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Unknown Father

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Summary: Buffy finds out that her real father is a wizard when she is accepted to Hogwarts.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterWingedslayerFR13814,72311813,73022 May 1023 May 10Yes

Finding out about Dad

NOTES: This story takes place during Harry's second year. The Chamber of secrets at this point didn't happen.

Summary: Buffy gets excepted to Hogwarts to find out that her real
father is a wizard.

Pairings: Possible Harry/Buffy & Ron/Hermione

Disclaimer. Don't own them. Just borrowing. Owned by Joss and JK

Eleven-year-old Buffy Summers was sitting in the train compartment getting ready to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When she had received the letter her mother went pale and had begun to cry. Her mother was forced to tell her secret. Buffy couldn't believe that the man she had called father wasn't her real one. It seems that eleven years ago her mother had an affair. She had gone to Diagon Alley to meet up with some friends. She had not received their message of them being late and had run into an old classmate Severus Snape. One thing led to another from there. On her last day in the Wizarding world Severus had disappeared. She had never heard from him again. When she had returned to her Muggle husband Hank Summers he hadn't been the wiser. Though when they had gotten married he wanted her to live a magic free life. She had told him that she had gone to see some friends in New York.

“I wanted you to find out from me instead of from someone who might twist it around. I'm leaving it up to you. You may find him while you're at school and it's your decision on whether you want to get to know him.”

She had just nodded her head at time too in shock to respond. Her parents had been separated for several months. Now she was on her way to school.

“Excuse me do you mind if we join you? Everywhere else is full.” A boy with dark hair and a scar on his forehead asked her.

“Sure. Have a seat.”

“Down here guys. There's plenty of room for everyone.”

 The dark haired guy entered followed by a red head boy, a red headed girl, and a light brown haired girl.

“Thanks. One of these times we are going to make it here with more than five minutes to spare. By the way I'm Harry.”

“I know. I was in the store when you met Gilderoy Lockhart. I'm Buffy Summers. It's nice to meet you.” She shook hands with Harry.

“I'm Hermione Granger.” The light brown haired girl said.

“I'm Ron Weasley and this is my sister Ginny. This is her first year at Hogwarts.”

“It's nice to meet all of you. It's my first year at Hogwarts too. Maybe we could be friends.”

“I'd like that.” Ginny said shyly. Harry, Ron, and Hermione filled Buffy in on their first year.


            Hogwarts was nothing like Buffy had imagined. It was better. She couldn't believe how cool the school looked at night. They were in the process of the Sorting Ceremony. Ginny Weasley had already been sorted into Gryffindor and took a seat next to her brother Ron. Buffy had looked up at the teacher's table to see the man that was her real father. He was a dark looking man that sent shivers down her spine.

“Buffy Summers.” She stepped up to the chair and sat. McGonagall placed the hat on her head.

“Ah an interesting this one. Her mother was a Gryffindor and her father a Slytherin. You have your father attitude, and your mother's heart. Where to put you though? Well I believe it should be Gryffindor!”

She smiled as she hopped down and made her way to the Gryffindor table next to Harry. He smiled at her. The ceremony soon ended and dinner began. She was only nibbling on her food as she kept trying to look at Snape without being noticed.

“Is something wrong Buffy?” Harry asked her looking slightly concerned.

“I've just got a lot on my mind that's all. Thanks for asking though.”

“That's what friends are for.”

A huge smile came across her face at the mention of being friends. She liked Harry. There was something about him that made him special and she didn't mean the scar. She also thought he was kind of cute.


            Buffy's first class in the morning was Transfiguration with McGonagall. She had found the class to be quite interesting. After taking a massive amount of notes they were told to turn a match into a needle. This turned out to be harder than it appeared. Only one student had been able to get it. Her next class was Defense Against The Dark Arts with Professor Lockhart. Buffy found herself bored in this class as Lockhart mostly talked about himself. Most everyone though hung on his every word, especially the girls. Now she found herself anxious as they were headed for Potions. She and Ginny had taken a front row seat together. Snape entered from the back of the class throwing the door open. He walked in hurriedly.

“There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class. As such I don't expect many of you to appreciate science and…the subtle science and exact art that is potion making. However for those select few… who possess the predisposition…I can teach you how to bewitch the mind…and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame…brew glory and even put a stopper in death.”

Buffy watched him intently thinking he looked a little like Dracula wearing that cape. She noticed that he had looked to his Slytherin when talking about the select few.

“Let's get started. Who can tell me what I would get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?” Buffy's hand went up. “Ms. Summer? You have a question?”

“No. I have the answer. Draught of the Living Death potion. It causes the person to fall into a deep sleep.” He directed his next question directly at her.

“Where would you look if I told you to find me bezoar?”

She thought about it for a minute. “I believe you get that from the stomach of a goat. It protects from most poisons.”

“You get this one right I will award Gryffindor twenty points, get it wrong I'll deduct thirty.” She nodded her head. “What is the difference between monkshood and wolfsbane?”

“Ohh. That's a trick question because they are the same plant that also goes by the name aconite.”

“Thirty points for Gryffindor. I hope you were all taking notes. I'm impressed Ms. Summers. Impressing me is hard thing to do.”

Buffy kept a straight face on the outside, but on the inside smiling brightly. They had all noticed that Snape had awarded her an extra ten from what he originally said. They had soon been paired off to make a boil-curing potion. She and Ginny were working together. He swept around the floor making everyone feel nervous. Buffy and Ginny had completed their potion with success. Buffy looked over to her left and saw that the two next to her were about to add the porcupine quills while the cauldron was still on the fire.

“Take it off the fire first.”

They did this just as a cloud of green acid smoke filled the air with a loud hissing noise. Everyone looked toward the Slytherin side. Two boys were standing there looking dumbfounded. The cauldron they were using now had a hole in it. It burnt through the table and hit one of the Slytherin boy's on the foot. Immediately red-swelling boils sprouted on his feet.

“You idiot boys!” He was more or less shouting because he hated taking points from his house. “Five points from Slytherin. Everyone from Gryffindor completed their potions successfully. Five points to Gryffindor.” The lunch bell rang.


            When Buffy had finished eating she decided to join Harry and the others outside. As soon as she stepped out she heard Malfoy's voice. Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny were facing off against Malfoy and his two goons.

“Everyone line up! Harry Potter's giving out signed photo's!”

“No, I'm not!" She could see Harry was getting angry. "Shut up Malfoy.”

“You're just jealous,” a first year by the name of Colin said holding his camera.

“Jealous? Of what? I don't want a foul scar across my head, thanks. I don't think getting your head cut open makes you that special, myself.” Crabbe and Goyle who are Malfoy's lap dogs sniggered. Buffy decided to butt in.

“Oh, but it does. You see his scar is a lot better looking than that greased up hair style you have on your head.” She heard a few people chuckle. “No one start any fires near him he's liable to explode. He's a walking fire hazard. Besides, I think his scar makes him look charming. Which is a lot more than I can say for you.”

Most of the students watched with fascination as this petite first year blonde cracked on Malfoy.

“What? No witty comebacks. I expected more from someone who spends his life putting other people down, and if I were you I would stop picking on the Weasley's about their money. Cause I guarantee you for all the money you have, you don't get the kind of love they show for one another. I saw your father, in the store when you were buying your books; he was more worried about the name and honor than you. Stew on that for a while you little Greaser.”

When she finished her speech the other students began to applaud. Malfoy feeling the stings of her words walked off in the other direction.

“Wow Buffy. That was wicked!” Ron told her with such a big smile. “You blasted Malfoy good.”

“Thanks. I'm sorry for butting in Harry. I should have let you handle him, but he already makes me want to strangle him.”

“It's alright Buffy. You did a far better job at putting him down than I could have done.”

“Thanks Harry.” She said as the five of them began walking.

“You may have just beat Harry out of being Malfoy number one rival.” Ron told her. “He hates to be humiliated especially in front of other people.”

“Nah, but I bet I'm a close second.”

“Do you really like my scar Buffy?”

Harry asked her. Buffy stopped walking and looked at him. A smile crept on to her face. She moved to whisper in his ear. A few seconds later Harry's face had gone beet red. Buffy laughed at his embarrassment, grabbed Ginny's arm, and pulled her away. Ron and Hermione watched the scene in confusion.

“What did she say Harry?” Hermione asked.

“She said she likes my scar because it makes me look sexy.” Harry went red again. Ron and Hermione laughed.


            The weekend had finally come and Buffy thought she would be able to sleep in but she was wrong. She had awakened early and couldn't go back to sleep. She got up for the day and headed to the common room. As she reached the bottom of her steps, she saw Harry coming down from the boy's dorm.

“Hello Harry.”

“Hey Buffy. What are you doing up so early?” Ever since Buffy had told him that his scar made him look sexy he found himself looking at her in a new way.

“I could ask you the same thing, but I myself couldn't sleep. So where you headed?”

“Quidditch practice. Wood's decided he wants us to practice as much as possible. He's determined to win this year. Would you like to come and watch?”

“Sure let me get my cloak.”

She smiled at him before turning around and going back upstairs. Harry was smiling too. He was glad that she accepted his offer. He hoped that maybe he could show off a little bit in front of her.

“Harry! Look what I've got here! I've had it developed, I wanted to show you---” Colin Creevey came running down the steps waving a black and white photo. Harry smiled at first and then grimaced as Colin started asking for his autograph. “Will you sign it?”

“No.” Harry said flatly.

“What do you have there Colin? Let's see.” Buffy took the picture. “I bet Harry would sign this for you if you promise to quit shadowing him like you've been doing. How does that sound?”

She turned to Harry and winked.

“Deal.” They both said.

“Here Harry use my pen.”

Harry signed the picture and Colin ran back upstairs ecstatic. She and Harry left through the portrait hole. Hitting her forehead with the palm of her hand in that forgetful manner, she looked at Harry.

“Oops. That was the pen Fred and George gave me with the disappearing ink.” Harry couldn't help but laugh at her trickery. “Your signature should disappear in half an hour.”

"You are too good. Come on, I'm going to be late.”


            The two ran down all the stairs and out the front door. When they reached the Quidditch field Buffy took a seat in the stands while Harry went off to the locker room. After about thirty minutes they finally came to begin practice. Hermione and Ron had joined her in the stands eating toast.

“They're not done yet.” Ron asked.

“No they've just come out of the locker room.” The group was practicing when the Slytherin team came on to the field. Oliver flew straight to the ground.

“Flint! This is our practice time! We got up specially! You can clear off now!”

“There's plenty of room for all of us, Wood.” Marcus flint said with a troll like look on his face. “Besides Professor Snape has given us a note to be here.”

Wood took the note and read it. By this time Buffy, Ron, and Hermione were making their way to the field.

“We have to train our new seeker.”

“You got a new seeker? Who?” Wood asked.

The Slytherin moved to reveal Draco Malfoy. Each Slytherin was holding the new Nimbus 2001. Malfoy was smirking proudly at the fact that they had better equipment.

“We have to train Draco here. Look. Field invasion.” Ron, Hermione, and Buffy had reached the group.

“What's going on? What's Malfoy doing here?” Ron asked.

“I'm the new Slytherin Seeker, Weasley. Everyone's been admiring our new brooms. Better than those Cleansweep Fives. I'm sure your brothers could sell them to the museum.”

“Ahh now it's all clear Malfoy. You had to buy your way onto the team. Not talented enough to get on without your daddy's money?” Buffy told him. Malfoy's face flickered slightly.

“No one on the Gryffindor team had to buy their way in. They got in on talent alone.” Hermione told him.

“No one asked you did they Mudblood?” Malfoy told her.

That was all Buffy was going to take from him. Before anyone knew it Buffy had Malfoy on the ground cutting off his oxygen. The other Gryffindor's kept the other Slytherin at bay.

“Being a quarter Muggle myself I find that term offensive. I have had enough of your arrogant attitude Malfoy. You think because you have money that makes you special. Makes you better than everybody else. Well it doesn't. Hermione is a better witch than you will ever be. I think her Muggle side makes her that much stronger. I was brought up in the Muggle world and I know my quarter Muggle makes me stronger. Keep in mind Draco that I'm a first year that just took your ass down with nothing but my hands. You might want to think before you go and insult anyone. I don't ever want to hear you use that term again. Are we clear Little Greaser?”

Draco nodded his head the best he could. Buffy finally let him breathe.

“Don't mess with me Draco. You won't like the consequences.”

Buffy watched as Draco gasped for breath. As she turned around everyone was staring at her with shock expressions.

“I'm a black belt in Kung Fu. It's a form of Muggle defense. I don't believe your Seeker is up to practice today.” She said and looked toward Harry. “I need to work off this excess energy. See ya later.”

She moved toward the exit planning on going to the flying field to do some meditations.

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