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Iron Will Pure Soul

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Summary: After being violated by the demon Moloch Xander turns it around and becomes

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Chapter 2

Iron Will Pure Soul Part 2


Disclaimer: see part 1

Author’s Note: Iron Man is not real person here. Iron Man maybe a Comic Character here not sure. If he is it will not be a major or well known super hero.

The sweat dripped from Xander’s head as he finished settling the large metal housing in place on his newest invention. An interactive holographic computer interface, only problem was it was the size of a pool table and weighed more than a vending machine.

“I really need to hit a gym.” Xander groaned as he wiped the sweat from his face.

“Ok Harris let’s see if this monstrosity works.”

Reaching over a hitting a large red button on the side Xander activated and the table powered up.

“Now I believe in miracles it works.”

Xander walked over to a nearby monitor and pulled up an image and transferred it to the table.

A 3-D projection of Pamela Anderson in her Baywatch swimsuit appeared on the table.


Xander turned to find Willow and Buffy staring at the image on the table.

“What it’s just a test of my latest invention?”

“Men.” Willow snarled before she walked over and began inspecting his work.

Buffy smirked at Xander.

“What do want from my life I’m a 16 year old male. If I put a picture up in 3-D it’s not gonna be the Mona Lisa.”

Buffy just rolled her eyes Xander maybe a Genius with a massive amount of money but he was still the same old Xander.

Xander shrugged as cleared Pam from the 3-d table and quickly saved the image for later use. Quickly pulling up an image of the Scoobies Buffy’s mom had taken last time they were at Buffy’s house.

“Better?” Xander asked.

“Much.” Cried Willow her head underneath the table checking out his handiwork.

“Weapons testing time.” Buffy smiled as rubbed her hands together.

“Follow me.” Xander smiled as he directed Buffy to a nearby door.

Inside the Open Ware house space Buffy saw several dummies wearing cheap Monster masks had been set up.

“These are regular Store dummies I got so don’t worry about damaging them. The gloves are on that stand over there waiting for you.” Xander smiled as Buffy pranced over to the stand.

“Hey Wills want to see dummy flambé?” Xander asked as Buffy activated the blades.

Xander rolled his eyes as the Slayer seemed to shutter with pleasure as the blades activated.

Xander decided to let Buffy have her private moment with his weapons and check on Willow .

Xander walked back into the workshop and found Willow sitting against the holo-table tears running down her face.

On the table was a picture of the two of them taken a few days before she met Moloch.

Xander sat next to Willow .

“Want to talk about it?”

Willow turned to Xander and couldn’t meet his eyes.

“How can you stand to be near me how can you even look at me knowing that it was because of me and my feeling that you were attacked?” Willow cried as the tears fell once more.

Xander looked at Willow and nodded.

“I can understand why you could think that Wills but you have to understand something my life took a major turn from that. My whole family was wiped out, my life was suddenly something I couldn’t recognize. If I didn’t have these implants I would’ve gone crazy because unlike dealing with the Supernatural I couldn’t just go kill the source of my pain.”

Willow looked at him unsure of what he meant were the implants regulating his moods like a drug.

Xander looked at her and saw the unasked question on her face.

“Because these implants have made me smarter and able to see things and understand them more then you’d believe Willow .” Xander turned and looked at her.

“You look at a car and see a car. I look at the same car and I can see every nut and bolt every wire and how they work together to make a car.”

“What did you see when you saw your parents’ car?” Willow asked.

“When I looked at the wreckage I saw what made the car crash.”

“I had reason why they died Willow from there I just had to do something about it.”

Willow looked at Xander and finally understood why Xander bought the car parts company that made parts of his parents’ car.

“DIE WOODEN MAN DIE” yelled Buffy.

Willow looked up in shock.

“She’s enjoying herself.” Xander commented. Willow could only nod.

“I guess the point of this Willow I’m trying to make things better for everyone I can. I’m not normal anymore so I want to make the best of this I can”

Willow reached up and hugged Xander.

“Thank you for not hating me.”

Xander held her tight “I could never hate you Willow .”

“Hey can we go out and kill something dead now?” Buffy called from the other room.

The pair their friendship on the road to recovery stood up to see how Buffy had done with her new toys.

Xander ducked behind a grave stone as he heard the vampires talking. Being up wind they hadn’t smelt him yet. He smiled as he activated the UV he carried and just rolled it toward the vampires.

For a few seconds night became day and Xander grinned as stood up Willow and Buffy popping up from their hiding spots a few rows over.

“Ok I admit it I am really starting to like these things.” Buffy smiled as she walked thru the graveyard to where the Vampires were.

Xander smiled.

“I’ll keep working on new stuff Buff.”

Buffy groaned at the rhyme.

“Hey you’re a poet and I didn’t even know it,” laughed Willow .

“NO more rhyming I mean it.” Buffy told them both.

Xander pulled a bag out of his pocket and smirked. “Anybody want a peanut?”

Buffy growled as she walked away.

Willow turned to Xander and winked.

It nice to have a bit of fun on patrol.

Sweat dripped from his brow as he brought the hammer down hitting the glowing metal on the anvil.

The implants thru out his body giving him a control that the finest blacksmith in the world would’ve killed for Xander hit the metal again.

The clang of metal on metal echoed thru the workshop as he constructed his first prototype battle armor. He knew that this was proof of concept work so no point in going small this armor stood about 8 ft tall and should let him bench press a tank but it had no weapons of any kind or scanners just a mapping system so he could find the quick routes home.

Xander look at the metal figure in the housing that supported it as he worked on it.

His knight was coming together slowly first he needed to make sure it worked then he would go all out.

He would become the defender of the people of Sunnydale their Knight Protector.

He really needed to give the comic books a break. He may have aspirations for becoming a superhero but he didn’t need to star monologuing like some super heroes.

Resting his hammer on the anvil Xander put the metal into the bath to cool it

Soon he would be ready to test his latest and greatest.

Richard Wilkins the Third sat in his office looking over several old tomes these volumes he had stolen carefully from the central library in London during his time with the Watcher Council in the 1890’s shortly before he left and headed west.

Once he had been a respected Watcher one with access to a great number of magical items and books.

But Jonathon Travers had discovered his dabbling in the darker side of magic to make himself immortal. Now he was on his way to ascending to become an old one while Travers’ grandson ruled the Council soon he would have his revenge. After all was was three years to a man that had pulled the wool over the eyes of the entire world for more then a century.

First Sunnydale then he would take his revenge on Travers’ bloodline and the entire Watchers Council.

Buffy sat in her room and smiled as she carefully laid her new weapons into her weapons chest.

She like this new stuff Xander was coming up with it gave her hope that she could have a nice semi-normal life because she would be able to defend herself and with the help of Xander’s arsenal wipe out enough of the Demons and Vampires to be able to relax and rest ever so often. Now she had hope and it was because of her friends.

Next Chapter : Xander’s first test of the Prototype Armor
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