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Dawn's Domination

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Summary: Dawn (now 21) has an unusual way of spending spring break. NC-17, BDSM

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CSI > CSI Las VegasMarySuFR211214,36055916,20431 May 1024 Aug 10No

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See chap. 1 for disclaimer. Dawn is usually the viewpoint if I call Sara 'Miss Sara'; Sara is usually is the viewpoint if Dawn is called '11'.

Dawn's Domination

By Mary Su

"I hope that you all rested on the way back," said Miss Sara, leading her group into another of the outbuildings at Lady Heather's house, which was dominated by a small swimming pool. Some of the women from other groups were already in the pool. She pointed to an archway. "There are showers in there, wash off properly then come through to the pool. We don't want sand clogging the filters."

For some reason Dawn was feeling much shyer now she wasn't wearing the elaborate harness or being treated as an animal. She used one of the cubicles, luxuriating in the hot water and shower gel, and getting rid of the last of the desert dust, then began to finger her sex, climaxing almost instantly. She gritted her teeth to avoid moaning aloud, and thought of the race and the way she had been handled. Soon she was coming even more strongly, and fell to her knees, feeling too weak to move. Eventually she forced herself to stand, washed herself down once more, looked for a towel and couldn't find one, then went back out. Most of the other women were already there, Lady Heather sat on a tall four-legged bar stool, watching as they swam, with Miss Sara and Miss Alice by her sides.

"Can you swim?"

"Yes, Lady Heather," said Dawn.

"Good. At least five lengths, you'll need to stretch all your muscles properly."

Dawn dived in, and began to swim strongly. Miss Sara was right, her shoulder muscles and arms were aching from their long confinement, and her feet and ankles were still sore from standing on her toes for so long. She luxuriated in her sudden freedom. After a few minutes Lady Heather blew a whistle, and gestured for them to climb out. There were toweling bath robes ready for them, and Miss Sara and Miss Alice had put out some folding chairs facing her.

"So far we've treated you like animals and babies," she said once they were all wearing the robes and sitting. "Now it's time to be adults. I should say from the outset that this will be a more hands-on experience. I want each of you to tell us why you're here. Number 1?"

"I'm thinking of going into business in New York. I wanted to learn the ropes."

Lady Heather nodded. "When the course is over ask about our business plan package. You might find it useful. Number 2?"

They carried on, but Dawn didn't pay much attention until it came to Lady Sara's group.

"Number 10?"

10 was a short brunette, maybe 30 years old, who said "I'm tired of men pushing me around. I want to be able to push back."

"Thank you. Number 11."

Dawn thought, then said "Sometimes I like being helpless. But I want it to be my choice."

"Interesting. Number 12?"

The blonde said "My girlfriend wants me to take the lead more than I do."

"Thank you all for being so honest. Now then... Number 11, since you like being helpless, I think I'll use you for my demonstration. Strip please, and stand here."

Dawn obeyed, and stood naked by Lady Heather's side.

Lady Heather said "We began with an elaborate form of bondage. A full set of well-made pony equipment can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and to use it properly you need somewhere to race, and several helpers. We started with it because it's something you may not get to experience again. But there are much cheaper options. All that you really need is some rope, tape or handcuffs and a little imagination." She stood. "Come here, 11, and bend over the stool."

Dawn walked forward and stood by the stool, bending forward until her stomach was touching the padded top. Lady Heather had some leather straps, Dawn thought they might be dog collars, and quickly secured her ankles to the stool below the foot rest, then put more around her wrists, securing them to the legs on the other side. It took less than a minute.

She rested a lace-gloved hand on Dawn's left buttock, and said "This is an excellent position for spanking, of course" - without any warning she raised her hand again and cracked it down, quite hard, ignoring Dawn's yelp - "and a good holding position for keeping someone while you're preparing something more elaborate. Any other suggestions?"

"You could sit on her," said someone, Dawn wasn't sure who.

"This isn't a good position for that," said Lady Heather "You could damage her spine. Anything else?"

"You could screw her," said 10.

"I could. It's not a perfect position, but there's plenty of room to insert a dildo or a vibrator, front or back. I won't demonstrate now, I'm sure that you're capable of imagining it. Anything else?"

"You could kiss my ass," said Dawn, expecting to be spanked again, and shivering in anticipation.

"We could," said Lady Heather. "That's a very good point. It's worth remembering that we're interested in pleasure as well as pain."

Dawn was disappointed when she released her and said. "Get dressed."

Once Dawn had obeyed Lady Heather added "Now we'll split into our groups again, and try a few things before supper. Please bring them up to the main house at nine, we'll eat then."


The End?

You have reached the end of "Dawn's Domination" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Aug 10.

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