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Key Secrets

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Soul Twins". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Soul Twins #3, after being missing for a week the twins have returned with no memory of their lives. On top of that, they now have to deal with a curious Norse god, a hell god after their baby siblings, and the past long forgotten coming back for them.

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EvaMcGregorFR15411,6400144,38322 May 1016 Aug 11No

Chapter One

1 Key Secrets

Soul Twins Trilogy 3

Eva McGregor

Pairings: Aya/Graham, Don/Angel, Xander/?, Tara/Abby, others to be announced.

Main fandoms: BTVS, WK, Numb3rs, Stargate, Sanctuary, SPN, DOOM

Summary: Having recently defeated Adam the twins are found after being missing for a week with no memory of where they have been or the people around them. A familiar god decides to investigate the humans that unearthed the Stargate just in time for the Key to be sent to the safety of the twins. Yet will Dawn and Connor be safe from Glory, is the hell god only one of many problems the Eppes family will have to deal with? Secrets will be reveled and a forgotten past discovered in this last installment of the Soul Twins Trilogy.

Disclaimer: I don’t own them- BTVS (Joss), WK (project Weiss) Numb3rs (Scott), Doom (ID software), Stargate (MGM), Sanctuary (SyFy), SPN (Kripke); all others will be listed as added (mostly will be fandoms seen before, these are the main fandoms that will be seen frequently)

A/N: so this is the final long haul. I was so proud of myself for finishing Sacred Twins after months of trying to figure out what to do. I’m sad no one but Calia reviewed the last two chapters I worked so hard on, but that’s life, and it was right around finals for most schools. I do hope that readers would go back and review but I think all writers want that. Still, that will not stop me from finishing. There is so much I want to do and everything is bound to come full circle, including the reappearance of Takatori and the appearance of Weiss, which has not been addressed in the previous stories. Also fear not. Just because this is the last of the trilogy does not mean I won’t do side stories as part of the universe, and my readers should know me by now, this will take another six months to write by itself.

Plus I am in the process of editing and will eventually have a nice copy of the trilogy available with a bonus added section in Weiss Xander with the Wish. No, I will not charge money for a copy of course, but a copy will have to be requested, I will announce when the copy is available in another story unless I get all edited (including this story) about the time I finish and post the last chapter. So please don’t ask now, it will still be a few more months.

Thanks bunches to my beta Vanessa and my sounding board Caliadragon, who are still with me after a year of writing.


Aya stood on the beach shivering from the cold hitting his soaked body. On the horizon, he could see part of the building sinking under the surface as the air left through the cracks in the former walls, disrupting the buoyancy. He was confused. This was not where he had been before; this was nowhere he remembered ever being.

"Abyssinian," someone called from behind him.

Aya looked down, searching for the cat that had been named. He had wanted the breed when he was little because of the cat’s coloring, but they were too expensive.

"Aya," the same voice said again and a hand fell on Aya's shoulder, turning him around. The man was blond with green eyes and mixed heritage Asian features. He had to have been as tall and thin as John, and held onto Aya's narrow shoulders with an unfamiliar familiarity.

"Do I know you?" Aya asked, wrapping his arms around himself to stop his shivering.

The man looked half-surprised, "it’s me, Yohji. Your teammate. Did you hit you head when the building fell? You're Fujimiya Aya of Weiss."

Aya took a step back out of the strangers grasp, "I'm Ayan Eppes-Miller. I have not lost my memory and I don't know who you are." He turned to walk away.

"Aya!" Yohji said, reaching out to catch the redhead again only for the boy to turn into dust.

Kudou Yohji woke with a gasp. Sitting up he surveyed his bedroom in his apartment above the flower shop they used as a cover. Down stairs, he could hear Ken and Omi arguing over breakfast or lunch. Satisfied he had only been dreaming he flopped back down on the mattress and contemplated his dream. He didn't know the pretty redhead teen, he was certain he would have recognized the striking features and almost feminine look. The boy had obviously not known him, but Yohji couldn't help but feel that he knew the boy. Like they had met in a former life.

Snorting to himself Yohji rolled over to go back to sleep, "Time to stop with the drugs Kudou."


Aya ad Xander had been missing a week before they were discovered sleeping in Jack O'Neill's quarters at the SGC, curled around each other like kittens, with no memory of how they got there or where they had been for a week. Janet had kept them under observation for a few days before they been allowed to go home.

Thankfully, George had opted for accepting an offer one of the gods had made him so they would not be seeing the former demon again. Or at least not for a long while. This way the twins had no excuse not to go home.

Yet something had seriously changed with them.

Aya could often be found staring out the window of his bedroom for hours and he stopped talking and acting like his normal self. Xander had started spending all his time in the training room; they had had to replace the punching bag twice when he got angry and burned them. They were no longer the happy and hyper teens they once were.

"This is disturbing." Buffy said, watching Aya leave the dining room from where they all had had dinner. He had been silent, playing with his food and even declined a soda.

"Yeah." John said, getting up from the table. Xander hadn't even joined them for dinner. He’d just grabbed a plate and went back to the gym. Aya hadn’t eaten much and was clearly losing weight.

"What’s going on?" Buffy asked Graham, who was glaring down at his food.

"I don't know." Graham said, "Aya has been sharing with Xander. He won't talk to me."

"Something must have happened that week they were missing" Faith said, looking at the doorway with a frown.

The others nodded in agreement.


"I made an appointment with Will for tomorrow." John said, entering Aya's room, and set down a tray of soup with supplements in it. "Eat something. You need to eat."

"I’m not hungry." Aya murmured.

"I don't care." John said back, "We are all concerned for both of you, but if you don't cut this woe is me crap I’m going to beat your butt."

Normally a threat like that would have gotten Aya to at least cover his butt with his hands or cringe away with a whine. Instead, Aya went back to staring back out the window.

"Seriously," John said, shaking his head. Then he got up and pulled Aya off the window seat.

"Ow, what the hell are you doing!" the teen shrieked as he was spanked three times.

John swatted him again and sat the little redhead on the bed. "You are going to tell me what the hell your problem is, Ayan Michael! This is not like you. This is not like either of you and I want to know what's wrong."

"There is nothing wrong with me!" Aya yelled back, showing emotion for the first time in weeks.

John grabbed his baby brothers thin shoulders and steered him to the mirror on his closet door. "Look at yourself Aya." he said softly, making the painfully thin teen face the mirror. "You were already at the lower limit of your weight and I’m certain you've lost more than ten pounds since you returned. I’m sure Xander has as well. That isn’t healthy. And you staring out the window all day and not bouncing around anywhere or even giving up soda is not you. We’re all concerned, but we can't help if we don't know what's wrong."

Slowly Aya turned, looking at John with such a heart breaking expression that John could feel tears in his eyes. "I don't know you." Aya said softly, "I don't know anyone but Xander. I've been trying to remember. I know I should know you, but I can't and I don't know why and that scares me.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” John asked, turning the teen fully to face him, “Why have you been moping around instead?”

“Because I’m scared.” Aya whispered again, “I’m scared what will happen if I do one thing wrong. I’m scared I don’t remember because this isn’t me. That I’m just a demon that’s taken over this body because of some evil I did that I don’t remember.”

“Would you like me to spank you again?” John asked seriously.

Aya blinked, “No.”

“Good, then we’re going to go down stairs, you’re going to tell the others, and then your are going to finish your dinner and have a soda. And if you ever call yourself a demon again just because you can’t remember anything, I will first spank you, then send you to dad and Angel for another spanking. Got it?”

Aya’s lips twitched, “Yes sir.”

John nodded, “Good. Now does Xander not remember either?”

Aya shook his head, “He remembers a little better, but not by much. It’s like our subconscious knows, but we can’t access the information.”

“What about the week you were missing?” John asked, turning Aya again and leading him out of the room and down the stairs.

“Feelings I guess,” Aya said, shaking his head, “I don’t know.”

John nodded.

When they entered the dining room again, John paused with his hands on Aya’s shoulder, “So we have a dilemma. Aya and Xander have been acting strange because they’re adjusting to not being able to access direct memories.”

“What do you mean direct memories?” Sam asked, taking Aya’s arm and leading him to sit in one of the chairs. She got a bag out from a cabinet and opened it, then started a basic diagnostic. “Janet didn’t test your memory?”

“Why would she?” Aya asked curiously. “She was nice, did tests, asked how I was feeling, then let me come here.”

Sam nodded, “I’m going to have to develop some tests, or talk to Will and see if he has any. Perhaps you and Xander just need a little push. If not, well, we’ll adjust and help as much as possible.”

Aya nodded. “Thank you.”

Sam smiled and hugged him. “Go get Xander so I can look him over and talk to both of you about this.”

Aya nodded and left the room.

Sam and John exchanged worried looks with the others.


There were few things known about Evan Lorne. He enjoyed going to sports games more than watching them on TV, Saturday afternoons were more often than not spent outdoors, usually at a park reading under a tree or running trails, depending on the time of year. He enjoyed silence or soft music more than loud parties and blaring sounds. And despite having his world turned upside-down by learning that Earth wasn’t alone in the galaxy, he thought he had a level head and could keep calm in a crisis.

Most importantly, Lorne was from a long family line of Nordic Pagans. His family had been followers of Thor for as long as there had been Nordic religion and even after learning Thor was really a little grey alien, he still followed the family traditions. After all, if the Greek gods who had their names stolen by the Goa’uld were real gods, then there was nothing to say that Thor was not truly out there somewhere sleeping away time or watching his followers. And if that were true, then Lorne was not going to disgrace his family by stopping his practices and beliefs just because there was a chance Thor really was only a little grey alien.

This ultimately saved his life.

He had heard of the Sacred Twins, even seen the youngest bouncing around the base once or twice. He was curious about what they would think about other gods outside of their pantheon, but deep down feared to ask and learn the other gods didn’t exist. But he was aware of them, and one day would gather up the courage to test his own religion.

Waking up with a splitting headache Lorne looked around, careful not to move too much. He could hear something dripping, and hot metal popping, but his vision was swimming, making it difficult to make out what he was seeing. What had he been doing before this? There were bits of memory missing, things that came in flashes. He’d left the base; he was tired, but awake enough to make it home with no problem. Something had happened, there was a light, then he had woken in a strange place. Blinking Lorne cleared away the fuzziness of his vision, there had to be an explanation.

“Great gods…”

His vision cleared, giving him a clear view out of the cracked windshield. He was upside-down staring at another car a few feet away, its driver ejected out of the windshield, face down along the asphalt. Lorne’s seatbelt had been the only thing to save him from the same fate, but that didn’t mean he was completely safe. He had seen accidents like this before, he could have internal injuries or a severe concussion. The car could burn before he managed to get out or help arrived. Another car coming around the blind spot could hit them.

“Hello Evan.”

Lorne turned his head slightly to find a man sitting in the seat next to him. There was no seatbelt keeping him from falling yet he was upside-down, as if it were a completely natural position to be in. The man was dressed in jeans and a tight shirt, his blond hair short and spiky. His eyes were a bluish green and as dark as storm clouds at the same time.

Even without the gravity defiance Lorne would have know the man was a god by his eyes alone.

The god smiled. "There are very few followers that would continue following their god after discovering what you have."

"That’s what faith is for." Lorne answered tiredly. "If Greek gods can exist, then so can mine."

The god nodded, "You are dying Evan Lorne. If the internal bleeding does not kill you, the impending explosion will. The twins do not know you and are dealing with their own problems. Such as a certain creature with a fitting name sake kidnapping them for study."

"Are you here to take me to Valhalla then?" Lorne asked, he thought he had been a good soldier, even if he had been reduced to protecting scientists.

"I have a proposition." Thor said, smiling to the dying man. "I wish to observe the humans the twins have found so fascinating, as well as meet the one who has honored my name."

"So you want to take over my body?" Lorne asked, his eyes drifting closed slowly. He was starting to feel no pain.

"A merger." Thor said. "We would become one, both Evan Lorne and Thor. One life in one body. Godhood in a human shell. Unlike the false-gods or the vessels, you would be in control, simply a part of me. Or I would be a part of you."

Lorne took a deep breath, swallowing around a dry throat. "And if I don't want to?"

"Then I am here to take you to Valhalla." Thor assured him.

Lorne swallowed again. He was cold now and in no pain, he knew what that meant. He needed to decide quickly because he was going to die. He knew others would jump at the chance that was half the appeal of the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra. Immortality trapped inside your own body. But he also trusted the gods, or else he would never be able to follow his family’s practices. If Thor said they would become one, he meant it.

"Okay." Lorne whispered.

Thor nodded, "This is forever, and there is the chance we will forget. No god has done this before."

Lorne nodded slightly. "Might not work. But I wouldn't be much of a worshiper if I didn't trust you."

Thor laughed. "Then just take my hand."


Evan Lorne found himself standing several feet away from the wreckage of his car. Blinking several times, he looked down at himself, noting his torn and bloody clothes, but no sign of injury on his body.

Frowning, he waved his hand over himself, making the blood and rips vanish, then did the same to his car, fixing the damage until it seemed like nothing had happened. He could do nothing for the dead man except move the other car and body to make the accident seem one sided and to give the man a heart attack instead of a drunken collision.

Satisfied, Evan Lorne called the police like any good bystander would.
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