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Summary: Xander returns to Sunnydale with Faith to find answers to why he is changing only to find Willow's new girlfriend Tara is exactly the same as him.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/AdventureRazialFR152227,81636735,92830 May 108 Nov 10Yes

Chapter One

Beta: Hawklan

Instincts Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the other characters. They belong to Joss Whedon.

Summary: Faith didn't turn evil in season three and helped defeat the mayor. She joined Xander on his road trip, however neither returns in season 4, but they decided to stay in L.A. whilst there Xander begins to undergo a change. His senses become acute and he becomes much stronger than ever before, he also begins to act more on his instincts than anything else. Back in Sunnydale Willow meets Tara and gets her involved in the slaying and soon they both fall in love with each other, however she seems to be hiding something from her friends.

Chapter 1

Xander jumped out of the way of the vampire charging at him. He smiled grimly and then launched himself at him and knocking him down, he quickly smashed his elbow into the vamps back breaking his spine. The vampire screamed in agony, as Xander grabbed his head and twisted it right off turning him to dust.

"You now Xan, you're getting really dark these days," Faith said from behind him.

"I know, whatever is happening to me is getting stronger," he replied, as he stood, his stake gripped tightly.

"I hope it doesn't get too strong," she shot back somewhat worried about her friend.

"Me too," he agreed. "I just wish Wesley or Angel had heard of something like this happening before," he sighed.

"You may not want to hear this Xan, but why not go and see Giles? He's more knowledgeable than Wesley any day of the week," Faith suggested.

Xander turned to look at his best friend. It still surprised him how things had changed between them since they had left Sunnydale two years ago. His relationship with Willow and Buffy was strained to the breaking point and they hadn't needed or wanted him about. Willow because she didn't want to be reminded of the fluke that she, Oz and Cordelia blamed him for and Buffy because she thought he was weak and couldn't cut it anymore. Angel was no help at the time although now they seemed to have buried their long time hatred. Of course Giles agreed with Buffy, after all she was the Slayer. Faith was the one person he now trusted completely. After five months on the road they had both opened up to each other. They had spared nothing and now they were as close as brother and sister.

"I guess it could reveal some answers," he begrudgingly agreed.

Faith noticed the dark shadow that seemed to cover his face, as he thought about going back to Sunnydale. She knew the anger he still felt at his so called friends and how they had treated him before they had left, but if they wanted to know what was happening to Xander then they really had no choice.

"Okay we'll go. I'll set the alarm for eight o clock," he told her with a small smile.

Faith grinned as she took Xander's hand in hers and began leading him back to their apartment. She'd had to call Angel and let them know they'd be out of town for a while. It wouldn't be easy for either of them to face Buffy and the others, but it was something they had to do.


Tara watched as Buffy and her boyfriend Riley fought of the two vampires that had jumped them, she quickly noticed Willow, Oz and his girlfriend Anya rushing towards them. As she moved to greet them something caught her attention, something was changing something important.

"Tara, are you okay?" her girlfriend asked, breaking her concentration.

"Yeah I'm fine," she replied, avoiding telling them the truth. She knew they were uneasy with how attuned her senses were and so didn't want to make them even more uneasy.

Buffy finally managed to take the legs out from under the vampire she was fighting and quickly staked it. Riley was knocked into a nearby grave by the taller of the vampires however. Oz quickly jumped forward and staked it, as it tried to tackle Buffy. Riley got back to his feet and quickly dusted himself off. He walked over to them and gave Oz a nod.

"Guess that's enough for tonight, I'm tired," Buffy said trying to stifle a yawn.

"Good, Tara and I have got a psychology test tomorrow," Willow said as she grabbed Tara's hand and began walking away followed by the others.
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