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This story is No. 2 in the series "Roses". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Part II: Buffy and Remus in a chocolate store.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Remus LupinelviFR1311,536161,48425 May 1025 May 10Yes
Disclaimer: Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer = not mine.
Summary: Remus and Buffy meet again and Willow interferes.


Buffy and Willow lay in Buffy’s bed together listening to the lullaby lily sing to them both. Buffy had turned red when Willow asked where she had gotten it and could only manage to stutter out his name. Willow, delighted with the faint red tinge creeping across Buffy’s face, had dropped the issue.

And now, more than a month later, the beautiful lily was still alive and crooning to its heart’s content. And Buffy would never admit that she fell asleep to its lullaby almost every night. The lily ended her song and became silent. In their first weeks together, it had somehow attuned itself to Buffy’s emotions, and now it knew that Buffy and Willow needed to get up and get ready for Dawn’s award ceremony. It was Willow who sat up first.

“All right, let’s go.” She whipped the covers off of Buffy and dragged her into an upright position.” Buffy groaned.

While Willow waited for Buffy to finish up in the bathroom, she was startled by a large barn owl tapping at Buffy’s window.

“Ooh goody.” She stood up to let it in and it dropped a cream envelope at her feet. She deposited a few coins into its pouch and it flew away.

“What’s that?” Buffy emerged, dressed in a simple olive green dress.

“Buff, you look fabulous!”

“Thank you, thank you. Dawn insisted on my best red dress so of course I had to buy this.” She did a quick spin.

“Okay, well we have to go to England real quick so I can pick up this present for Dawn.” Buffy froze. “Oh, crap! I didn’t get her anything. Quick! Do I have time to make her a cake?” Willow frowned.

“I don’t think so Buffy. And they’re just a couple of books that sounded interesting.” She waved the envelope. “And had to be special ordered, but they’re here now.” Buffy still looked worried.

“Okay okay, well conjure me up some flowers later will you?”

They stopped at Giles’ residence first. Rupert Giles lived in what could only be described as a mansion. The stone two-story house stood regal and tall, and Buffy felt rather proud that her watcher had all this – sure they’d had their bumpy patches, but he deserved this.

Giles lead the girls out to the back of a seedy little bar. He concentrated for a moment. “Ah yes.” He pulled out a long thin wooden stick and tapped on several different brick blocks. Suddenly, and with a great amount of dust and rumbling, the wall in front of them parted.

“Ah yes, welcome to Diagon Alley.”

Willow and Giles chattered happily away as they walked. But Buffy was too busy looking into shop windows. After all, this is what she did best.

Honeydukes Sweetshop. “Hey Will? I’m going to stop in here and get something for Dawn.”

“Oh. Wait. Here.” Giles gave her a handful of coins. “Wizarding money.”

“Giles” She started to protest, saying that she had her own money, but he waved her off. “We’ll come and find you when we’re finished. Stay here!”

Buffy nodded. This was a candy store. Where the hell else was she going to go?

When she walked in, she was struck by just how terribly underdressed she was. On the streets it had been more even, but in here, almost no one was wearing normal clothes. The vast majority wore long, dress-like robes. She browsed the shelves, quickly taking down box after box of the most delicious looking chocolates, when she saw it. There, on the top shelf was the most beautifully crafted box of chocolates she had ever seen. There was milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolates with flecks of orange, chilies, raspberries, all wrapped in a golden bow. Buffy set all the other boxes at her feet, forgetting them. They were nothing like this box. She reached her arm up and -

Nothing. She stood on tiptoe. She stretched out both arms as far as she could. Crap.

She looked around for a step stool or an employee, not that she knew what the employees looked like. Seeing no one in a smock of any color, she did the only thing left to do. She jumped.

She jumped in the air with her arms outstretched, trying to grab at it. She didn't even clear the third shelf.

Buffy was frustrated, and minutes away from crawling up the shelf like a child. Unfortunately, when rational Buffy decided to let reckless Buffy handle this situation, graceful Buffy had skipped out too, leaving uncoordinated Buffy to kick over the boxes on the ground and fall backwards unceremoniously.

Fortunately, slayer Buffy hadn’t abandoned her and she turned around in the air, in the hopes of catching herself with her hands. But she never hit the floor. What she did do, however, was fall quite comically into the arms of someone wearing those long cushy robes.

The arms steadied her before the head interrupted her moment of embarrassment. “Pardon me, if I may?” One of the arms released her and pulled out a thin wooden stick.

“Accio chocolates!”

And then he placed the box into her outstretched hands.

“Thanks—” she started and then gasped loudly before clapping one hand over her mouth.

“Ms. Summers.” Remus Lupin smiled in pleasant surprise.

“Hi.” Buffy felt herself blushing. After all, here was the man who had given her an extremely thoughtful gift. An expensive gift, she had later discovered. And why shouldn’t she blush a little? She had liked Remus when they had met, but looking at him now, he was more attractive than she remembered. He was a little on the older side, she admitted, but the laugh wrinkles around his brown eyes more than made up for it. And from her assessment of falling into his arms a second ago, she was willing to bet that under those billowy robes was a man she could hold on to.

“Th—thank you.” She managed to stutter. “For that. For not letting me die. Or fall. And thank you for my lily. You didn’t have to.” She finished softly, trailing off.

“Ms. Summers, it was my absolute pleasure.” And the twinkle in his eye told her that he meant it.

They spent a few more minutes like that, just looking into each other’s eyes.

He has beautiful eyes. Buffy mused. They were dark and brown and deep and wonderful. She wanted to step closer to him. Maybe she physically did. She didn’t know. There was something about the way he smelled, the way he felt standing next to her that made her spine tingle. But not in that bad way, or was it in the bad way? She really couldn’t tell. Her toes were tingling too. Maybe it was the bad way. Maybe he was evil.

“Um, Buffy?” Suddenly Willow’s hand was flashing in front of her face. “Earth to Buffy. Buffy Summers, come in. Are you there? Ooh those are pretty!” Willow took the box from Buffy’s hands, jolting her out of her stupor.

Willow looked inquisitively back between Buffy and Remus, confusion written on her face. "Hi?"

Ever the gentlemen, Remus stuck out his hand. “Hello, I am Remus Lupin.”

Suddenly Willow lit up. “Oh! Ohmigod, you’re him! You’re that guy. It’s so nice to meet you.” She shook his hand vigorously. “Oh you’re so cute, Buffy he’s cute!” She pretended to whisper.

“Oh and you’re here! In this store! With Buffy! That’s so amazing! Oh it’s so nice to meet you! Giles, hey Giles! This is Remus Lupin. You know, the guy?” She jerked her head towards a stunned Buffy.

“Er, what?”

“The guy! The guy with the lily and the roses and the singing. Giles!”

“Oh oh yes, quite. Hello there.”

Willow’s eyes widened.

“Oh we’re interrupting! I’m sorry, carry on!” she started to shove Giles away.

“Willow stop it!” Buffy muttered.

Her grin just widened, “No, no it’s fine really. You kids have fun! But be safe. And ooh! Bring him to the banquet! Yes, come with us!”

“Willow.” Buffy protested.

Remus Lupin had never been a chaser of women. That was for James and Sirius. Remus had always been content with his studies and his friends. And in a normal situation, he would have bowed out politely and declined the invitation. He didn’t like the notion of pursuing a woman.

But he liked Buffy Summers, he liked her. He had thought about her constantly since that convention, wondering what she thought of his gesture. He had thought about her hair and her face and her eyes, her beautiful eyes. When he had looked into her eyes a moment ago, he had found himself lost in them, swimming among the hazel flecks. And he was not going to let this tiny beautiful woman elude him again.

“Buffy.” The way he said her name made her jump.

“Would you allow me to be your escort to this banquet?”

His use of the word ‘escort’ had both Buffy and Willow swooning, and it was a very beet red Buffy that daintily placed her arm in the crook of his outstretched elbow.

The End

You have reached the end of "Chocolates". This story is complete.

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