growth within its walls. When he'd decided not to inform the Watcher of the consequences of the Halloween night, he had not expected it would be that difficult to summon the courage to tell the girls now.

When the little man Snyder had roped him and the girls to babysit Trick – or Treaters during the Halloween night, his first thought was to use the old fatigues and go as a soldier – cheap, since he only had a toy rifle to buy, and the Principal would have had nothing to complain. The plan had been shot, however, as I turned out the toy rifles had been sold out by the time the Gang had gotten to the shop.

Thinking quickly on his feet, he had purchased himself orange, green and yellow body paint, plastic claws and black, water – washable marker. Of course, he had no intention of going exactly as the character that had inspired him for his costume. His masculinity had taken bad enough hit in the morning, when Buffy had helped him with Larry. If he'd dressed as a woman for Halloween, he'd never hear the end of it.

As a result, he had spent the night as an Infested Terran, a male version of the Queen of the Blades, as anyone who had purchased even a button from the shop transformed into their costumes. It was an impossible luck that his 'alter-self' killed nothing during the night, as it had revelled in the freedom from the Overmind's will, and had chosen to ignore the 'lesser beings' around.

But when the spell had ended, not everything had returned back to normal. Sure, the claws turned back to plastic, and his different colors turned back to being just paint, but the hyper-evolutionary had remained, and couple of hors after he had returned home, it had kicked in, causing excruciating pain as it altered his body.

Somehow, he had not only survived the process, but the alteration on his body had been minimal; the only noticeable thing was an expansion at the back of his scull, something even he did not find immediately. That, and of course the green – orange hue his skin had attained, but now that he somehow gained the ability to control the virus into doing whatever he wanted, all he needed was fifteen minutes and some of his focus on it to restore the outward appearance to the normal human one. His muscles had received a solid power boost, however - tearing the door to his bedroom off its hinges in the morning had been enough of a clue, and so had his senses – he could now see clearly in almost any lighting, and his hearing was probably at least on par with Buffy's.

But there was something he had not anticipated, something he had not realized until he'd decided to claim a vampire's dwelling for his own – after making it inhabitable for human (well, sort of) anyway. The sense of exhilaration he'd felt as several simple organisms he'd mutated in order to seal a sewer exit grew in size had been almost overwhelming. With a shock, he had realized he needed to be extra careful, or his euphoria about life he controlled could easily turn into a threat to any other life. There were enough horrors in this universe without having the Swarm unleashed because he was weak.

Author's notes: Ok, it's official. It isn't writer's block I'm having on 'Sunnydale Alteran', just history repeating itself. A year ago, I had begin a Harry Potter story, and other ideas kept popping up in my head until I wrote them down. It seems it's happening again, this time with powerful Xander ideas, and I really hope my muse hits me again with the first story soon. Otherwise, I can easily end up with ten stories to write at the same time.

Meanwhile, I hope you like this one
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