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Dawn's Domination

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Summary: Dawn (now 21) has an unusual way of spending spring break. NC-17, BDSM

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See chap. 1 for disclaimer

Dawn's Domination

By Mary Su

"What do you think of them?" asked Lady Heather, looking at the other women in her study. "Sara?"

Sara Sidle, who was dressed like Lady Heather but in dark red, gestured towards the monitor that showed the changing room and shrugged. "Nothing special, Lady Heather. A couple are a little overweight, there are some piercings and mediocre tattoos, too much makeup on most of them."


"There's a problem, Lady Heather," said Sam Finn. She wore the same outfit in dark green. "Number 11. My ex dated her sister before we married. She may recognize me. It might be hard to be impersonal."

"The girl with the scars?"

"Yes, Lady Heather. Dawn S..."

Lady Heather cracked her riding crop on the table. "We don't use their names."

"I'm sorry, Lady Heather." Sam kneeled and bowed her head.

"Better. Without names, what can you tell me about her?"

"Mostly I know about her sister, and all of it is classified," she said apologetically. "I think she was attacked by someone trying to get at her sister. I don't know any details."

"I don't want military secrets," said Lady Heather. "But you're right to say she might recognize you. She mustn't be treated differently to the others, or think she has special privileges. Very well. Samantha, you will take numbers 1 to 4. Sara, you can start with 9 to 12. I'll begin with 5 to 8. Both of you will go masked at all times. Samantha, you will be Miss Alice for the week. Is that clear?"

Both of them said "Yes, Lady Heather." She handed them the keys for their women.

"Sara, number 10 has a nut allergy, be careful what you feed her. There are no other medical problems that I'm aware of. Miss Alice, you may rise. Both of you get your masks and gloves. I think they'll be ready for us in 15 minutes."

"Yes, Lady Heather." They went out, and came back a few minutes later wearing silk gloves, the same colour as their dresses, and gold masks.that covered their faces down to just above their mouths. Lady Heather pulled on her own black gloves, but didn't bother with a mask.

"Before we start, I want to remind you of something. These women have little experience of submission, it's our job to ensure that they realize its delights and dangers in a safe environment, and are aware that domination is an equally valid choice. You both began that way, and have come far. It's our duty, and our pleasure, to make sure that they have the same opportunities."

"Yes, Lady Heather."

"And thank you both for giving up your vacation time."

"Thank you for this opportunity," said Sara. "I think it will be interesting."

"Definitely," said Sam. "And fun."

"Then let's begin." Lady Heather led the way out, Sara and Sam followed her downstairs.


"It's time for us to begin," said Lady Heather, looking around the changing room. "Turn to face me." With a rattle of chains the women shuffled round on their knees, the bolts that secured them rotating as they moved.

"Miss Alice" - she gestured to Sam - "and Miss Sara will help us this week. Miss Alice, take the four on my left. Miss Sara, the four on my right." She indicated the group that included Dawn. "I'll take the others. In a moment we will be taking you to your quarters. You will not talk at any time unless I or my assistants speak to you first, or there is an urgent problem. At all times you will address me as Lady Heather, my assistants as Miss Alice or Miss Sara. If you need to say something, you will first ask if you may speak, and wait for permission before continuing. Is that clear?"

All of the women said "Yes, Lady Heather."

Dawn watched as Lady Heather and the others began to put blindfolds on the naked women. In moments Miss Sara reached her and gave her the same treatment. The blindfold was a wide strip of thick cloth, secured with Velcro behind her head, and blocked her sight completely. She heard a click as the padlock securing the chain to her handcuffs was released, and began to try to stand. Miss Sara said "Stay!" and put a hand on her shoulder to push her down again. Dawn waited quietly as the noises continued, and she guessed that the other groups were leaving first. Eventually she felt fingers and sharp nails under her chin and Miss Sara said "Stand."

Dawn rose, and felt Miss Sara clip something onto her handcuffs.

"I'll lead you out," said Miss Sara. "Number 9, I'm leading you. Number 10, you're chained to her. Number 11 to number 10, and number 12 to number 11. You will stop and start when I tell you, and listen for any other instructions I may give you. You will not touch each other. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Miss Sara."

"Good. Number 9, follow the pull of your collar. The rest of you, follow when you feel your collars pulled."

After a few seconds Dawn felt a pull on her collar, and tried to follow as best she could. She could feel them moving through a door - not the one they'd come in through - then along a corridor. "Stop. We're coming to stairs, we'll go down then along another corridor."

It was surprisingly difficult, with the blindfold and with the pull on her neck and wrists, but she eventually got down 15 or 16 steps. Once she stumbled and thought that she was going to fall, but didn't. She heard a door opening, then she was pulled forward again. She felt a warm breeze and something hard and cold under her feet, and heard a bird in the distance. She guessed that she was outdoors. After a long time, with several changes of direction, they went through another door, and seemed to be indoors again. "Stop," said Miss Sara.

Dawn heard the clink of chains again, then "Number 9 follow me, the rest stay where you are." After a few moments Miss Sara repeated this for Number 10, then for number 11 - it took Dawn a moment to realize that she meant her. Miss Sara led her somewhere, then said "Kneel and wait."

Dawn knelt, and felt her knees sink into something soft but scratchy... Straw? She heard Miss Sara's voice, talking to someone else, and a couple of startled yelps. Once there was the crack of a riding crop. An interminable while later Miss Sara came back, took off Dawn's blindfold, and began to scrub her face with a cleansing pad, removing her lipstick and eye liner.

Once she was done she said "Rest and eat." and pushed Dawn down until she was lying on her side on the straw, her hands still cuffed behind her back, and her collar and chain now secured to a ring bolt on the rear wall of the stall. It was some sort of stable, Dawn guessed. There were two plastic dog bowls near her head, one containing water. The other had two shallow compartments, one piled with chopped fruit, the other a mixture of nuts, grains, and dried fruit. Dry muesli.

After a couple of tries Dawn rolled onto her knees, leaned forward until she was in danger of toppling, and began to eat the fruit. It was surprisingly difficult, but she had a feeling that it was just the start.

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