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Iron Will Pure Soul

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Summary: After being violated by the demon Moloch Xander turns it around and becomes

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Marvel Universe > Iron Man > Xander-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Het
FreddyfrmelmstFR18610,142710952,89929 May 104 Jul 12No

Turning a Negative into a Positive

Iron Will Pure Soul.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy Iron Man Stargate Smallville or any other Crossovers you will see here.

Xander Harris sat alone in his house. A drawing board in front of him. His hand moving slowly deliberately everything about this had to be perfect.

Xander was alone. He his family was gone. Killed in a car crash 3 months ago. They were sober for once. Their brakes had failed on a tight turn and the car crashed and rolled killing all inside.

This following right on the heels of an assault on Xander of a much more personal nature.

Willow’s cyber-boyfriend Malcolm also known as the demon Moloch had had his human minions Dave and Fritz kidnap him Drug him and they just for laughs had a computer interface implanted into his brain as well as cybernetic parts added to his body so Moloch could use his body for himself.

It seemed that Willow kept a Diary on her computer detailing her love and fantasies of Xander and Moloch decided after building his robot body to take his body so Willow would love him even more.

Buffy and Giles had saved his life but in mind they hadn’t been able to save his humanity. He was a freak.

Giles had circulated the story that Dave and Fritz had been running a drug lab out of the lab and when Xander stumbled on to it that attacked him and held him hostage and almost killed him. He was now at home recovering from his ordeal.

Then his parents and Uncle Rory had been killed.

With the interface in his head Xander’s knowledge and understanding of how things worked had grown by leaps and bounds when he read the police report on his parents death he discovered something. A flaw, a small flaw in the design of the brakes had caused them to fail.

With the insurance from his parents and his uncle he had bought the small company that made their car’s brakes and now he used the very things Moloch would’ve used to control him to help other people by making sure no one else would get hurt by this flaw now.

Willow and Buffy sat in the library. They were worried. Xander had shut himself off from Willow and while it was understandable to Buffy Willow couldn’t understand why Xander was avoiding her.

It had taken Giles explaining it twice and very slowly to get her to accept that Xander had been violated because of something she had done so he needed to time to get over that

It had been two weeks since Xander had unveiled the new brake design. Now every car manufacturer on the planet wanted in. Xander’s small business had just netted him a billion dollars.

Xander Harris was now the Richest Man in Sunnydale.

When that news had hit Sunnydale the first thing Xander had done was to buy the old CDR plant and he had it demolished.

It had been cathartic seeing the sight of his assault destroyed.

In its place had been built a small Lab/Factory/Apartment/Office for Xander’s new business X Enterprises.

Xander smiled as he walked into the library. It had been several weeks since he had last been here it was like coming home after a long trip.

Giles smiled as he saw Xander.

“Welcome back my boy.” Smiled Giles as he shook the younger man’s hand.

“Thanks Giles.”

“How are you holding up I’ve hear about your great success in your business?”

“I’m taking it one day at a time. I figured since I’m stuck like this because of what Moloch did to me I should make the best of it.”

“Very brave my boy. If there is ever anything I can do to help you please don’t hesitate to call me.”

Xander have Giles a grateful smile

“Thank you.”

Giles nodded. “No trouble my boy no trouble at all.”
Xander thanked him once again then walked toward the cafeteria hoping to grab a quick breakfast before class.

As he stood on line to pay Xander couldn’t help notice that several of the Cordettes seemed to be checking him out.

It seemed the Truth was out about him now being rich.

“Xander.” Came a familiar voice.

Xander turned and saw Buffy and Willow waving him over to a table.

Xander walked over to his friends and sat down maybe to time to start healing the wounds.

Xander smiled he had talked things out with Willow and she understood it would take time for things to get back to where they had been but they would get back there.

With a promise of meeting them back at the library around 8 that night Xander headed back to his lab.

He had a few projects he needed to check on.

“Alpha?” Xander asked.

“Alpha Program AI is on-line sir.”

“Very good Alpha begin testing cycle 5.”


Xander smiled the AI was a major step up in Computers and having it grow up slowly and off line would prevent any Terminator like events he hoped.

Xander moved to another part of the lab and began working on his latest idea an upgraded communicator that allowed for real time video and radio communication over great distances or a Star Trek Communicator with a small video screen.

Xander’s tests were just completed when he heard the buzzer from the office go off.

Much to his surprise Xander found a pair of Air Force Officers waiting in the Outer Office. A male Major and a Female Captain.

“Can I help you?” Xander asked.

“Mr. Harris I’m Major Paul Davis and this is Captain Samantha Carter.” Major Davis said extending his hand.

Xander smiled and shook the Major’s hand.

“The US Air Force is interested in buying the Computer Security Software you released last week.”

“We are hoping you can adapt it to our specialized needs.” Captain Carter added with a smile.

Xander nodded and had them follow him into his lab.

The Major was quickly left in the dust as Captain Carter and Xander began discussing the various needs of the software she would need at NORAD and what extras she would want for the system.

Xander agreed to create a test copy of the software for Captain Carter’s approval and then after her evaluation he would create the final product for the Air Force.

With the agreement reached and Xander signings so many contracts and forms. He thought he may have signed away his first born. Xander headed to the library to meet the gang.

As Xander gathered up a few new items he had been working on to show the Scoobies. It was fun bringing a little technological edge to Vampire hunting he thought.

Making his way quickly he found the others about to head out on patrol.

“He guys brought you a few new toys to play with before we head out.”

“Toys?” Asked Buffy as her eyes took on a hungry shine.

Xander smiled as he pulled out a pair of gauntlets with four tubes on each.

“Pneumatic stake launchers. Range 100 yards.”

Xander pulled out a bandoleer that seemed to be holding a number of crystal balls.

“For handling large numbers of Vampires as well as nest clearing, we have the all new UV stun grenades patent pending.” Smile Xander.

Giles eyes widen.

And lastly Xander pulled a pair of what looked like hockey gloves out of his bag.

“My latest and greatest.” Xander slipped on the gloves and out of them shot a pair of rods that formed an arc and an intense blue energy formed between the rods creating a pair of energy swords.

“UV Arc blades. The Energy between these rods are as hot as the sun and can cut thru damn near anything plus it has the same affect as the sun so you get the idea.”

Xander Willow and Giles all watched in amazement as Buffy seem to have a weapon-gasm at Xander’s new toys.

“Dibs on the glowing swords.” Buffy called as she came back down from where ever the hell her mind just went.

“Buffy I think it best that only Xander use his weapons until we can have some training on them.” Giles told her.

“But Giles.” Whined Buffy.

“Tell you what Buffy why don’t you and Willow come to my lab tomorrow after class and we can set up a training program for you to try the blades and I can show the both of you some of my new projects.” Xander offered.

“Alright.” Buffy grunted clearly not happy at having to wait.

“Let get patrolling then.” Willow offered as Xander put the glove on under Buffy’s glare.

Buffy was highly pissed off. Not only did she have to wait to try Xander’s Sci-fi weapons. He killed more vamps then she did.

First those grenades wiped out a full nest then when he had those blades on he went thru those suck-heads like a hot knife thru butter.

Now she really wanted to try those blades.

But she had to wait until after school tomorrow. Put all together she was one cranky Slayer.

Willow was in lust. Not only was Xander her type physically now he was a genius like her. Xander was her perfect match now she just needed to make him see that.

Rupert Giles was in awe Xander’s inventions had just eliminated more vampires in one outing then he had thought possible. That boy was going to change the world he just knew it.

Xander Harris was in pain. He had fully tested his weapons before he used them on patrol but he didn’t test one thing, Himself. He needed to exercise a lot more get in shape if he was going to be working this hard all the time. Plus he needed some protection. Maybe some armor.

Xander smiled as that thought crossed his mind.

‘Armor I’m gonna create a modern day Knight in Shining armor.’
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