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Angel Baiting and Other Contact Sports

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Resurrected 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Tales from the Resurrected ‘verse. Bits and insights to other characters mentioned in previous installments.

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Supernatural > Multiple Pairings
Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings
JmariaFR151722,98802317,87325 May 1026 Feb 12No

Kicked Puppy and Little B

Series Title: Angel Baiting and Other Contact Sports
Title: Kicked Puppy and Little B
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I own nothing… Joss owns the Buffy, Kripke owns the SPN.
Series Summary: Tales from the Resurrected ‘verse. Bits and insights to other characters mentioned in previous installments.
Summary: I’ve been where you were, and I’m gonna help you through it.
Characters: Dawn Summers, Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer; mentioned: Buffy Summers/Graham Miller.
Words: 649
A/N: How Dawn meet Sam. Post Dean’s death.

Angel Baiting and Other Contact Sports
Kicked Puppy and Little B

Dawn Summers kicked at the dirt walkway, pacing across the front of the stairs of Bobby Singer’s house. He’d called up Graham for a consult, and since he was currently busy putting the moves on her older sister, Graham had asked her to take the info to Bobby. Which she didn’t mind in the least. Faith had gone to Cleveland last week to check up on Rona and Kennedy, Vi was in the Council HQ, Connor was doing whatever crazy shit he could pull to annoy Angel and Spike this week, Kit was back in L.A. visiting her folks, and Carlos was busy re-taking his Watcher’s exam. So she was definitely at loose ends. That was why she’d hopped a plane and caught a cab to Bobby’s place in South Dakota.

She sighed. Normally Bobby visits were fun. Granted, she’d only really visited him twice before, but still, those long phone calls to discuss demon research counted for something. He was so much like Giles had been for Buffy when they’d first arrived in Sunnydale. But three days of not hearing from Bobby when they were supposed to be meeting up was odd. Bobby didn’t bail on her. Bobby didn’t bail on anyone, period. Something bad had happened.

Which made her twitchy. Never a good thing.

She’d swung back around for the third time when two cars roared into the drive. Dawn let out the breath she‘d been holding, not even realizing that she’d been doing that, when she saw a grim-faced Bobby pile out first. She raced to him, throwing her arms around the older man.

“What the hell happened? I’ve been freaking out for hours, Bobby!” Dawn muttered.

“Not a good day, princess,” Bobby sighed. “We lost one of our own today.”

“We’re getting him back, Bobby!” a new, male voice snapped, cutting off Dawn’s reply.

“You’re not making a deal to get him back, Sam,” Bobby said tiredly, as if he’d had this conversation with the tall brunette a thousand and one times. “Don’t be an idgit.”

“He’s my brother -”

“Is this the kid the information was for?” Dawn gasped, looking between the two hunters.

“Information?” Bobby and Sam both whipped around to face her.

“Yeah, on demon contracts?” Dawn asked. When they continued to stare at her as if she’d grown three heads, she shrugged “I know someone whose dad used to work for an evil law firm.”

“It’s too late to get him out of his deal with Lilith,” Sam spat, a sheen of angry tears in his eyes.

Without another word, Sam reeled back and stomped over to the hot looking muscle car in the drive. Dawn gave herself one minute to appreciate the kick-ass car - once again, a sign that she spent way too much time with Faith and Carlos - before she was signaling to Bobby stop following him.

“His brother died?”

“Damned hellhound and Lilith,” Bobby sighed, looking worn to the bone.

“I got this, Bobby. You talk to Graham before me, tell him I found my summer project,” Dawn grinned at him.

“Dawnie, what are you -”

“Seeya, Bobby!” Dawn snatched her duffle off the steps and raced to jerk the passenger door of the Chevy Impala open. “Hi! I’m Dawn Summers, and I’ll be your co-pilot while we do …whatever it is you do.”


“You need a co-pilot and I need something to do, so hurry up and drive off before Bobby realizes what we’re doing,” she pasted the brittle smile on her face. He was hurting, and she had so been there when she’d lost Buffy. Right now, he needed weird-girl to focus on, and later, she’d get around to kicking his ass for snapping at her Bobby. Maybe when the wound wasn’t still so fresh. “Any day now, Sam.”

And somehow, she managed to convince him to put his brother’s car into drive.
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