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Sparrow, or why Willow is called Rose.

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Summary: Xander dresses up as a Hero and includes some other stuff.

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rothosFR1832,4690166,61923 May 1028 May 10No

I dream of Heroes

Disclaimer: see chapter 1, there is a Fallout 3 mention in here.
A/n: Hunt and see the person that Finds the Fallout 3 mention in this chapter gets kudos from me!

I dream of Heroes.

Xander's dreams were unsettling that night. He felt cold and hungry, with his sister Rose; who looked a lot like Willow he walked through a strange city where they grew up apparently.
First, they had to collect warrants for a Giles-like character all the while earning gold from everyone that looked Sunnydalian.
First was a guy that looked like Old Mr. Abernathy wanting to take their picture. They posed in different ways, with Rose-I mean Willow going into a ballerina pose and him going into a Snoopy Dance. Next, they rescued a dog from someone that looked remarkably like Larry, who headbutted Willow. Xander could almost feel the toy sword shaking in his hands as he smacked Larry several times-hard.

After that it was saving some of Giles's books from book-munching demons, followed by getting a liquor bottle from Willy for his parents and then Anthony swearing not to drink ever again.

Will-I mean Rose took the five gold pieces to the trader in town and got a magic box, then they wished to go to castle Fairfax with it. The box made a strange light-show happen and vanished in a swirl of red orbs.

Rose took off in a huff towards their shack, Xander followed. About midnight, three messengers woke them and escorted the two of them to Castle Fairfax.

Xander never did finish the dream; he awoke to his alarm. Or what he thought was his alarm, but was a fire alarm! Xander sprinted up the stairs, trying to find his parents but before he did he stumbled outside, coughing heavily as it was just past dawn emergency services arrived and the paramedics administered oxygen to him. The firefighters hosed down the blaze, but only succeeded in getting his parents out.

After an investigation, it was determined to be faulty wiring which caused the blaze. Xander was taken in by Willow and his parents looked for housing elsewhere.

“Will-Rose, uh look I'm sorry for the way I acted but I can never be normal again. Giles told me it would turn me into a vegetable for life.” Xander said while asking to move in-temporarily.

“Well, I accept your apology but I don't want you hurt.” Willow said.

“Wills, that ain't the only thing going on. All this possession-stuff has really had me thinking and well I think we really need each other more than best friends.” Xander said scratching the back of his neck.

“Oh, Xander are you saying what I think you are?” Willow asked hoping that her crush finally admitted his feelings for her.

“Well, I think its kinda that just well I'll say it the easiest way....”Xander said before he was caught in a full on kiss with his best friend.

When Willow pulled away Xander said. “Um wow, not exactly what I was going to say although I realized that too. Rose, I need you to train with me in becoming a Hero. I never want to lose you again.”

“Again? What's this again business buster? And why are you calling me Rose?” Willow said rather pissed off that her fairytale moment had been disturbed.

“Well, you were shot by Lord Lucien and Rose and Willow seem to be merging in my mind. Rose was your character's sister in the game, although you didn't have the emotional connection to her you had to Teresa in the first game.” Xander hastily backpedaled scared of his Willow for the first time since she yelled in first grade. Yes, she was his, and nothing-not even the apocalypses they faced every year would stop him from protecting her.

“Well get in here and let's start learning buster!” Willow exclaimed, even though Xander knew the Rose slip wouldn't be forgotten; that argument was tabled for now.

Meanwhile, a swallow's fllight away
Spike was one pissed off vampire, this bloody joker that hung around with the Slayer was annoying and could put a crimp in his plans for Dru's cure.
Of course, he didn't have enough money to put a contract out on the Slayer and the joker......ah decisions decisions.

While he thought, he petted Dru's hair and contemplated getting a lower priced group of assassins for the joker. After a while of thinking he opened up his little black book.
“Abigal-hmm, no she's just a distraction from me Dru.”
he flips through more pages.
“Ah, Murders R'US. wonder if they've got a 2 for 1 deal I'd like to be rid of that red-headed bint too.”
Spike picks up the phone and punches in the number.
“Murders R'US what pest can we swat today?.” the clerk said
“Ah yes, you 'ave any specials mate?” Spike asked.
“We have a disembowelment package for 2 for three thousand dollars.”the clerk said.
“Ah yes I have two targets, a Xander Harris and a Willow Rosenberg.” Spike said.
“Please hold.” the clerk said.
Elevator music began playing, Spike was almost ready to impale something when the line reconnected.
“Sorry sir, that package is invalid at this time.” the clerk said.
“LET ME SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER!” Spike yelled into the receiver startling Dru.
“One minute sir let me put you on hold.” the clerk said.
“NO NO DON'T PUT ME ON HOLD,YOU BLOODY.......”Spike said as the elevator music resumed.

A/N: I thought romance wouldn't even jump into this story. Like Michelangelo said, “I just free the statue from the stone.” or something to that effect. Heroes just popped in here too! Love it? Hate it? Review!

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Sparrow, or why Willow is called Rose." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 May 10.

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