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The Magician's Initiative

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Magician Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Enter The Magician": Buffy, Zarina, and the rest of JLS now must confront two enemies, College and the Initiative.

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DC Universe > GeneralRubyPaladinFR18315,45144012,65023 May 103 Mar 11No

A New Day


Author’s Note: Well, here is the second story in this series. I hope everyone enjoys it.

The Magician’s Initiative


Ruby Paladin

Chapter One

A New Day

Willow and Buffy were in one of Sunnydale’s numerous graveyards. Buffy was pacing around in deep in thought. Willow was sitting on a tombstone with a UCSD course book open in her lap.

“How about ‘Intro To The Modern Novel’?” Willow asked Buffy.

|Wouldn’t that require you read the Modern Novel?| Her scarab asked.

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Quiet you.” She said to it. “Good point, though, wouldn’t I have to read the modern novel?”

Willow began to look through the book. “How about this class on pop culture? They watch movies, TV shows, even commercials.” She said.

“For credit?” Buffy asked.

|Yes, for credit. Do you think they’d offer a course if you didn’t get credit for it?| The scarab asked.

Buffy shrugged her shoulders and waved her hand to let Willow know that the scarab had already answered her question.

“Maybe I should just drop Psych?” Buffy asked.

“You can’t drop it. It counts as your history credit and Zarina, Jonathon, Calypso, and me are taking it. Plus, Professor Walsh is world renowned in psychology.” Willow said protesting her friend’s suggestion.

“Two things I want to know.” Buffy said. “First, how do you get to be renowned? Do you have to be nowned first?”

Willow nodded her head sarcastically. “Yes, there is the very painful nowning process.” She said.

“The second, how in the hell did Calypso get in?” She asked.

“Either she came up with a secret identity or it’s something through the Themysciran Embassy.” Willow said. “I’m not sure which. Calypso doesn’t come by much.”

Deciding to slightly change the subject slightly, Buffy sat down next to her friend. She looked over at her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t pick my course selection in play group.” Buffy replied sarcastically.

Willow laughed. “Second grade actually.” She said. “But you did have all summer to pick and even Zarina, Jonathon, and Calypso picked out courses and you know how busy they were.”

“Do you know what Aura and Cordelia are doing now?” Buffy asked.

“Cordelia got accepted into UCLA. I thought she’d go into acting but she kept saying she had no future in it.” Willow said. “And Aura...”

“And Aura what?” Buffy asked.

|Behind you!| The scarab said.

Buffy’s right arm became partially covered with her red blaster she used sometimes as the Scarlet Scarab and blasted the vampire effortlessly. She turned her attention back to her friend.

“We don’t know where she is. The Green Lantern Corps has been trying to find her but they haven’t had any success.” Willow replied.

“Oh.” Buffy said.

The next day, Dawn closed her locker to see her best friend, Kit, standing there. The last few months had distanced them but Dawn had expected that to happen.

“Dawn, what super secret thing have you been up to for the last few months?” She asked. “You barely ever do anything that might be misinterpreted as fun.”

Dawn shook her head. “I’ve been busy.” She said opening her locker back up as she had forgotten a book she planned to read in study hall. Kit grabbed the book and took it away from her.

“Charms, Jinxes, and Everyday Curses.” Kit said reading the cover. “Why are you studying magic?”

“Zarina has been teaching me a few things.” Dawn admitted.

“You don’t have to lie to me, Dawn.” Kit said giving the book back to her friend. “You aren’t being taught by a superhero.”

Dawn held up her right index finger. “Erif.” She whispered as a small flame appeared over her finger.

Kit brought her left hand over the flame and felt the heat rising from it. She stared at her friend who extinguished the conjured flame.

“You weren’t lying.” Kit said in disbelief. “How do you know her?”

“She’s one of Buffy’s friends. It’s a long story but she is suppose to teach me magic.” Dawn replied. “It’s nothing really.”

“Nothing really?” Kit said not believing what she was hearing. “You are being taught magic by a superhero celebrity magician. That’s nothing.”

“Sorceress, actually.” Dawn replied. “Being a magician is what she does for some spending money.”

Kit was getting a little frustrated. “You’re being taught by a superhero, Dawn.” She said. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I tried for a secret identity.” Dawn said walking away from her. “Now, I have to get to study hall.”

Buffy and Willow were in the University of California Sunnydale’s bookstore. Buffy looked over at her friend still not getting use to the fact that Willow wouldn’t dye her hair to one complete color. Willow had said that she was proud of how she looked and didn’t care what anyone thought of it. The blood adoption had seemed to have caused Willow’s breast size to have increased slowly since it had happened which might have helped her decision. Buffy looked up at the top of the bookshelf where a few of the required psychology textbooks were located.

“This store discriminates against short people.” Buffy said pouting.

“We should start a movement.” Willow replied.

|It isn’t the store’s fault you are vertically challenged.| The scarab said.

Buffy rolled her eyes as she was the only one to have heard the technological insect. She jumped up and managed to knock the textbooks off the shelf. Unfortunately, the books fell on a man who had been retrieving a book from a lower shelf. He yelped in pain and the two teenagers helped him back up.

“Are you okay?” Willow asked.

“Yah, aside from the concussion.” He said picking up the psychology textbooks. “Let’s put some of these on a lower shelf. So, are taking Intro to Psychology 105 or were you just trying to kill me?”

Willow laughed. “Considering what I can do, a few books on the head wouldn’t be the way I’d kill you.” She said smiling.

The man laughed at Willow’s comment. “I don’t know whether or not to run away screaming or take that as a joke.” He said. “My name’s Riley. I’m a T.A. for Professor Walsh’s class so that’s why I asked so, are you taking her class?”

“Yah, the human mind is so cool plus it’ll help me understand a few of the people my sister deals with in her other line of work.” Willow replied. “My name’s Willow and this is my friend, Buffy.”

A confused look formed on Riley’s face. “What other line of work does your sister do?” He asked.

“She’s a magician.” She said.

“Still not getting how Psychology could help her with card tricks.” Riley replied.

A small explosion could be heard outside and Buffy and Willow laughed. Buffy looked over at Willow.

“Five bucks says that’s your sister.” Buffy said.

“Ten says Slayer is with her.” Willow replied.

Buffy and Willow walked outside followed closely by Riley to see Slayer hurl a stun bola around a masked man who was shocked unconscious by the weapon. Zarina stumbled with her assailant before grabbing him by his arm and after muttering a word they didn’t hear, he was turned into a white rabbit. They walked over to the two superheroes as it was rather funny seeing Zarina holding the white rabbit by the back of the neck with her left hand and pointing her right index finger in the rabbit’s face.

“Now, see what you made me do?” She asked the rabbit. “You could have just given up but no, you had to run. You made me chase your dumb ass across campus.”

The rabbit gave her a strange look.

“Don’t you give me that look.” She said still scolding the rabbit. “This is your fault here, mister.”

“What did they do?” Willow asked.

Zarina pointed to the rabbit. “This moron tried to blow Slayer and me up. We didn’t take to kindly to that.” She replied.

Riley was staring at Zarina. His orders were not to let any knowledge of the Initiative fall into the hands of the Justice League as they had the annoying habit of bringing down secret government agencies.

“Did you get your textbooks yet?” Willow asked her.

“Got them last week. I can’t wait for Jason’s class.” Zarina said smiling. “Think anyone is going to be dumb enough to question him?”

“Goddess, I hope not.” Willow said laughing. “He’s liable to go medieval on them.”

This caused Buffy, Willow, Slayer, and Zarina to laugh even harder which Riley found a bit strange. He wasn’t going to ask though.

“So, you taking Psych 105 too?” He asked Zarina.

“Yep, I figured I should better understand the weirdos I have to deal with.” Zarina replied rolling her eyes. “Hopefully, I don’t find any in the class.”

“I wouldn’t worry about Professor Walsh.” Riley said. “She’s not evil.”

Zarina and Slayer laughed at Riley while Buffy and Willow glared at him. He felt a bit uneasy.

“What did I say?” He asked.

“You realize you just gave Murphy a written invitation, don’t you?” Zarina asked. “Now, she will end up doing something which constitutes being evil.”

“And we’re going to have to stop her.” Slayer said. “So, Professor Walsh, she sounds like she’d be the mad scientist type.”

Riley couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He knew he had to report this little development to Professor Walsh but he couldn’t see any way to get away. He took a step back and was surprised that they let him slip away.

When Riley walked away, Slayer raised her left eyebrow. Zarina noticed the small gesture.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“What’s Soldier Boy up to?” Slayer asked.

Willow was a bit confused. “Who, Riley?” She asked.

“It’s the way he walks. Like he’s expecting something to happen to attack.” Slayer replied. “I’ve been noticing more and more of it lately.”

“You think Walsh might be in on it?” Buffy asked. “What makes you think that?”

Slayer shrugged her shoulders. “The way he reacted to her being referred to as ‘the mad scientist type’. Kinda screamed it when Zarina said Walsh was probably evil because Soldier Boy gave Murphy an invite.” She replied.

Pandemonia was quite literally in pandemonium as she decimated the ranks of the armies of Hell. She laughed as she went through them realizing she should have done this ages ago but she had another reason why she was here and she was going to accomplish it. If she took over, that was all well and good too. She looked into the enraged eyes of the First Seated and smiled. Getting through each province of Hell had been entertaining but this was what made the trip worth it.

“You will not take my throne, vampire.” Blaze proclaimed. “Lilith will not allow one of her creatures to have more power than her.”

“She has lost her power over me, Blaze.” She stated. “Now, die!”

An enormously powerful blast of magical energy managed to surprise Blaze and she was knocked away from her throne by it. What had surprised her was the weapon known as the Ace Of Winchesters was swiftly embedded in her chest. The last thing she saw was the Crown of Thorns be removed from her head.

“I’ll take that, thank you.” She said placing the crown on her own head.

She sat down on the throne as one of the minion demons walked over to her. A glance from her made it quiver in fear.

“What is it?” She commanded the demon to answer her.

“What are you called, milady?” It asked.

“I am Chaotica.” She said. “Now, bring me the soul imprisoned in the Labyrinth by the rogue Power called Jasmine.”

Riley was not happy to see the black clad Zatara girl inside Professor Walsh’s classroom but he tried to school his reaction so as to not reveal too much. Fortunately, she was talking to her sister as well as her sister’s friend which gave him the impression that the other teenager was their friend as well.


A few hours ago...

He knocked on Professor Walsh’s office door and she signaled for him to come in. She seemed to be reading her lecture notes for the upcoming class in order to make certain she didn’t miss anything.

“What can I do for you, Captain Finn?” She asked.

“You realize you have a member of the Justice League in your class right?” He asked.

She put down her notes. “Is this what this is about?” She asked. “What has you so concerned about her?”

“I might have said something she claims gave Murphy an invitation.” He replied. “She was hoping she didn’t run into any weirdos like she has a habit to and I said you’re not evil.”

Walsh smiled at what she heard. “I see two things that let me into her psyche. One, she has some paranoia. Two, I think I am going to take a professional interest in her.” She said. “I want you to try to work your way into good terms with her group. I don’t care how.”


He wasn’t going to try to aim too high and try for a relationship with Zarina or her sister. Somehow, he knew that if his secret was revealed that it would probably end very painfully for him. Maybe he should try to date their friend, Buffy; he thought her name was. Stowing these thoughts as he saw Professor Walsh enter the classroom, he began to act like a normal teacher’s assistant.

“Welcome to Psychology 105. My name is Professor Walsh.” Walsh said introducing herself to the class. “Those of you who work their way into my good graces will come to know me as Maggie. Those who don’t may begin to refer to me by a name a certain T.A. thinks I don’t know about, the Raging Bitch Monster of Death.” She thought she saw Zarina say something to the red and black haired girl next to her. “Something that I should know, Miss Zatara?”

Both girls looked at her and said in unison. “Not really.” The response slightly perplexed her.

“I was talking to Miss Zatara.” Walsh informed the red and black haired girl.

“Speaking.” They replied in unison again.

“I did not realize I had sisters in my class.” Walsh said. “Miss Rosenberg, correct?”

The red and black haired girl shook her head. “I guess they still didn’t get that changed around yet.” She said. “I am Willow Zatara now.”

“Okay, but is there something your sister would like to share with the class?” Walsh asked.

Zarina smiled at her. “I already met the Raging Bitch Monster of Death.” Zarina said. “She tried to brainwash me and turn me into one of the Female Furies. Not cool.”

Deciding to change the subject as well as return to the classroom subject, she said. “Now that this is settled...” A bright flash of light flashed into the room revealing a man wearing a white toga and a Janus mask. “Who in the hell are you suppose to be?”

Zarina laughed. “Professor, meet Janus.” She said. “Roman God of Change and one of the Lords Of Chaos.”

“And what is he doing in my classroom?” Walsh asked Zarina.

“I don’t know.” Zarina replied pointing towards Janus. “He’s right there. Why don’t you ask him?”

Janus glanced over at Walsh. “Yes, why don’t you ask me?” He asked. “Do you find chaos unhealthy for some profound reason?”

“I prefer a nice orderly day.” She replied turning her head to look at Zarina. “Can you do something about him?”

Zarina was visibly shocked. “What the hell do you expect me to do?” She asked. “What part of Roman God of Change and Lord of Chaos did you not understand? I would be like a mosquito going up against him.”

Janus waved off her response. “I wouldn’t harm a hair on you. You’re one of my favorite humans but back to you, Professor.” He said. “Are you one of those Order nuts who think Chaos is a bad thing?”

“You might say that because no one gets killed in an orderly society.” Walsh said.

Janus and Walsh began to debate the merits of Chaos versus Order as Zarina put her right hand on her head and began to shake her head back and forth. Willow noticed her sister’s reaction.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“Walsh is getting into an argument with a Lord of Chaos.” Zarina replied. “Tell me what is wrong with that scenario.”

“The fact that he is like Q.” Jonathon said. He had been sitting behind Zarina.

“Q?” Buffy asked.

“Exactly.” Zarina replied turning her attention to the great debate going on between one of the Lords of Chaos and Professor Maggie Walsh.

“So, you would rather live in an orderly society?” Janus asked rhetorically as Walsh had stated that fact previously. “So, be it.”

In a bright flash of light, Professor Walsh’s and Riley’s clothes had been replaced with the black uniforms that were commonly worn by the former Waffen-SS. Zarina could have sworn that Janus was smiling under his mask at the shocked faces that Walsh and Riley were wearing.

Sieg Heil!” He exclaimed before leaving in a flash of light.

Trying to gather his wits, Riley was ecstatic when he heard Walsh dismiss the class. Calypso, with her long hair pulled up in a bun as well as wearing wire-rimmed glasses, was slightly confused by the uniforms.

“I know my history of Man’s World is not good but why are those uniforms bad?” She asked Jonathon quietly.

“I’ll tell you later.” He replied.

While he had felt the wave of magic inside his classroom, he decided to use it as a means of instilling some slight paranoia in his students to prevent future acts of misbehavior.

“Mr. Gates, if you would be so kind as to return to your fraternity to remove your costume, we would appreciate it.” Jason said. “While I admire your enthusiasm, we are not yet covering the Second World War.”

Forrest quickly ran out the door and a few students laughed at the teacher’s assistant.

“At least he isn’t as bad as Professor Roberts.” One student remarked.

Later at the Hall of Justice, most of the heroes that were know known as members of Justice League Sunnydale were seated at a round conference table. In the center of the table, a holographic projector displayed the images of everyone that had their clothes transformed. Zarina let out a small laugh.

“Think Janus was trying to tell us something?” She asked.

“You think?” Faith asked rhetorically. “He probably gave away who was in on whatever it is that they are involved in. I like his sense of humor though.”

“Still, SS uniforms...that’s just wrong.” Jonathon replied.

Buffy looked over towards Jonathon. “He did it to make a point about Walsh’s praise of an orderly society.”

Everyone began to stare at Buffy who squirmed in her seat. “What?” She asked. “I can have smart moments too.”

Giles began to clean his glasses. “Never the less, we should figure out where they are located.” He said. “Buffy, perhaps you should fly over the city and scan from above.”

Jenny raised a hand. “Rupert, we already know where they are probably located.” She said as she stood up inputting a few commands onto a keyboard. The image changed to Lowell House. “This is a fraternity on campus that everyone of the ‘teacher’s assistants’ belong to.”

Calypso looked around the council room. “Where is Jason Blood?” She asked.

Zarina smiled at the thought. “He has a date tonight with Dru.” She replied. “I figured we could handle this without them.”

Drusilla and Jason exited the Italian restaurant they had dined in. The dinner had been great and the two of them talked more about their pasts. Their past few dates had surprised Jason as he learned that they had been in the same cities at roughly the same times over the last century. After walking quite a distance away from the restaurant, Drusilla collapsed to the ground as she was struck by some type of taser weapon. Before he could react, he was clubbed in the back of the head by a weapon he assumed was a similar weapon. He fell to the ground as the masked soldiers began to drag Drusilla away. Only one option to save her was left open and he knew that he had to take it.

“Gone, gone the form of man. Rise the Demon Prince, forever damned. Burn the blood with heart of fire. Free the might from fleshy mire. Gone, gone the form of man. Rise the Demon, Etrigan!” He called out letting himself transform into his other half.

Riley heard the man call out the spell and turned around to see the red-garbed HST standing in the man’s place. The demon roared at them.

“For trying to take my lady love, death shall come for you from above.” Etrigan exclaimed as he jumped into the air and landed on one of the two men dragging Drusilla away. “As you writhe in pain, know that your deaths shall be in vain.”

He shoved his right hand into the man’s chest and ripped out his still beating heart from the man’s chest. One of the soldiers fired his weapon at the demon who quickly sidestepped the attack and pointed his bloody hand at the soldier in question.

“You shall feel my hellfire kiss.” He said to the man. “I assure you that it will not be bliss.”

Etrigan opened up his mouth and a burst of flame shot out engulfing the masked soldier in his own funeral pyre. The demon turned to find only one soldier remained as the rest had dropped Drusilla and ran away. Patting his left arm as he managed to put out the flames that had came from standing to close to the inferno, he stared at the demon.

“Listen now and listen well. For this offense, I should send you to Hell.” Etrigan said to the man. “Run now and run fast. If I see you again, that moment shall be your last.”

The demon picked up the unconscious vampire and opened a portal which he stepped through. Pulling off his mask, Riley grabbed his radio.

“Agent Finn to Base, we have a serious problem.” He said.

Author’s End Notes: Well, the first chapter is now complete and you have TAO to thank for the help with Etrigan’s little fight scene/slaughter of the Initiative squad. Don’t worry, Forrest and Graham weren’t killed and neither was Jason recognized by anyone.
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