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Shadows and Orbs

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Summary: Harry is sent to Azkaban Prison after his fourth year at Hogwarts for the murder of Cedric Diggory. However Harry is now on the path to completing his true destiny as the King of All Darkness and find his Soul Mate the King of All Light.

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Charmed
Charmed > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Harry Potter
TouchoftheWindFR211617,838183,73223 May 1027 May 10No

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Chapter One

Shadows and Orbs

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Chapter One S&O
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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling and Charmed to its owner..

Dedicated to Branwen777, who helped me with the prophecy.

Chapter One

The sea was crashing against the walls of Azkaban and the chill of Dementors hung in the air creating a cold mist over the prison and sea surrounding it. The guards were sat in rooms warded and spelled with protection and warmth to try and counteract the dementor’s presence.

The sky was a dull grey colour and the wind was howling drowning out any sound from the prisoners within. Inside the walls were damp from the sea air, the wind rushed down corridors and small patches of ice were starting to form in areas near the windows.

The smell of salt hung in the air masquerading the more putrid smells from the dark prison. No lights were within the corridors, just whatever light had managed to sliver in from the small windows. Prisoners would be heard crying and screaming in their cells as the dementors swept down the stone corridors leaving ice in their wake.

Within the lower depths of the prison a slight rustle of robes could be heard and quiet breathing as a dark form swept down the corridors like a spectra of malice and death. Pattering over the wet stones on bare feet the form moved almost silently throughout the lower depths. The black tattered robes gave the man; for it was a man, the appearance of a dementor and if anyone was near him they would have fled thinking he was one of those vile creatures that plagued Azkaban.

Calculating green eyes scanned the dark maze around him as he moved quickly past many cell doors. Moving to a door which was covered in dust and the hinges rusting the man lifted one strong pale hand to the door latch and with a quiet screech the latch was moved up brushing cobwebs out of the way. With a scream from the hinges the heavy wooden door was pulled open as a rune glowed on the stone above the door.

The man strode into the room and his tattered robes flared out behind him until he stopped in the centre of the room, in front of him was a sword. The sword was black and had red rubies in the hilt. This sword though was jammed into the floor; black ripples had formed in the floor from the sword. It screamed power and malicious intent. One pale hand grabbed the hilt and with one smooth pull the sword was pulled free.

“Time to reclaim my kingdom,” The man whispered, his voice quiet but strong.

With a powerful stride the man worked his way up the levels of the prison. Dementors swooped freely kissing any prisoner they were able leaving a mist in their wake. The blade of the sword split fresh blood and screams filled the dark prison. Yet no-one could hear them because the wind was howling and the sea was crashing against the wall as a mist descended over Azkaban.

Merely an hour later a raven was seen leaving the prison clutching a letter in its beak. From the top of Azkaban tower the man in tattered robes stood, the sword still clutched in his hand, as he watched the bird fly away.

“The time has come my love,” the man said as he scanned the harsh surroundings of his new kingdom.


Azkaban Taken Over! The Dark Lord’s doing?
By Rita Skeeter

Three days ago Azkaban prison was taken over. This reporter believes that the Dark Lord You-Know-Who has seized Azkaban to claim back his right hand man Harry Potter. For full story on Harry Potter turn to Page 5. For Full story on You-Know-Who turn to page 4. Minister Fudge held a press conference today and said, ‘We are doing all we can to secure Azkaban once more and everything within our power to combat He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.’ However this reporter hasn’t seen anything being done to protect us from the Dark Lord’s growing wrath.

Are these signs of darker times to come for the wizarding world?


In a room with large windows where the sun shone inside illuminating the bare room. The windows were framed by white curtains which blew slightly in the breeze, the walls were a light cream and if you looked closely there were patterns up and down the walls of vines with flowers. The floor was a pale wood and a white rug was in the middle with a book stand on it.

The book glowed and the pages began to turn by themselves and stopped on one page before a golden light appeared on the page and moving from left to right an entry appeared.

The once powerful fortress of Azkaban,
Shall house again a King.
The wrathful wielder of Rubilacxe,
From the darkness he will reign.

While the mighty halls of Camelot,
Hold the Child of Light,
Twice Blessed King- Wielder of Excalibur
He will shine and soothe the Night.

So that when they find each other,
Two souls to balance one;
With hard and gentle hand
They will right the wrong that’s done.

And the corrupt world will cower
They will feel their power wane;
As together the forsaken Kings
Arrive on winds of change.

A caw was heard and from the window a black raven flew in and dropped the letter on top of the book before flying into the shadows outside and disappearing from sight.

The room was once again silent, a serene silence and a cool breeze dancing around the room, warmth hung in the air and the book sat open with the letter on top of it waiting for its master to come.


Pronunciation of Rubilacxe: Rubil-axe
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