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The Magician's Initiative

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Enter The Magician": Buffy, Zarina, and the rest of JLS now must confront two enemies, College and the Initiative.

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The Harsh Light Of Day Part One


Chapter 3

The Harsh Light Of Day

Part One

“I inserted your vampire clone into Sunnydale.” Warren said tapping away at a console that he was sitting at. “Thanks to hair samples you had from before the Bronze Big Bang, she won’t have your powers.”

Discord was a bit perplexed. “Why would you go to all the trouble for that?” She asked.

Warren smirked at her. “You wanted everyone in Sunnydale to consider Harmony Kendall dead. Without a body, it would have been too easy to disprove the theory. A vampire clone with your ‘old’ personality and selected memories will make the Justice League Sunnydale believe you’re dead.” He said. “A rather simplistic way to do it but it works.”

Discord walked over to stand behind him. She hugged him from behind which had the added effect of her breasts pressing into the back of his head. There weren’t many ways she could think of to control such a useful individual but he was still male with working reproductive organs and she was a blonde haired blue eyed woman with considerable assets. It also helped that he enjoyed playing with her assets when given the chance. After a bit of time, they had learned his inventiveness brought on by the Bronze Big Bang translated into other things besides technology.

“Who is going to distract the JLS while Amelia snatches the ring?” She asked.

Warren typed a couple of commands into the console bringing up a picture of the Joker as well as a brief biography. “The Joker has volunteered for the assignment.” He replied. “He said and I quote, ‘They are too serious’.”

Discord bent down a bit to whisper in his ear. “Want to bet on the body count?” She asked.

He grinned. “What do I get if I win?” He asked her.

She whispered softly into his ear and his eyes began to grow wider as she talked. He turned to look at her.

“You’re on.” He said.

“So, are we ready?” Faith asked as she pulled on her mask.

“Yah, we’re ready.” Zarina replied donning her top hat. “Com’n Zallana, time to go see Grandma.”

Smiling, the six year old grabbed her mother’s hand as the three of them stepped onto the transporter pad that sent them hurtling up to the Justice League Watchtower. They stepped off the pad and Slayer bent down to whisper something into Zallana’s ear which caused the little girl to giggle. The first person they saw was the black and gray clad man best known as Batman.

“Zarina, we wanted you to bring whatever caused your mother to—.” Batman said before a black haired six year old girl collided with his legs. “Who are you?”

“I’m Zallana Zatanna Zatara.” Zallana said smiling up at the Dark Knight. “I’m so happy to see you.”

With an uncharacteristic look of confusion on his face, he looked away from the little girl who was hugging him as tightly as she could to the two young women who brought her onboard to see Zarina holding a video camera. The camera was clearly recording as he saw a little red light was on. He pointed a finger at his goddaughter.

“I want that tape.” He said trying to be intimidating only to look down as the little girl began to make a strange noise.

“Nuhnuhnuhnuhnunnah, BATMAN! Nuhnuhnuhnuhnunnah, BATMAN! Nuhnuhnuhnuhnunnah, BATMAN!” Zallana began to sing. “Nuhnuhnuhnuhnunnah, BATMAN! Nuhnuhnuhnuhnunnah, BATMAN! Nuhnuhnuhnuhnunnah, BATMAN!”

The little girl’s song caused the gathered members of the Justice League to do something they rarely had an opportunity to do and laughed at their friend. Batman tried to move towards his goddaughter, more specifically the video camera, but the magician noticed it.

“Wally, think fast!” Zarina exclaimed throwing the camera towards the crimson-clad speedster.

“Always.” Flash replied grabbing the camera and zooming away.

Batman glared at his goddaughter as the rest of assembled superheroes continued to find quite a bit of humor at him being speechless with a six year old attached to his leg. The little girl finally let go of the Dark Knight who bent down to get a better look at the girl. He found the child had several of the facial traits found in Zarina but also noticed a few traits that he recognized from Zarina’s lover, Faith.

“Have you performed a genetic analysis?” He asked.

“Already have and it came back exactly as you’d think.” Zarina replied.

Zallana walked over to Wonder Woman with a look on her face that suggested that the little girl idolized the Amazon Princess. Diana noticed it as well.

“So, how are you little one?” She asked.

“I-I-I-I’m f-fine.” Zallana replied stuttering.

Zarina smiled when she found her normally cheerful and energetic child seemed to shift into a shy little girl. She walked over to her daughter and placed her hands on the little girl’s shoulders.

“I think you have a fan, Diana.” Zarina said with a laugh.

Zallana blushed and looked up at her mother. “Mom, don’t embarrass me!” She exclaimed. “You can do something like that in front of Supergirl or Barbara or Dinah but not Wonder Woman.”

Slayer smiled at the little girl. “And why can’t we embarrass you in front of her?” She asked.

“Because Wonder Woman’s a princess. Supergirl, Barbara, and Dinah aren’t.” Zallana replied. “Don’t embarrass me in front of her.”

Blue Bowman and Calypso prowled one of Sunnydale’s many cemeteries. The dark-skinned Amazon moved with a warrior’s grace during the patrol but she noticed something seemed to be bothering her friend. The archer appeared a bit unfocused as his mind was elsewhere.

“Is something bothering you, Bowman?” She asked.

“Not much.” He replied shrugging his shoulders. “Just bothered by the fact that there is no way in hell Zarina’s going to choose me to be Zallana’s godfather when she’s eventually born. The little magician is keeping her trap shut about who her godparents are.”

“That is saying a great deal considering her heritage.” Calypso said with a smile. “I wouldn’t worry. The two of you are a lot like siblings. She trusts you.”

“Yah, but even I know I’m not the best idea for someone to choose to raise a kid in case the worst thing happens.” Bowman told her. “I could see her asking Nightwing or Oracle. Nightwing came from a big family and I bet Oracle is great with kids.”

The smile on Calypso’s face grew. “You’re forgetting a couple of things.” She replied. “Zallana did call you Uncle Jon and she called me Aunt Callie.”

Bringing that up brought a smile to the Sapphire Archer’s face but the smile turned into deep concern as he tackled the Themysciran to the ground as an electrical blast sailed past them. Bowman glared at the direction of the blast.

“Killswitch?” Calypso asked.

“No, he’s a bit more vocal.” Bowman replied spotting the commandos. “Somehow, I doubt many supervillains shop at the Army Surplus store.”

Scanning the crowd of commandos with her eyes, Calypso came to a very valid conclusion. “There are too many of them.” She said.

“I’m calling in back up. It should take a minute or two for them to get here at most.” Bowman said. “Think we can hold off these G.I. Joe wannabes?”

Calypso smirked. “Wouldn’t that make us COBRA?” She asked sarcastically before she charged at the closet commando.

She hit the commando hard in the chin, more than likely fracturing his jaw with the force she used. Grabbing the man, she hurled him into a small group of his comrades. The easily recognizable thud of Blue Bowman’s weapon of choice and the cry of pain from a man behind her as he was hit in the face with a boxing glove arrow. Bowman smirked at her.

“Never could understand why Dad doesn’t use them anymore.” He said before notching another arrow.

Before another arrow was able to fly, a green construct fly swatter collided with the group of commandos rendering them quickly unconscious. Blue Bowman and Calypso looked up to see Jesse floating down toward him clad in his Green Lantern uniform. He seemed a bit confused.

“How did they not know who you two were?” He asked.

“I think they did.” Bowman said as he bent down to peel off the mask of one of the commandos. “I know him. Forrest is Jason’s TA.”

“We had better take them to our holding cells in the Hall of Justice.” Jesse said.

“Bet they’ll be hard to interrogate.” Calypso said. “Princess Diana’s lasso would be useful.”

Blue Bowman opened his communicator again. “I’ve got someone in mind.” He replied.

Zatanna opened hers eyes to see a young girl staring back at her. She smiled at the little girl as she seemed familiar.

“Hello, do I know you?” Zatanna asked.

“Gees, Grandma.” The little girl said. “It’s me. Zallana Zatanna Zatara.”

Zatanna looked away from the little girl to her own daughter who smiled back at her. “Why did you wait to tell me you adopted?” She asked.

“Actually, she’s not born yet.” Zarina replied. “Zallana fell through a portal from the future because she dropped one of Dawn’s crystals.”

“So, who will be her father?” Zatanna asked. “Jonathon? Jesse?”

Slayer snorted from the chair she was in. “Oh hell no. I’m her daddy.” She answered. “Never thought I’d ever say that.”

“Cunabola of Venus?” Zatanna asked receiving a nod from her daughter before she turned her attention to her granddaughter. “Boy, aren’t you a little mischief maker.”

Zallana smiled at her grandmother. “I try.” She said before seeing Batman at the infirmary’s entrance. “Mom, I think Bruce may want to talk to you.”

Zarina left the infirmary trailing Batman as they went to the Monitor Womb. She saw Barbara turn in her chair.

“It’s good to see you again, Zarina.” Barbara said. “So, when do I get to see my goddaughter?”

“What makes you so sure that I’m going to choose you as Zallana’s godmother?” Zarina asked. “I could choose many different people for that.”

“How many of them are as responsible as I am?” Barbara asked. “How many of them are as caring or as compassionate as I am?”

“Now isn’t the time for this.” Batman said. “There has been a multiple coordinated jailbreaks across the globe of supervillains. There’s only one clue as to whom is responsible.”

Barbara typed in a few commands onto her keyboard bringing up footage from a surveillance camera. Zarina recognized the background as Arkham Asylum but what drew her attention was the energy cage that deterred Batman and Nightwing. The robed figure that could be seen talking to them turned to face the camera and Zarina recognized who it was.

“Amelia Faust.” Zarina said. “Which means the Secret Society of Sunnydale is back.”

Forrest found it odd when he saw Professor Walsh approach the cell he was in. She seemed to be a bit annoyed but that was understandable.

“I just have one thing to tell you.” She said.

“What’s that?” He asked.

That was when things got stranger. Walsh began to shape shift into someone else he recognized though only from the news. Miss Martian smirked at him as he realized what she was here for.

“Try not thinking about what Professor Walsh really does.” She replied.

“Cheeseburger and fries aren’t exactly healthy.” Kit said trying to remind her friend.

Dawn rolled her eyes. “For the last time, I don’t care.” She replied before taking another bite. “Besides, I know it won’t kill me.”

The two friends were eating at the food court of the Sunnydale Mall. Kit was glad she managed to spend time with her friend apart from at school but was worried how distant Dawn had been.

“Is something wrong?” Kit asked. “You seem distracted.”

“I’ve been getting a few headaches. Someone or something is crossing over onto this Earth.” She replied. “Don’t worry about it.”

A resounding crash of building materials alerted many people that something large had torn through the roof and landed in the mall. Dawn let out a frustrated sigh and turned in her chair to see an android she recognized from Justice League files she had read while at the Hall of Justice.

“Dawn, what is that?” Kit asked.

“Amazo, he’s an android with the ability to mimic the powers of metahumans.” Dawn replied.

“Which ones?” Kit asked as lasers seemed to come from the android’s eyes.

“The big ones.” Dawn said. “Get out of here now! I’ll hold it off.”

As Kit ran away, Dawn was thinking about saying a prayer later that everyone’s attention was focused on finding the quickest way out of the mall. Just to be safe though, she cast a notice-me-not charm before using her magic to change into her costume. She grabbed a nacho stand with her telekinesis, a skill that she was still trying to master, and hurled it at the android. The nacho cheese splattered over the android’s face momentarily blinding him. Twin red beams came from the android’s eyes towards her which she was able to quickly dodge away from. Without realizing what she was doing, she accidentally released an uncontrolled burst of green energy striking the android in the chest. Ios could only stare at the android who lifted an arm towards her before Amazo began to slowly break apart into sand. The way the android was destroyed made her think of a vampire slowly dusting after it had a stake put through its heart. When the dust settled, Ios teleported herself home still clad in her costume and fell asleep in her bed.

Parker fell to the ground in the dark alley. He was being chased by a madman and what was worse was the fact that he recognized him. Not personally, but he had use to live in the same city the madman called home. There were times where you couldn’t turn on the television or pick up a newspaper without seeing his face. The laughter pierced the night and he could smell his own urine soaking his pants. He wasn’t someone who could face something like that. He was a coward at heart. The madman grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pulled him up to his feet.

“Tell me,” The Joker said bringing his face into the light so that Parker could see him. “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”

Detective Molly Sheridan still did not understand her own decision to transfer from Star City to Sunnydale. While the pay and benefits were better, she knew the mortality rate statistically was on par with Gotham City if not higher despite the size differences between them. The Chief has assigned her to be the liaison between the Sunnydale Police Department and the Justice League Sunnydale. She tapped in her pass code for the security system and was a little disturbed with a pale green light that seemed to pass over her as if it was some kind of sensor scan. Entering the Hall of Justice, she found a few of the members of the Justice League doing something she didn’t expect. Blue Bowman, Green Lantern, Calypso, and an unknown dark haired woman seemed to be playing poker on the large conference table in the center of the complex.

“I fold.” Blue Bowman said glaring at the dark haired woman. “I swear we shouldn’t let you play.”

“Is it because she is female?” Calypso asked a bit perturbed.

“Of course not, it’s because she’s psychic.” Blue Bowman replied. “Nothing against you, Dru, but there is no way to guarantee you aren’t cheating.”

“Am I interrupting anything?” Molly asked.

“Fortunately, not one of our night games.” Drusilla replied. “Otherwise, Blue Bowman would only have his mask on.”

“Anyway, what can we do to help you?” Blue Bowman asked. “Good to see you, Detective.”

“Likewise, Bowman.” Molly said as she walked over to a large screened computer terminal. She opened a disc drive and slid it in allowing the computer to automatically play the video that was on it. “Can any of you explain what Ios just did in the video?”

The video was the security camera footage from the Mall and Bowman saw that it was from last night judging by the timestamp seen in the corner. He let out a whistle.

“Looks like she saved the day.” He said. “I never had the pleasure of facing Amazo. What about you, GL?”

“Never have though I’ve read the file.” Green Lantern replied. “Dru, your thoughts?”

The dark haired woman stared at the screen as if she was peering through it looking for some odd tidbit of information that no one else saw. She turned her head to look at Detective Sheridan.

“When the dust settled, there were pieces of the floor missing underneath, correct?” Drusilla asked her receiving a nod from the detective. “Ios aged him to dust.”

Sheridan’s eyes widened. “She aged him. How?” She replied.

“Ios’ power comes from a mystical artifact within her called the Key.” Blue Bowman informed her. “It is essentially time/space/dimensional magic. Zarina has been teaching her on how to control it. Is that all?”

“No.” Sheridan said switching out the disc with another. “Parker Abrams, a student at UC Sunnydale has been found dead. Preliminary findings have already determined a cause of death.”

A picture was brought up on the screen with Parker showing a characteristically twisted smile on his face despite his demise. Unbeknownst to the others, a chill ran down Drusilla’s spine as she had a vision.

She stood in the middle of a street. Judging by the architecture of the buildings, she knew she was in Gotham City. She had been there before but that was back when Bruce Wayne would have still been a child. The street was littered with burning cars and amidst the screams, she heard the cold laughter. What made the laughter peculiar was the fact that it sounded darker than anything she had heard before. Despite the atrocities she had committed, she had never heard anything like it. Making her way down the street, she saw something that would have made her former self revel in pleasure while making her current self sick.

The Joker, clad in his trademark purple suit, stood on the roof of a yellow school bus. She did not even want to look at the bodies but she knew what the bodies had been. She couldn’t let this happen.

Drusilla slammed a fist against the table. Blue Bowman, Green Lantern, and Calypso could tell that the vampiress was barely restraining herself from showing her game face. She was seething from the vision she had seen and immediately headed for the portal that would send her back to the home that she shared with her beloved Jason..

“Any who, I so did not want to know what made Drusilla mad.” Green Lantern said. “We’ll find out later so, SmileX?”

“Precisely, Lantern.” Sheridan said. “All evidence that we have points to the Joker being present in our town. The information available told us that the Joker is still in Arkham.”

“Your information is dated, Detective Sheridan.” Blue Bowman said to her. “There has been several coordinated breakouts from every metahuman prison and asylum in the last week. We do know though who was responsible for Clown Boy’s release. Her name is Amelia Faust. She use to be known as Amy Madison.”

“How dangerous exactly?” Sheridan asked.

“Quite dangerous. Call for us immediately.” Calypso informed her.

“We’ll start searching for the Joker.” Blue Bowman said. “Unfortunately, he tends to want to be obvious.”

Harmony sat at Willy’s Bar staring at the man who had just entered the bar. He had pale white skin and the strangest green hair she’d ever seen. A tacky purple suit was what he wore which made his appearance even more absurd to her. At first, she had thought he was a demon but her vampiric senses let her know that he was human. She wondered why someone would want to wear something that hideous or even go out in public with his appearance when a vampire began to talk to him.

“What the hell are you doing in here, blood bag?” The vampire asked and seemed surprised when the strange clown man laughed at his question. “What the hell are you laughing at?”

“You, I’m laughing at you. I’ve had the best try to threaten me and fail miserably.” The man said pulling out a pistol with an absurdly long barrel. “Well, now that you’ve had your shot...”

“Guns don’t work on us.” The vampire replied with a chuckle.

“Let’s find out.” The clown man said pulling the trigger.

Instead of a loud bang erupting from the gun’s barrel, a stick with a white flag on it came out instead which hanged from the barrel. The clown man laughed making the vampire question his sanity but that was before the stick shot out of the barrel into the vampire’s heart. Dusting the vampire upon impact, the clown man holstered the revolver before sitting down at the bar. He reached into his suit jacket and removed a box. For anyone who could see the box, they could see it was a long pencil box. He opened the box and tipped up the other end allowing the pencils to slide out. Picking up one of the pencils, he held the brown pencil up with its seemingly sharp end pointed up towards the ceiling.

“Anyone curious what I can do with this?” The man asked.

Harmony raised a hand to get the bartender’s attention and felt something pierce her skin underneath her raised arm.

Zarina walked up to Lowell House. The members of the fraternity could see she was clad in her costume and it was obvious that she wasn’t pleased to be coming here. Graham walked over to her.

“Zarina, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing, Captain Miller.” She said noting his look of surprise. “Yes, I know a lot about you and The Initiative. Most of what we know we got when I dropped a line about the Professor to The Question. Just like her predecessor, you give her a name and she’ll produce a secret government conspiracy. What we didn’t know we were able to get from your buddy, Forrest.”

Riley walked over as he had been overhearing the conversation. “Where is he?” He asked trying to sound intimidating to her only for her to laugh at him.

“Please stop before you embarrass yourself.” Zarina said. “That might have worked on someone other than me, Captain Cornbread.”

“Where is he?” Riley asked demanding an answer.

“Safe for the moment.” Zarina said. “When Queen Hippolyta hears about what the United States government tried to do to one of Themyscira’s citizens, we’d be lucky if she doesn’t launch a full-scale invasion of Sunnydale coming for all of you.”

“Where’s Forrest?” Riley asked repeating himself.

Zarina took off her top hat and smiled at the two.

“Do you know what my favorite trick is?” She asked.

“Don’t really care.” Riley told her. “Where’s Forrest?”

She ignored him and kept smiling at the two. “But it’s such a great trick and one that’s been a family favorite for generations.” She replied. “I’m going to pull a rabbit out of my hat.”

She reached into her top hat and her arm seemed to disappear inexplicably into the hat. After half a minute passed, her arm began to come out of the hat with a white rabbit in her hand held by its neck.

“Where’s Forrest?” Riley asked.

“Right here.” Zarina replied indicating the rabbit. She sat the rabbit down on the ground. “Trever.”

The rabbit was replaced with a bright white light which quickly faded revealing Forrest still wearing his commando gear from the other night. He took a look at Riley and Graham before turning to look back at Zarina a bit afraid of her. Forrest got back onto his feet and quickly ran into the house as the magician approached them.

“Give Professor Walsh a message for me.” She said. “If she goes after another member of my team, I’ll...”

“What, turn me into a rabbit?” Riley asked.

“Well, Hades does owe me a couple of favors.” Zarina remarked. “In case you’re curious, look it up. By the way, the rest of his team are in lockup at the Sunnydale PD.”

She teleported herself away and Forrest ran back into the house as Graham glared at Riley.

“Tell me Walsh didn’t order members of the Justice League brought in.” Graham said to his superior.

“They were suppose to observe.” Riley informed him. “Nothing more.”

“I got to think about this.” Graham said before he walked away.

Drusilla paced around her private study in her home. Jason had one as well as both felt the need to have a private sanctuary in the house. The doll known as Miss Edith sat on a shelf at an angle that made her appear to be watching the entire room.

“What should I do?” She asked herself.

You need to stop him.

“But the Bat is suppose to stop him.” She said.

The Bat never truly stops him. It continues in a continuous cycle unless someone can interrupt it.

“But the Bat will be cross.” She replied.

FORGET THE BAT! Think of the children you saw. What right does the Bat have to deprive those children of their lives by not killing the Joker? How many lives will the Joker take before Atropos cuts his thread?

“But I can’t kill him.” Drusilla said. “He’s human and...”

The Joker is in Sunnydale. What would he do with Zallana?

Drusilla saw Zallana in a playground when the Joker approached. The young girl tried to flee but the Joker grabbed her.

Want to smell my flower?” He asked.

Drusilla screamed in rage kicked a chair across the room. The vision she had was horrifying for her as well as filling her with intense rage. She took deep breathes trying to force herself to calm down but ended up laughing slightly as she realized she didn’t really need to breathe.

You can’t let the Joker harm her. He has to die before he can harm her.

“But the Bat will come for me.” She said.

Not if you set the Joker on fire.

A grin crossed the vampiress’ face as a plan formed in her mind.

Amelia stepped around the corner of the sewer. She hated the smell but was thankful that the vampires were being distracted by their work. It was a little ironic when she had heard that Spike, having left a ring in Sunnydale, had returned to Sunnydale looking for another one. She slammed a stake into a vampire’s chest. Turning around another corner, she could see Spike picking up the ring. A silent summoning spell yanked the ring away from the vampire who turned to stare at her as she held the ring in her left hand.

“Give me back the bloody ring.” He ordered her.

She summoned a fireball with her right hand and hurled it at Spike. The vampire dodged the attack and she teleported herself away. She smiled as she appeared in the clock tower in which she had set up the altar for the ring. A chant made in an ancient language began to come from her lips and the gemstone of the ring began to glow brightly.

Graham walked up to the front door of Zarina’s house and knocked on the door. He had came to try to apologize and had been surprised when the front door opened to see a six year old girl looking back at him. She seemed to stare at him as if she was trying to recognize him.

“Hi, I’m Graham.” He said introducing himself to the little girl. “Is Zarina home?”

“MOM!” The girl yelled turning back into the house.

He raised an eyebrow as Zarina motioned for the girl to step back into the house as she gazed at the secret soldier.

“Cute little girl.” He said. “Adopted?”

“No.” Zarina replied with a smile.

“Wait a minute, then you would have had to have been like thirteen.” Graham said trying to make sense of it.

“She hasn’t actually been born yet.” Zarina replied. “Now, what do you want?”

“Wait, not born yet?” Graham asked.

“What do you want before I turn you into a rabbit?” Zarina snapped at him.

“I wanted to apologize to you.” Graham replied.

“Graham, I know what people go through with the whole secret identity thing.” Zarina said before her attention drifted away from him.

“What’s wrong?” Graham asked causing Zarina to point towards the sky.

Graham looked to see a dome of pale green energy began to envelop the town. He was about to say something when his radio squawked to life as Zarina’s communicator chirped.

Agent Miller, report to base immediate.” His radio said. “Code Red. Massive HST assault in progress.”

Zarina, some freaky magic is allowing the vampires to come out way too early and making them freaking invincible.” Buffy said over the communicator. “We need help.”

“Shit.” Zarina said. “Zallana, stay in the house. Mommy’s has to go save some lives.”

Author’s End Notes: Sorry about splitting this up but it had to be done. I am very sorry about leaving the cliffhanger and for not updating this in a very long time.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Magician's Initiative" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Mar 11.

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