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The Darkness

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Summary: Harry Potter has an encounter on his birthday which changes him forever. Will he still fulfil his destiny when he no longer cares? Vampire Harry. Evil Harry. Harry/Spike. Pre-Slash.

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Chapter 1: Death of a Hero

The Darkness

This story ignores HBP and DH. It is also set before Spike and Dru go to Sunnydale

And of course I don't own HP or BtVS! Bugger!

Chapter 1: Death of a Hero

It was a warm July night in the town of Little Whinging. I black haired teenager was sitting on a swing, in the middle of a deserted park. His name was Harry Potter and he was going to turn sixteen in about five minutes. But that wasn't what was on his mind at that moment. He was not taking the death of the last person he considered family earlier in the year very well at all. His remaining 'family' had left on holiday a week ago, leaving him completely alone. Not that he was complaining about that, it was that he had no contact with the Order, or his friends at all this summer. Didn't they know that he needed them right know, he felt like he was going nuts. He twiddled his wand in his fingers and vaguely wondered what the Killing Curse felt like. A beeping jolted him out of his thoughts and he looked at his watch. It was midnight, he sighed, he was sixteen.

"Happy Birthday, Harry," he said bitterly.

"Well that was full sunshine and happiness," a cool voice commented from behind him. Harry jumped to his feet, spun and pointed his wand at the stranger. The man had short bleach blond hair, wore a long trench coat and had a cigarette in his hands. Harry's eyes narrowed.

"Who are you?" he asked. The man took a drag of his cigarette and flicked it away, and looked at Harry with an almost predatory smile.

"The name's Spike," he said and began to walk slowly forward. Harry took a step back, then stopped himself. He was a wizard, he wasn't about to let some muggle scare him. Even if he had a weird name. Harry's senses were screaming at him to get the hell out of there. Harry took a few more involuntary steps back. Spike smirked and quickened his pace. Harry's fear got the better of him.

"Stupify," he cried and Spike dodged out of the way of the spell, and grinned.

"Magician, huh," he said and covered the remaining distance between them fast. He grabbed Harry's wand hand and turned it in a way it wasn't meant to go. Harry bit back a scream, as he felt and heard the bones in his wrist break. It felt like his hand had been torn off, but it hadn't. His wand fell from his unresponsive fingers. Harry looked at the man just in time to see his face change. His eyebrows vanished and that area became thicker. His eyes turned yellow, and Harry could see sharp teeth. He was a vampire. Suddenly there was a fist coming at him, his face and shoulder exploded in pain, then the world went dark.

Harry came round to a world of pain. His head hurt like hell. His shoulder felt sore and numb, like it was dislocated. There was something tied round his wrists, cutting into the already painfully broken wrist. He opened his eyes and realised he was standing with his arms chained to a beam above his head. He looked round and noticed he was in some sort of abandoned warehouse. Directly in front of him there was a double bed and to the side of that there was a table covered in dolls. Why the hell are there dolls here? A door opened and footsteps got closer. Harry saw the vampire from earlier lead a dark haired woman into his line of sight. She had a faraway expression, like Harry had seen on Luna many times before. She sat on the bed, then looked at the roof.

"The stars are crying," she said dreamily. Spike sighed.

"You need to eat, Dru love," he said gently. "I brought you something," Harry felt his heart contract in fear. He couldn't possibly mean... Fucking hell he must! Harry pulled against his binds and his vision blurred as his wrist and shoulder exploded in pain again. When his vision cleared the vampire called Dru, was standing in front of him. He lent back away from her, she was staring at him, with eyes which seemed to look into his soul. She's pretty. Fuck where'd that thought come from, she a fucking vampire for Merlin's sake. She smiled and caressed the side of his face with a finger. He shock her off him and glared at her. Her eyes danced with laughter. Spike appeared next to her.

"Come on, love, eat him already, we haven't got all night," he said. Harry turned his glare on him with no affect at all.

"Fuck you!" Harry spat. Spike backhanded him without warning. Harry's world spun but he didn't pass out.

"Dru!" Spike said. Dru pouted. "The moon is smiling on him." She proclaimed. "He's got power, great power." Spike rolled his eyes.

"He's a magician," he said. "Of course he's got power."

"The sun has turned her back and night is waiting for him," she said. Spike looked at Harry thoughtfully. "The stars say wonderful things about him, dark and black, darkness everywhere."

"You sure love?" He asked. Dru clapped her hands excitedly.

"Miss Edith want to play, the power is great. She wants play with him." She said. Harry didn't like where this was heading or the evil grin on Spike's face. Spike reached up and unhooked the chain that held Harry from the beam. He pulled Harry to the bed and flung him onto it. The pain was intense and Harry closed his eyes against it. But he didn't scream, he didn't scream for Voldemort, so he'll be damned if he'd scream for these vampires.

Before he opened his eyes again, he felt a sharp pain in his neck. His eyes shot open, the blond vampire was biting him. He could feel his blood being sucked out. He kicked out and tried to push him off with his good hand, but nothing worked. It wasn't long before his limbs felt heavy and his eyelids started to drop. He felt so tired and cold. The weight on his chest pulled away. Harry could hear someone singing in the background and he could feel and hear his heart beating wildly. Something was pressed against his mouth and liquid dripped into his mouth. Harry was so thirsty that he drunk without thinking what that metallic taste really meant. As soon at the liquid was taken away, Harry's eyelids slid closed and he fell into darkness.

I've always liked the characters of Spike and Dru, and I love stories of Harry becoming a vampire so this just works all round for me! :)

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