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Key Secrets

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Soul Twins". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Soul Twins #3, after being missing for a week the twins have returned with no memory of their lives. On top of that, they now have to deal with a curious Norse god, a hell god after their baby siblings, and the past long forgotten coming back for them.

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EvaMcGregorFR15411,6400144,38322 May 1016 Aug 11No

Chapter Two

2 Key Secrets.

a/n: mild spoilers for the SG1 episode: Fragile Balance. Later there will be Spoilers for the epi Enemy Mine. Anything relating to BTVS season 5 has to wait until next month because I’m not reactivating my Netflix- which I forgot to pay- this close to the next pay day.

Thank you people who reviewed, keep it up!


Aya stayed close to Xander as they stood in the front hall of Sanctuary House, waiting for Will. Since they were having so many problems with their memories the twins knew where to teleport to, just not where their rooms where or where Will's office was. It was annoying, but with any luck, this was just a temporary problem.

If not, then they were going to have to relearn everything.

"Hey guys." Will said, smiling as he entered through a side door. "I'm Will. I already know who you are of course."

"We should hope so or helping us remember isn’t going to work very well." Xander said sarcastically.

"Xanny be nice." Aya said, tugging on his twin’s shirt. "I want to remember as much as you do. I'm apparently married and I’d really like to not have to relearn why."

"Isn’t that half the fun?" Xander asked.

"But if I don't remember I like guys and the TV said I should like girls. I’m very confused." Aya answered.

Will smiled. "Why don’t we go to my office and we can talk, then I would like a one on one chat to see exactly what part of your memory is affected."

The twins nodded and followed Will down the hall into a large office. They sat down, the twins side by side on a couch and Will across from them in a chair.

"So," Will said, smiling. "I suppose the first thing to ask is how you are feeling. Any emotional or physical problems? Headaches or fatigue?"

The twins shook their heads.

"Any problems remembering anything after you returned, by that I mean new memories you've created since returning?" Will continued.

"I remember the spanking well enough." Aya grumbled.

Will frowned. "Spanking?"

"John didn't like my attitude and spanked me. Threatened to send me to dad for another if I didn't stop acting like a brat. The feeling was familiar, so I assume there was nothing wrong with it." Aya explained with a shrug.

Will looked down at some notes. "Not since you turned sixteen," he said, noting something down. "Ok, I you want to decide who talks to me first? Magnus has a few tests she wants to run to see if anything is wrong with your brains."

"Like what?" Aya said, frowning.

"Head injury, chemical imbalance." Will said, "Mostly standard tests. We want to cover all our bases.”

Aya looked at Xander. “You go first,” he prodded.

“Why me?” Xander argued.

“Because you’re older,” Aya said.

Xander snorted, but stood. “Ok, but if I come out of this with a second head, I know who to blame.”

“Dad?” Aya asked cutely.

Xander rolled his eyes and left the room.

“So Aya,” Will said, picking up a different file and opening it.

“That’s my name,” Aya said with a nod as he tucked his knees under his chin. “Are you making sure I know it?”

Will didn’t take the bait. “I’m going to ask you a few questions, answer honestly. If you don’t know the answer, that’s fine. I’m trying to assess how much you remember and what type of memories you have.”

“So like, if I remember what’s in my primitive mind? Or my cognitive, recognition, learning and what not?” Aya asked teasingly.

Will skipped several pages on the form. “Nothing wrong with your learned memory, obviously not the primitive, since you can speak and walk.” he said, using Aya's terminology.

“I just can’t remember personal stuff.” Aya said. “Like I know I know who my father is, but I couldn’t pick him out in a crowd. I don’t remember where I was born or where I grew up or what high school was like.”

“You blew up your high school.” Will said absently. “Both of them.”

“Cool,” Aya said smiling, then grew serious. “Will I remember?”

“Maybe,” Will said. “We don’t know if this is a physical injury or simply due to a traumatic experience. You’ve gone through a lot in the past year and not long ago you and Xander did something that no one thought was possible. That could have done something that will just take a while to get over.”

“So, like my brain had to restart?” Aya asked curiously.

“Maybe,” Will said, “Are you finding you remember anything when you’re around family? Or things familiar at all after a while?”

Aya tilted his head. “Things sometimes seem really familiar. Like I know what it is, but it’s just not connecting. And names are just on the tip of my tongue.”

Will nodded taking notes, “Don’t try to push it. If you’re going to remember, the more you fight to do so, the harder it will be.” He set the file aside, “I’ve noticed you’ve lost weight.”

“I haven’t been eating.” Aya admitted, “I thought if I can’t remember, then I must not be the real person. John threatened to spank me again.”

“Why don’t we go to the kitchen and get something to eat? I’m sure Janet will prescribe a lot of calories to gain the weight back.” Will said, standing with a long stretch.

Aya perked up. “Ice cream?”

Will smiled, “I see your taste in food hasn’t been affected. That’s a good sign.”

“Who on the planet doesn’t like ice cream? Even Rodney likes ice cream and he complains about everything.” Aya said, following Will out of the office.

“Who’s Rodney?” Will asked.

Aya grinned.


Two weeks before…

“They are trying to kill me!”

Aya looked over from his hospital bed at the man sitting in the bed next to him, staring down at his food in horror.

“They’re trying to kill you with food?” Aya asked curiously. He and Xander had been here for a few days, and while he was uncertain about the people, he liked Janet and felt he could trust her.

“They deliberately put citrus in the food, I can smell it!” the man said, pushing the tray away. “They know it will kill me!”

Aya looked over at the plate, “Can I eat it? They gave me stake.”

The man pushed the tray over. “Go ahead and eat the poison.”

Aya raised an eyebrow as he handed over his tray. “Are you always this melodramatic? I think they just got our food mixed up. I’m a vegetarian.”

“I thought I heard you had no memory.” the man said.

“I know your name is Rodney and you complain a lot.” Aya answered. “I have ears too.”

Rodney McKay snorted. “So there’s nothing wrong with your memory?”

“I didn’t say that,” Aya said, “I learned your name yesterday, I remember things up to before last week.”

“Ah.” Rodney said, “So what do you think of astrophysics?”

“That it’s a lot of math.” Aya said, grinning. “I like the stars though, they’re pretty.”

Rodney shook his head, “I’m surrounded my morons.”

“Hey,” Xander said from the next bed over, “Aya is not a moron. He’s having problems remembering stuff. There is a difference.”

Rodney sprouted off a math equation that could be solved mentally if one knew how.

“Thirty eight point five seven nine repeat, repeat infinity repeat.” Aya said after a long moment.

“Ok, so you’re not stupid.” Rodney conceded. “Just slightly air headed.”

“Only because it’s funny.” Aya answered back, beaming at the man.

"I don't suppose I could steal you away to be a lab assistant?" Rodney asked seriously, "I might actually get work done."

"Better not." Xander advised with a smirk, "He might accidently divide by zero."

Aya choked, "That was one time!"

Rodney caught on quickly. "Oh, so that was you."

"Well, I was reading this funny website and wanted to know if it was true." Aya said mournfully. "I didn't know dividing by zero really does create a black hole!"

"Well, now you know better." Rodney said with a superior air.

Xander snickered. "Won’t stop him next time."

"Hush, you’ll ruin my plans." Aya admonished seriously.


Kate giggled as Aya finished his story, "Dividing by zero?"

"Well, it could happen." Aya said, grinning back as he polished off the last of his veggie burger.

Will rolled his eyes, "Feeling better at least? It’s my experience that the only demon who jokes like this is Spike and he's an anomaly among demons."

"Maybe he and his demon are soul mates" Aya mused, "and they just really like threesomes...eww."

"Ignoring the last statement, your theory might be true." Will said, thinking it over. “Maybe you should bring that up with him."

"Maybe." Aya said, then looked annoyed. "See, I knew that about Spike, but if you put him in a lineup, I wouldn't know which one was him. It’s like certain things I know, but the important stuff is missing."

"Well, it isn't a brain thing." Xander said, sitting down next to his twin with his own plate of food. "Not that Magnus could find. She suggested contacting the Asgard as they might have different means of looking."

Aya nodded and laid his head down on the table. “Ok, but you deal with Jack.”

Xander gave his twin a curious look, but nodded.


“Hey!” a blond teenager said as the twins appeared in the hallway of the SGC where the others of SG-1 were located.

“Yes Jack?” Aya asked as the teen got up from the table he was sitting at and tried to get to the teens. The others- who had been in the process of trying to detain the boy - stopped when they heard the familiarity of the answer.

“Tell them I’m me.” Jack said, hugging Aya briefly, then backed up as his teenage instincts kicked in and he realized he was hugging a boy.

“But you’re not you,” Aya pointed out. “You’re you, only not.”

“That makes so much sense.” Daniel muttered.

“Shut up, you’re having the same problems we are.” Xander shot back, slinging an arm around the former ascended shoulders. “How’s the memory coming along?”

“Better than yours.” Daniel said, smiling at the teen, but didn’t try to shake him off. “So, this is Jack?”

“Only not.” Aya answered. “I see your hearing has been affected by death.”

“Stop encouraging them.” Sam Carter said, shaking her head. “So other than the obvious, why is Jack not Jack?”

“Because he’s a clone.” Aya said as if that was obvious.

“Imma what?” Jack shrieked, causing Aya to jump and hiss at him like a startled cat.

“Do that again, just with ears.” Xander encouraged.

Aya flipped off his twin.

“I’m a clone?” Jack asked, much calmer this time. “I feel like myself. Are you sure this isn’t some mystical pay back from some god I pissed off recently?”

Aya shook his head, “Nope, you’re a copy. Last time I saw Thor copy himself, his aura changed just a little.” He paused. “Huh, I hate remembering random things. Why would an Asgard clone you?”

“I don’t know.” Jack said, thinking. “Why would Thor do this to me?”

“Tyler…can I call you Tyler? Anyway, I don’t think Thor did this.” Xander said, moving away from Daniel to sling an arm around the young clone. “Think about it. If Thor was going to do something like this, he’d ask and Aya is right, remembering random things is annoying.”

“Maybe things are coming back because you aren’t trying to remember.” Daniel suggested. “That usually happens.”

“Ok, I’m bored,” Aya said and turned, walking away to go down into the base. He showed his ID to the guard- no one was quite sure where the twins got their ID’s from- and vanished into the elevator.

“Yeah, you guys haven’t changed.” Daniel said, sticking his hands in his pockets, and went to the elevator as well. The others followed.

Yet Xander paused to give a soldier a curious look as he signed in. “Who’s that?”

“Major Evan Lorne.” Sam said, glancing at the soldier. “I don’t think you’ve met him.”

“There’s something about him that I can’t put my finger on.” Xander said, then shook his head and followed the group to the elevator.


“This is so anticlimactic.” Aya said, lying on the floor of Thor’s ship, his newly restored memories flooding through his mind. “Well, traumatic memories that I would rather have not have gotten back aside.”

Xander snorted from where he lay next to his twin. “You know, this totally explains why we reportedly vanished after that spell. I mean, we really should have slept for a week instead.”

“I have to attend high school again.” the Clone of Jack, also known as Jon Tyler, said from Aya’s other side.

“You can always move to Sunnydale and let our sister home school you.” Xander offered.

Tyler snorted. “No, I think high school is going to be hell enough without worrying about your sister, or patrol.”

“Yeah, I think in that case patrol would be the least of your problems.” Aya said, hitting Xander on the chest with the back of his hand. “Stop trying to get John to kill random people.”

“Oh come on, the shot gun joke is dead.” Xander said, snickering, “We started a new one.”

“We should ask Thor what happens when you divide by zero.” Tyler suggested.

“A black hole will form.” Thor said seriously from where he sat at his consol a few feet away.

The three teens started giggling.


“Weiss,” the silhouette on the screen said to the three assassins in the basement. “This mission is not like the ones you are used to.”

“For once we aren’t killing?” Ken asked the screen sarcastically.

A picture of two teenagers, a redhead and a brunette appeared on the screen. Yohji sat up from where he lounged in his favorite chair, staring at the picture of the boy from his dream. Oh great, now he had to go kill the kid without getting any answers.

“This is Alexander and Ayan Eppes, twins in the United States, and recently the targets of Takatori Reji’s attention.”

“So we really aren’t killing anyone?” Omi asked, surprised.

“Your mission is to ensure Takatori does not get his hands on these twins.” the silhouette appeared again, then the screen went black.

“Who here speaks English?” Omi asked when the lights went on.

“Who cares?” Yohji said, lighting a cigarette. “We aren’t going to knock on their door and say, ‘hi, were here to protect you, do you mind if we follow you around and check all the bushes and under the beds for a psycho looking to own you for his sick twisted pleasure.’”

“What’s so wrong with that?” Ken asked.

The two blonds looked at the young man, then threw a pillow at him.


A/N: anyone guess to know what the new running joke will be? The first person who can tell me where I got the joke from and be right will get something special.

Jon Tyler will make more appearances, might be a few more chapters before Lorne is found out, only because his secret is not a big deal to the plot. I’m thinking after Enemy Mine.

I love everyone, please R&R.

Also if someone would like to add to my sounding board- Calia you’re awesome, don’t go away- please PM me; it’s always good to have multiple people to bounce around ideas with. I am at pacific time and am on AIM and Yahoo. Thanks- Eva
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