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Angel Baiting and Other Contact Sports

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Resurrected 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Tales from the Resurrected ‘verse. Bits and insights to other characters mentioned in previous installments.

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Supernatural > Multiple Pairings
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JmariaFR151722,98802317,87325 May 1026 Feb 12No

Recap: Meet the Family

Series Title: Angel Baiting and Other Contact Sports
Title: Recap: Meet the Family
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not Buffy, not Doctor Who, not Glee, not Labyrinth, nor Supernatural. (Or The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, which is where Jareth gets his song.)
Series Summary: Tales from the Resurrected ‘verse. Bits and insights to other characters mentioned in previous installments.
Summary: Dean and Dawn go in search of yet another Winchester brother, but get pulled into an entirely different family dilemma.
A/N: These bits were originally published in my 25 for 25 collection. They are now smushed together and highlighted with new info to make more sense in the cohesive universe that is Resurrected.

Angel Baiting and Other Contact Sports
Recap: Meet the Family

Get by with a little help…

“She doesn’t need a hood ornament, blondie,” Dean snapped, wiping the hood of the Impala and checking for phantom scratches.

“I have a name, you know,” the blonde with the British accent that automatically reminded him too much of Bela glared at him.

“Yeah, and I’m not here so I can hear it. Don’t you have class to attend or something?” Dean glared right back at her. Jenny huffed and marched over to where her friend was waiting. It was moments like these that he kind of hated Cassie for sending Sam and Faith in the opposite direction to help Bobby. Instead, he slumped back into the car and leaned back.

“You look like a creeper, you know,” Dawn sighed from beside him, her own head tilted back to catch the last few warm rays of autumn sunshine.

“Yeah, well what am I supposed to do, go up to the kid and say ‘hey, we share a dead-beat dad, who by the way is really dead’? Cause I don’t see that flying over too well.”

“Okay, if you’re gonna be all PMS-y on me, I’m gonna go hang with alien girl,” Dawn huffed, jerking upright.

“Damn it, Dawnie!” Dean growled, reaching for her. Dawn let him pull her as close as possible, resting his head in her hair as he counted to five. “One surprise baby brother a year is a lot for a dead guy to handle. Two‘s kinda pushing my limit on the damn-dad meter, you know?”

“You’re not dead anymore, jerk,” Dawn muttered, elbowing him for saying it. Again. “You’re going to have to eventually talk to him, you know.”

“Kid seems happy. Kinda,” Dean sighed. “What the hell is up with his hair though?”

“Weird hair choices run in your ‘family’, Sam and Ash are prime examples,” Dawn chuckled.

Before he could respond to that mini-attack on his brother and friend, there was a quick succession of raps on the window. Dawn jerked away from him like they’d been caught going at it in the backseat. Not that they hadn’t before. He bit back a grin at that, and rolled down his window to face the brunette girl who had her hands on her hips.

“You rang?” Dean gave her a charm-filled smirk that worked plenty of times before on young things like her.

“I just wanted to inform you that there is a strict no loitering law here, especially when it comes to those ogling innocent young football players,” the brunette frowned at them.

“Dean, isn’t that -”

“Berry, what the hell?” the boy with the short Mohawk jerked to a stop behind her.

Another boy, who reminded Dean of Sammy as a kid what with the puppy face and confusion, skidded right next to him. “Didn’t you ever hear of Stranger Danger, Rach?”

“Of course I have, Finn! However, this man has been staring at Noah for over a half hour. And while I have nothing against the sacred bond of male love, I find it highly disturbing that an older and presumably wiser man would stoop to targeting innocent young football players.”

Dawn let out a snort of laughter at both ‘Noah’ and Dean’s expressions. Noah looked at him warily. Dean opened and shut his mouth a few times. Rachel stared at Dawn like she was crazy, and the other boy looked confused.

“I don’t swing that way,” Dean and Noah said at the exact same time, identical looks of abused masculine pride almost kind of eerie.

“Puck, is that your dad?” Finn frowned.

“Hell no!” Once again, it was said at the same time. Dawn cackled away beside him. “You’re not helping, Summers!”

“Oh, it’s too friggin much! Sammy is definitely the changeling child in the family! You, Adam and -”

“Wait - family?” the girl looked between the two of them, placing her hand on Noah’s arm, her eyes widening as she took in the posturing of both men. “Oh my -”

“Don’t tell me John Winchester actually gives a crap about his kids now?” Noah bristled.

“Your father’s reputation precedes you, it seems,” Dawn shook her head. John Winchester had apparently given all four of his sons similar chips the size of Texas.

“Wait, if he’s not your dad, who is he?” Finn frowned.

“His half-brother, one of three that Noah has,” Dawn supplied, quietly twining her fingers through Dean’s for support.

“Wow, that explains so much about you,” Finn muttered without thinking.

Noah whipped around fast and decked Finn. He stumbled back into the dirt, eliciting a small cry from Rachel. He turned back to the car and leaned down to the window, giving them an icy stare that they were all too familiar with - because Dean had often given it to Dawn.

“You stay away from me, my family, and my gi - school, or I will show you how badass I am,” Noah hissed. He stomped off, and Rachel actually seemed torn between going after him or helping up the slightly battered Finn.

“Stay with uh, Finn?” Dawn called to her, easing out of the passenger seat. She quickly rounded the car and nodded to Dean. “Go after your brother. He’s as hard-headed as Sammy. Honestly, can’t there be at least one rational Winchester?”

“No,” Dean sighed, shoving his door open and placing a kiss on the top of her head before he started after Noah.

“I - I’m not sure he should go after Noah by himself,” Rachel murmured, helping Finn to his feet. “He didn’t lie about his reputation as a ..well, bad-ass.”

“Just another fine Winchester trait,” Dawn rolled her eyes. “And I actually consider procreating with one of them. You too, apparently.”

“What?” Rachel blushed, looking away nervously at Finn. Things had just started to settle with them without her betrayal of feelings. Quinn had already done that to him once. And yet…

“No, that’d be my ex girlfriend,” Finn groaned, saving her from having to answer.

“Wow. He is so much like Dean and John it’s kind of like scary cloning.”

Don‘t see what anyone can see…

Puck fought the urge to kick the bleachers. He was fine without his dead-beat dad’s kids jumping in to be all family bonding time with him. He had to deal with Finn hating his guts for the baby, Quinn wanting nothing to do with him, and Berry - god knew how Berry felt about him or how he felt about her. To top it all off, he’d had to see that look in his mother’s face when he’d reveal just how much he was like his fathers.

Right now, he was itching for a fight that socking Finn’s jaw wouldn’t satisfy. So he waited for the crunch of the gravel beneath the bleachers that signaled Dean’ arrival.

“Look, I know you want nothing to do with me kid, but I had to come and warn you,” Dean, his half-brother squinted in the sunlight.

“Warn me that I have a douche bag for a dad or that I had one for a brother?” Noah gritted out.

“You’re pissed, I get that, more than you know. He was a bastard who kept us all outta the loop. I’ve already had to have this conversation twice before, so you ain’t spitting out anything new, Noah,” Dean clenched his jaw and stepped a half-foot away from the kid. “But he’s gone. And you, and our brothers and that hot chick tooling around in my car with me are all I got right now.”

“Why the hell do you care about me? I’m nothing to you.”

“Bullshit. I might not know you, but you are my brother,” Dean cursed under his breath. “He’s dead, and I just found out about you.”

Some of the steam was taken from Noah’s anger. Hating your dad for being a deadbeat was one thing - realizing he wasn’t even around to hate was another.


“Three years ago,” Dean’s jaw tightened. “He died saving my ass.”

“And that makes you responsible for everyone else now or something?” Noah shook his head.

“I’m the oldest, of course it makes me responsible for you, Sammy and Adam.”

Noah tried to picture the faces that would go with those names, for some dumb ass reason. He shouldn’t care that he had brothers. He shouldn’t care that they had names, weight to them. It made them too damn real.

“You got Dad’s coloring, so does Sam. Adam and me, we favor our moms,” Dean smiled at that. “Damn stubborn like him too.”

“He beat the shit out of my step-dad when he wanted to use my sister as a punching bag,” Noah cleared his throat, looking away from his brother. “Leah wasn’t much more than a baby. She used to whisper that he was her real daddy too.”

Noah didn’t admit that he used to wish - on those really bad nights - that John had been her dad too, so he could come and take them all away to be a real family.

“Sounds like Dad. Sweep in and play the hero,” Dean swallowed and glanced away from Noah.

“What did you need to warn me about?”

“Not really sure. This girl I know - she thinks she’s a psychic. And, well, she just might be, cause everything she’s predicted has come true -”

Noah was just about to call bullshit on him when the sounds of a catfight hit his ears. Dean scowled past him and Noah craned his neck to see Dawn trying to pull Quinn away from where Finn and Berry were standing. Shit.

“Shit,” Dean muttered at the same moment. “Definitely a Winchester trait.”

They both raced back to where the four were huddled, but before they could get close enough, creatures started darting forward. They zigged and zagged, forming around where Rachel and Finn were standing. Dean swore harshly and ran harder towards them. Noah was frozen in his tracks as the mini whirlwind of creatures threw Finn to the side and he heard Rachel’s scream cut off in the middle. Dawn had stepped between Quinn, protecting the child she carried.
The wind rushed in and out faster than it took Noah to close the distance to where Rachel’s bag hung limply on the driver’s side mirror on Dean’s car. Finn blinked in confusion, his jaw hanging open and Dawn was glaring at Quinn.

“What the fuck happened, Summers?” Dean shouted.
“Where’s Rachel?” Finn croaked out.
“I didn’t mean it,” Quinn whimpered, her eyes huge as she stared at the spot where Rachel had been.
“Didn’t mean what?” Noah whipped around to face her. “What did you do?”
“Calm down, Noah,” Dawn licked her lips, looking up at Dean. “She wished Rachel away. I couldn’t stop her.”
“You did what?” Dean stared at the girl, his eyes comically wide.

“She wished that Rachel be taken away by the Goblin King.”

Couldn‘t drag me away…

Rachel Berry screeched as she was dropped unceremoniously on her butt in a cavernous throne room. Goblins cackled around her, quickly pulling away from her. It seemed even goblins didn’t like to associate themselves with her. She bit her lip and carefully pulled her knees closer to her chest. Her hands stung from slapping the graveled ground beneath her, and she ached from the drop.

Eyes peered around her from around the now nearly deserted room, blinking silently at her. Maybe she deserved this punishment for what she’d said and done to hurt Finn, Quinn and Noah. Maybe that was why someone had told Quinn to make that horrible wish.

Hush, my little one, you must be exhausted!” A tall, dashingly pirate-looking man with blonde hair sang at her. “Rest my little goblin, let your dreams take wing. One day when you’re finally grown, you will be a queen!”

Rachel’s mouth hung open in shock as she recognized the song he was modifying to his needs. Before another word could escape his lips, she stuck out a hand to silence him. His mouth tightened in an annoyed expression - she was Rachel Berry after all, she’d come to recognize the look of annoyance she got from nearly everyone.

“While I do commend you on your simply marvelous singing voice, I’m sorry that I have to say I am quite appalled at your song selection,” Rachel pushed herself up off the ground and stared at the middle of his chest. “After all the whirlwind special effects and seizing me with your numerous goblin minions in broad daylight, I would have thought you’d pick a better song to sway my allegiance.”

“Do you know who you’re talking to, little girl?” the pirate man in extremely tight trousers narrowed his eyes at her.

“The Goblin King. You are who Quinn made the wish to,” Rachel rolled her eyes at him. “And that won’t make me forget that your choice of Disney ballad came from a direct-to-video sequel. I, at the very least, deserve a song selection from one of their blockbuster theatrical hits.”


Puck was going out of his mind now, pacing back and forth as Rachel’s fathers piled out of the car, a tall hot brunette chick behind them. Dawn Summers did a double take at the woman before smiling brightly at her.

“Sarah? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here for my daughter. Toby didn’t tell me you were in Lima.”

“We weren’t supposed to be, but Cassie had one of her little insights. Me and the lunkhead headed over here. Uh, you have a daughter?” Dawn shook her head, not really getting it.

“It’s a really long and complicated story,” Sarah’s eyes welled up with tears. “You haven’t seen her, have you?”

“Berry’s your daughter?” Puck blurted out, drawing both of their eyes to him.

“Huh?” Dawn frowned. “How do you know that?”

“She drove up with Berry’s fathers,” Puck fidgeted, something he’d never normally do. But right now, Berry - Rachel - was gone and it was partially his fault. The light finally clicked on in his brother’s girlfriend’s head.

“Shit!” Dawn muttered.

“What’s wrong? Where’s our little sparkle gone to?” Her Jewish dad asked nervously, clutching at a pouch on his hip.

“We had a slight. . . mishap, involving a wish and -”

“Goblins took her away,” Puck blurted. “But I’m gonna get her back.”

“We’re gonna get her back,” Dean clapped him on the shoulder, eager to kill something.

“He found her,” Sarah’s breath came in sharp gulps, and the Misters Berry both looked nauseous. “He’s got her in his goblin kingdom, and we could scream ourselves hoarse but he won’t come and let us save her in the thirteen hours.”

“I think we can remedy that,” Dawn cracked her knuckles and turned to the small group behind her. “Oi, blondie!”

“I do have a name, you know!” Jenny, the hot blonde talking to Hummel shouted back at her.

“Your Dad still have that blue thing of his, Jenny?”

“As if I’d travel without it,” Jenny’s Dad snorted.

“Good, because we have a little job for you.”


“No one will come for you, you know.”

“I didn’t actually expect them to,“ Rachel said quietly after another hour slipped past her on the clock face. He’d told her she had thirteen hours to be rescued, but that none of her friends or family had tried to even plea with him. She would become the heir to his throne.

“You’ve nothing to pout over. You will become the queen you rightly deserve to be,” Jareth frowned at her.

“A star, like I was always meant to be,” Rachel’s bottom lip quivered a bit.

Neither one expected the loud, distinctive clanging sound that came from one corner of the throne room. A rush of wind blew dust and even a few of the smaller goblins over. Rachel shielded her eyes from the worst of it and heard shouting coming from that direction. She turned back to see Noah charging his way through the throng of defending goblins.

He punted a few of them away, barreling through the rest of them. Rachel’s hand flew to her open mouth as she recognized a few of the other people spilling from the large blue box in the corner. The Doctor who’d been hit by Karofsky’s slushie earlier in the day, Noah’s older half brother Dean and his girlfriend Dawn, Jenny the prospective transfer student and her older cousin Donna that Jacob and Kurt had been leading around school that day, and finally her Father and Daddy. The only person she didn’t recognize was the pretty brunette woman who followed hotly on her fathers’ footsteps.

“That is cheating, Hoggle, and it is a forfeit!” Jareth roared at her Father, jerking her back.

“As if you weren’t already cheating, Jareth?” the brunette woman shouted. “Stealing her away moments before I remembered what you did?”

“She cannot be taken now. I am owed an heir, and you cheated Sarah,” Jareth’s voice softened subtly as the woman was named. It was a tone Rachel had recognized in her own voice many times over. Normally when she was talking about Finn, but lately, it happened when she spoke Noah’s name.

“Take me in her place.”

Rachel’s head spun up at Noah’s words. He was mere feet away from her now, his eyes narrowed angrily as he was pushed farther back by some of the more determined goblin minions.

“Noah, you can’t mean it!” Rachel gasped. “What about Quinn and the baby? And your brother? Your mother and your sister need you as well.”

“Dean’ll make sure they’re okay. If he tries to bail like our dad, Summers’ll make sure he sticks to it,” Noah’s jaw clenched, and she could see that Dean was angered by his willing sacrifice for her sake.

“Noah, I’m not worth it,” Rachel’s eyes blurred. “Everyone’s better off without me, after all.”

“Damn it, Berry! Don’t say shit like that!” Noah snapped. “Everyone might have been pissed off at you because of the Sectional’s bombshell, but nobody wants you gone for good! Not Finn, Quinn or me - not really. Take me in her place, dude.”

“Actually,” the Doctor drawled, pulling Rachel and Noah’s attention to her. “Jareth was never going to turn her into a Goblin.”

“Huh?” Dawn turned her head to the side.

“It all really comes down to a parental custody issue, doesn’t it?” the Doctor smirked.

“Not following you, Doctor.”

“Well, she’s Jareth’s daughter after all, and is already part goblin,” he looked distinctly annoyed with the fact that goblins existed. “But she’s also part human, on Sarah’s part.”

“Sarah’s -” Rachel turned quickly to face the woman. Her mother.

“And as such has dual citizenship, so to speak. Rachel can come and go from the Goblin Kingdom as she sees fit. So no one needs to get turned into a goblin today!” the Doctor grinned broadly.

“You have no power over her,” Sarah whispered softly as the goblins fell back from Noah and the rest of her ‘rescuers’.

Noah tugged her firmly away from Jareth - her father - and toward her Father, Daddy, and Sarah. She couldn’t focus on the three adults who were fussing over her, her eyes locked firmly on her hand wrapped up in Noah’s larger one.

“You came for me,” she whispered, looking up at him.

“Of course I did,” Noah cleared his throat, pasting a hollow smirk on his lips. “Us Jews gotta stick together.”

“Thank you.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Angel Baiting and Other Contact Sports" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 12.

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