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Sparrow, or why Willow is called Rose.

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Summary: Xander dresses up as a Hero and includes some other stuff.

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rothosFR1832,4690166,61923 May 1028 May 10No

Chapter One

Sparrow or Why Willow is now called Rose

Disclaimer: BTVS,Iron Man and Fable belong to Mutant Enemy,Marvel and Lionhead respectively. Other names of franchises might be mentioned, I do not own them.

A/N: This story is the result of Fable 3 dancing in my head.

Xander smiled as he put the finishing touches on his costume, a costume worthy of a Hero.
Snyder had forced them into guard duty for the trick or treaters of Sunnyhell and Xander thought a Hero was appropriate. He had to make do with some less than ideal choices. For some of the spell effects, especially lightning he had to use the LED from an Iron Man repulsor toy under the omnipresent gloves the Hero had.

Just a stop for some paint for the Will tattoos at that new shop, Ethan's and he'd be all set.

Several hours later

Sparrow was wondering why he had this strange feeling that caused him to hold back on these Hobbes and instead of killing them punt them across the street like chickens. He was accosted of all things by Rose's ghost and had to rescue a Fluffy and then a cat woman from a Balverine.

He was running along going to rescue Fluffy again when a blond man tried to stop him.
Something in him decided to use lighting on this Hollow Man and sent it scurrying away rather than it exploding into Will orbs. Well, Fluffy wasn't rescued. Some strange spell locked his abilities away and his name was....

Several hours later

“XANDER! FOR THE LAST TIME MY NAME IS BUFFY NOT FLUFFY!” Buffy screamed as he recounted the night's events to Giles.

Xander winced as his eardrums were assaulted by a Slayer scream.


Relieved to have vocal chords, unlike the Heroes in Fable. Xander started to take a mental inventory of things. Hero training in swords,maces and other medieval methods of getting in some one else's face check, training in how to use ranged implements of death that use gunpowder check, ability to throw lightning check and last but not least big ol mental block stamped with an S check.

Well after being released Xander walked by the park and saw a woman sitting on a bench.
Wildlife seemed to avoid her, even dogs dragging their owners away from her. Xander was attracted to her and she looked up.

“Ah, little Sparrow Fate decided to put you here and with a present to make you stay. Well death is not your destiny today. I'll be watching you.”

With that the woman vanished and Xander was feeling odd like he had narrowly avoided death.
Sitting in the woman's place was a yellow orb.
Xander marveled at it, he touched it and it dissolved. He saw a display come up and 500 flashed next to the word Skill.

Later that night, before going to bed as was his custom since the Hyena incident, Xander meditated.

Xander went down into his mental landscape and saw it was Albion, except the place names were places in his mind. Bowerstone Town Square was his awareness and was populated with people resembling his thoughts. He saw stalls representing his free time since Buffy came to town. There was a Halo stall, a Dungeons and Dragons stall, a carpentry stall and an empty stall.

A woman that resembling Willow walked up to him. “This is your mind and I'll take you for a walk in it because so much has changed. Let's get started shall we? Over here is Buffy house where a lot of thoughts don't go anymore. The next ward through these gates is Willow's ward, where all your memories of your redheaded friend are. After that is Hyena cage ward, where you keep the primal caged; bad things are in there and after that is Block ward, which has just been made. We don't know too much about it, but it seems to be a temporary block that will break soon.”

A/N-Like it? Dislike it? Think I should give up and do something else? Review.
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