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Roll in the Dirt

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Extras for 'Love Is ...'". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sometimes it pays to have sex outside. Missing lemon from "Love Is ... Inventing Together", but can be read on its own. Twincest.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Fred/George WeasleyCorruptedSmileFR1811,772061,49627 May 1027 May 10Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognise. That being said, I probably do own the things you don’t recognise. And before I forget: I don’t make money from writing this.

‘Buffy: the Vampire Slayer’ is owned by Joss Whedon and a bunch of other people. ‘Harry Potter’ is owned by J.K. Rowling and a bunch of other people.

For the record: those ‘other people’ I’m talking about? Yeah, they're not me either.

Crossover: Buffy: the Vampire Slayer/Harry Potter.

Pairing: Fred/George/Xander.

Rating: FR18, because it's pretty tame for a lemon scene.

Spoilers: Fred is not dead, as you may have noticed, and George and Xander look better than they did when the series/books ended.

Summary: Sometimes it pays to have sex outside.


Story: Roll in the Dirt

What Happened in Chapter Twenty-Seven?

George gave Fred a slow once-over. “I can show you that I’m not a child anymore.”

He started to slink closer to Fred, grabbing Xander’s hand as he passed him and taking him with him.

Xander went willingly. Who was he to object to what he knew was about to happen? No one, that’s who. He would just lie back, take it and enjoy it. Well, in this case it looked like Fred would be the one to lie back and take it. And—hopefully, probably, without a doubt—enjoy it.

Fred gulped at the teasing glint he saw in his lovers’ eyes. He saw them darken with the promise of what was about to come. He groaned silently at that incredible bad pun that he had just thought. Thank Merlin, he hadn’t said that aloud.


“Come on, Fred. Wasn’t show–and–tell always your favourite game to play?” Xander teased.

He was still slinking his way towards his lover, George by his side doing the exact same thing.

They came to a stand-still, one on either side of Fred. Doing the traditional—and cheesy—yawn–and–stretch move, they slowly but surely guided him towards the ground. Xander and George sank to the ground as well, giving Fred no time to get up and run away, if he would have been so inclined. The stunned look on his face—and the fact that he didn’t resist them—made Xander and George smile smugly at each other. By the looks of it, their boyfriend was still too stunned to move which made getting him in the right position a lot easier.

By the time they had gotten Fred in just the perfect position for what they had planned—with him leaning with his back against Xander’s chest and George sitting on his knees between Fred’s spread legs—he had started a faint struggle. Not enough to really throw both young men off him, though, which was the reason why they shrugged his *resistance* off and continued with what they had planned. Fred knew that they knew that he secretly liked this slightly more forceful side of them.


Fred saw the looks being passed between his two lovers.

Feeling Xander take his hands—and putting them behind his back—feeling him gripping them in only in one of his hands . . . That just made him unable to contain the slight shiver that ran through him. The fact that his lover could restrain him with only one hand . . . The power Xander held in his frame was not to be dismissed.

He didn’t know how they had found out about this little fantasy of his, but here they were — doing exactly what he had been dreaming of these last few months. He felt more than heard Xander bringing his mouth to his ear.


“I’m sure that by now you’ve figured out what’s going to happen, but I want you to hear it out loud—just this once,” he whispered, keeping his eyes on George while he whispered in Fred’s ear. “George is going to fuck you while I restrain you. As a little extra—for the both of you—I’ll even tell George just what he has to do to you. And I’m talking about every single step.”

Xander closed his eyes at the low moan that came from Fred when he heard that and even George gave a hint of what he was feeling.

Seeing George’s eyes widen at what he had just heard, made Xander smile teasingly at him. He knew that he had hit on one of the few kinks both brothers shared: namely him telling one—or both—of his lovers what to do and when to do it.

He deepened his voice until it had a low, husky-sounding quality to it. “I’ll even stay clothed.”

This made both Fred and George groan loudly.

Yes, both his lovers had a penchant for seeing him dressed in bed. That was another one of the kinks they both had. Another one Xander had figured out ages ago, but had never acted on. Another one he would address today. He ducked his head to kiss Fred’s neck, but not before smirking, making sure that neither one of the brothers saw him do so.


“George is going to start by taking off your clothes the non-magical way,” Xander started to say to Fred while looking at George.

As if controlled by a string, George began to do what Xander had told him to do. Xander helped him by releasing first one of Fred’s hands and then the other which made it easier for George to take off Fred’s shirt. Shoes and socks, jeans and boxers quickly followed, leaving Fred totally naked—and sitting in dirt.

Seeing Fred’s face wrinkle at the feel of dirt against his naked skin, made George laugh and wave his wand, conjuring a soft blanket under them. Xander grinned and winked at him for that action, giving his unspoken approval.


“George is now going to undress himself the muggle way,” Xander said, starting up the game again.

Seeing George’s pupils widen, Xander smirked. He loved having the power in this little game of theirs. Nothing could beat the feeling of strength he got from having both his lovers under his spell and that only because of his voice. Well, his voice and the one hand restraining both of Fred’s.

Still unable to speak and think George started to do as Xander had told him—albeit with shaking hands and fine tremors coursing through his body. Admiring the body that was slowly being revealed in front of him, Xander shifted slightly. He let himself recline even more against the tree and decided to bend his legs which in turn made Fred feel how affected he himself was by this little game. He didn’t, however, loosen his grip on Fred’s hands.


Noticing that George had completely removed all his clothes—shoes included—Xander coughed and said in an even deeper voice than before, “George will now prepare you, Fred.” He paused a little, making both Fred and George shiver in anticipation. “Prepare you in that drawn-out way muggles are so well-known for. He will really be taking his time.”

Licking his dry lips at Xander’s words, George grabbed his wand and whispered a lubrication spell that coated his entire hand in a clear liquid that faintly smelled of vanilla. Noticing the smell of the liquid, George bit his lip nervously. Having been so caught up in Xander’s voice, he had simply cast the first lubrication spell that had come to mind which meant that now Fred was going to smell like pancakes. Sighing deeply—nothing could be done about it now, after all—George locked eyes with Fred and began to prepare him.

Xander smiled. The long, soft moans from Fred and the tremors he could see coursing through George’s body, made him absolutely sure that he had chosen the right way to go about this.


A huskily said “enough” from Xander, made George stop what he was doing, made him withdraw completely from his twin as a matter of fact. Both were unable to stop the low moan from escaping them. They both felt bereft of something.

Tightening his grip on Fred’s hands, Xander shifted him, making him lie more on the blanket instead of against his chest. With his free hand Xander motioned for George to come closer. Bending over Fred’s shoulder, Xander kissed George, making sure that Fred could see and hear everything, but at the same time also making sure that he was unable to join in.

Giving George’s lip one last light bite, Xander withdrew slowly—which made George follow him for a minute before he straightened up—and gave the final command to George—unspoken yet heard by all.


Seeing George slowly slide into Fred, made Xander’s eyes darken and made him bite his own lip in order to keep in the moan that he could feel threatening to escape. He could feel each motion either of them made as if it was happening to his own body.

Fred tightening his legs around George. George gripping Fred’s hips tightly. Fred bowing his back at each thrust.

He could hear each gasp, each moan, each groan. Those sounds were so close to what he would do if he were in their position that it felt as if everything was happening to him.

He could see the sweat dripping from George’s brow. He could see Fred’s stomach muscles quiver. He could see both of them shaking as they were building towards that end that they were both aching so desperately for.

Hearing them cry out—first Fred and then George—made Xander uncomfortably aware of his own unfulfilled condition. He gently began to work his way out from under the two slumped bodies—heavy in their satisfied state—to take matters into his own hands.


He hadn’t thought about what Fred and George might do to him, however. He hadn’t counted on them tugging him down between them—Fred at his back and George at his front. While George opened the zipper of his jeans, Fred started to kiss his neck and shoulders. Sliding his hand in the open trousers, George began to jack him off with gentle yet sure strokes of his hand. At his back, Fred began to get more daring—sliding his hands under his shirt and pinching his nipples until they were swollen, while still kissing every bit of bare skin he could reach.

All these sensations together quickly drove Xander towards that point of—finally—release.


They all sank into the soft blanket under them, letting the warm air dry the sweat that had gathered on their bodies. Tightening their arms around Xander, George and Fred let him know without words that what he had done, was greatly appreciated.

End of "Roll in the Dirt".

A/N: Hope you liked this scene. If you did: reviews are always appreciated. So, you know, you’re totally allowed to leave me one. *grins* Flames, though, will be printed out and taken with me when I meet my friends. Then we will mock them like we have never mocked anything before.

The End

You have reached the end of "Roll in the Dirt". This story is complete.

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