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The Deaf Knight

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Summary: What if Xander had been a little late in getting to the basement during 'The Zeppo'. The consequences with affect everyone. AU season three.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaxandersgirlFR1521,7243355,32826 May 1012 Jun 10No


The Deaf Knight

New story, I know I should be writing my other stories, but this plot bunny just wouldn't go away!

Hope you like.

I don't own Xander or any other characters from BtVS. This is as close as I can get. *Sigh*


The first thing Xander was aware of when consciousness returned was pain. His whole left side hurt more than he'd ever experienced before. What the hell had happened. He tried to remember. He remembered following Jack O'Toole and his gang to the High School. He remembered fighting the zombies. He remembered going to the basement just in time to be shoved out of the way by O'Toole on his way out. He remembered the bomb. The bomb! Holy shit! He remembered seeing the timer, the panic as he realised that even the memories of Soldier Guy wouldn't help him with this one, that the girls were all above him in the library. He couldn't let the bomb kill everyone. He remembered doing the most stupid thing he'd ever done, he'd picked up the bomb with just over a minute on the clock and ran. He remembered getting to the quad and seeing there was less than ten seconds, throwing the bomb, turning away then heat, pain and blackness.

The fact that he was awake and in pain was a good sign that he was still alive. However the soldier memories were providing him with horrific images of people with their limbs blown off, he really didn't want to open his eyes to see he didn't have any legs. A quick wiggle test confirmed that all limbs were accounted for but his left hand hurt like a bitch when he moved it. Relief flooded him and he felt confident enough to open his eyes. He was in a room, a hospital room. Not much of a surprise there. He looked at his left arm. It was covered, from the middle of the palm right up to his shoulder, with plaster, and it was being held up by a sling connected to a stand by his bed. The was an unoccupied chair by his bed, it had a jacket draped across it, by the looks of it Giles's. But Giles was nowhere to be seen.

Xander turned an looked at the over side of his bed, there was a heart monitor there. Beeping along with his heartbeat, except it wasn't beeping. The little light moved across the screen like it should, but there was no beep to go with it, was it on silence? Xander frowned something wasn't right, there was something niggling at the back of his mind. Something was missing. Something that had been with him his whole life and was suddenly not there anymore. Suddenly it hit him. It was too quiet. He knew what hospitals were like. He'd been in a lot for one reason or another over the last few years. There was always something going on, even at night. People walking and talking in the corridors, doors opening and the sound of cars and ambulances, but he couldn't hear any of it. He raised his right, pain free hand and scratched his cheek and froze. Normally when he needed to shave, rubbing against it would make a scratchy sound, but there was nothing, he heard nothing!

If he hadn't been staring at the door in shock, he would most likely have missed it opening, as yet again he didn't hear it, he was starting to get freaked out. Giles came in with a hot drink in his hand, he stopped when he saw Xander staring at him, he smiled. Giles said something, at least Xander thought he did as his lips moved and looked worried when Xander didn't respond. But Xander didn't know what Giles had said, he hadn't heard anything. Getting more freaked out by the second, Xander reached up in desperation to see if there was anything blocking his ears so he couldn't hear. Apart from a bandage around his head, there was nothing that he could feel. His ears were clear of any blockages. Giles said something else and Xander tried to reply. He knew he'd said something, he felt his mouth and Adams Apple move, but he heard nothing. Nothing, silence, sound void, it pressed in on him from all sides. He started to move, speak anything to make a sound to hear anything. God he'd settle for hearing Deadboy, just to hear something! He knew he was speaking but didn't know what he was saying or if it made sense, by the concerned and startled look Giles was sending him, he guessed he didn't. His panic attack very quickly descended into full on hyperventilating. He couldn't hear, he was deaf!

Worth it or not please tell.

Please note, I know very little about hospitals, American ones in particular so the details maybe a little off.

I know short, but it's just a prelude.

Please Review!
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