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The Darkness

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Summary: Harry Potter has an encounter on his birthday which changes him forever. Will he still fulfil his destiny when he no longer cares? Vampire Harry. Evil Harry. Harry/Spike. Pre-Slash.

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Sexy Death

The Darkness

Chapter 2: Sexy Death

In a tower of a castle, deep in the hills of Scotland, there was an office, lined with portraits. All of which were fast asleep, their soft snores the only sound. on a table off to the side of the room, there was a table, on this table were several strange looking objects. One had a clock hand that was pointing strait up, it was slowly but steadily moving from side to side, softly ticking as it did so. Suddenly it began to slow, the with a shudder it stopped all together. The instant it stopped a piercingly loud alarm went off in the office, jerking all the portraits awake. Most grumbled about the terribly rude way they were woken. But one quickly disappeared off the side of his portrait, for he knew what the alarm meant. Harry James Potter, the Boy-who-lived, the prophesied saviour of the Wizarding World, was dead.

As soon as Dumledore had told the Order of the apparent death of Harry, Remus had fled the house, when he got outside he apparited to Privet Drive. He couldn't believe what Dumbledore had said. He didn't care about wards and monitoring charms, there was no way that going just take Dumbledore word about Harry's death, at least not until there was a body to see. He quickly made his way over to number 4. A glance at it told him that there was no one there. The car was missing and the house was very dark, even if it was before dawn. The fact there was no Dark Mark above the house was quite reassuring. Remus closed his eyes, where could Harry be?

As Remus turned away from the house he caught Harry's scent, and it was going away from the house. He followed it until he reached a nearby park. The scent was strongest around the swings, suggesting that Harry had been there in the last couple of hours. When he reached the swing his foot hit something on the ground. He looked down and saw a wand. When he picked it up he realised that it was Harry's wand!

"Oh, Harry." Remus whispered. The scent of blood with the under tones of death assaulted his nose. His heart constricted at that, he followed the scent to a nearby group of trees. There was a body lying under the trees, but it wasn't Harry's it was Mundungus Fletcher. Remus immediately notice how pale the body was. He crouched over it and noticed the small puncture wounds on the neck. It was there that the blood had come from, but not nearly enough to be deathly. Remus got up quickly. He knew what this meant, vampire. Remus looked down at the wand he was still holding and back at Dung's body. Fear of what this could mean for Harry twisted in his stomach. Harry where are you? Remus thought before he disappeared back to the Order, to pass on the new developments.

In a warehouse on the outskirts of the town of Little Whinging a newly turned vampire opened his eyes. Harry sat up and looked round. He was still in that warehouse, but something was different, he felt different, like nothing mattered anymore. He remembered everything, Hogwarts, his friends, Sirius, Voldemort. The prophecy. Ha! Like he gave a damn about that! If the wizarding world wanted rid of that guy, they'd have to do it themselves.

"So your awake, took you long enough." Harry head snapped towards the voice. It was the blond vampire from before. Next to him was a vision of beauty. The dark hair, surrounded an innocent looking face, which perfectly concealed demon that lay within. Harry smiled, and got swiftly to his feet. He walked over to her, completely ignoring the other vampire for the moment. Harry took her hand in his right hand and swiftly kissed the back of it.

"Harry Potter." He said. "Does such beauty have a name?" He asked, he knew already Spike had mentioned it earlier, but Harry had to ask. Dru giggled and hid her face from him shyly. A growl was all the warning Harry got before he found himself pined against the wall of the warehouse by Spike. He couldn't prevent the chuckle from escaping him, not that he wanted to anyway.

"Dru's my girl, got it?"

"Got it, totally," he said. There was a sound of clapping from behind them.

"My boy's, playing so nicely," Dru said in a singsong voice. Spike looked behind him briefly. A feral smirk appeared on Harry's face. A few movements later and the positions were reversed. Harry pushed himself closer to Spike to prevent him escaping. Then looked down, surprise on his face, then looked Spike in the eye.

"Is that why your call yourself Spike?" He asked in an innocent tone of voice. He grinned at Spike look of outrage. Before leaning forward and landing a kiss on his lips. Less then a second later Harry was pushed violently away by an enraged Spike.

"What the bloody hell was that!" He demanded. Harry regained his footing and faced Spike, hands on his hips.

"A kiss." He said sarcastically.

"Of all the people I could Sire, it just had to be a fag!" Spike raged. Harry folded his arms and pouted.

"I am not a fag!" he said. "I'll have you know I swing both ways." he smiled and winked at Dru. She giggled again. There was another growl. Harry glanced at Spike. "Don't worry big boy, there's plenty to go round."

"My Spiky and my little letum, sitting in a tree, biting each others tongues out," Dru sang as she glided round them.

At that moment a whimper behind him due Harry's attention away from the other vampires. He turned, there was a girl tied up, the same way Harry had been. She couldn't be much older then he was. Harry quickly walked over to her. She whimpered again, her eyes wide in fear. With her arm tied above her head, it made her top pull up revealing her narrow flat stomach. Harry's eyes travelled her entire body. She whimpered again when he finished at her face. He raised a hand and placed a finger on her lips.

"Shh. I'm not going to hurt you." He said softly. But her eyes said she didn't believe him at all. Harry smiled and slid his hand up her top and onto her breasts, she wasn't wearing a bra, Harry noted as he did so. She shivered and her eye shut involuntary. Harry smiled. Suddenly his death coloured eyes turned bright yellow, and he buried his newly elongated teeth into the soft skin of the girl neck.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "The Darkness" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jun 10.

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