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Dawn's Domination

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Summary: Dawn (now 21) has an unusual way of spending spring break. NC-17, BDSM

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CSI > CSI Las VegasMarySuFR211214,36055916,19631 May 1024 Aug 10No

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Chapter One

CSI crossover - NC-17, femmeslash, BDSM. Dawn is 21.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Dawn's Domination

By Mary Su

"I think I'm going to Las Vegas for spring break," said Dawn.

"Cool," said her roomie. "Going to hit the tables?"

"That's right," said Dawn, but she was lying. She had a few thousand dollars saved up, and knew exactly what she wanted to do with it.


"Before we begin," said Lady Heather, "I need all of you to show me proof of age."

A dozen women reached into their purses and pockets and found drivers licenses and identity cards. Dawn was the youngest, a few weeks over 21, the others were up to about 30..Lady Heather checked all of them very carefully, using an UV light and a magnifying glass to examine some of them. She was wearing a black velvet dress with a tightly-laced corset top, high-heeled black leather boots, a wide belt, and a white blouse, and there was a riding crop tucked into her belt..

"Next, all of you need to pay the fee, which will be $5000 for the week. This is not refundable. Form a line, when you have paid me I will give each of you a locker key. Go through the door behind me, then undress completely in silence, lock your clothing in the locker, put the key on its chain around your neck, and kneel on the floor facing the locker in silence until I am ready for you. Any disobedience will be punished. Is that clear? You may respond 'Yes, Lady Heather' or 'No, Lady Heather' only."

Everyone said "Yes, Lady Heather." Dawn felt a stir of excitement because she knew she would soon be totally in Lady Heather's power.

Most of the women had credit cards, Dawn and two others paid cash and had to wait until last. Once she had key 11 she went through the door. The locker room was a lot like the one in high school, harshly lit by strip lights. There was a ring bolt protruding from the floor about two feet from the locker. The first two women were already naked and kneeling on the gray plastic floor, the others were still undressing. Dawn found her own locker and took off her clothes, carefully folding them as she did so. She was glad that she had bathed and was wearing fresh clothes.

Behind her she heard a giggle, swiftly followed by the crack of the riding crop and a yelp. "In silence," said Lady Heather. "And quickly. Do you imagine I have nothing more important to do?"

Everyone said "No, Lady Heather."


Dawn hastily finished undressing, locked her clothes into the locker, and put the chain around her neck as she kneeled on the floor. It was cold and uncomfortable.

Over the next few minutes Dawn heard a series of metal clicks and an occasional rattle. Eventually Lady Heather reached her, pulled her hands back and handcuffed them together, then cupped a hand under Dawn's chin and pulled her head and torso back until she was looking up into Lady Heather's grey-green eyes. With the riding crop she traced the knife scars on Dawn's abdomen. Dawn shivered, her nipples hardening. After a moment Lady Heather took her hand from Dawn's chin, and put a broad leather collar around her neck. It pressed the steel locker key chain into her neck uncomfortably. Finally Lady Heather ran a long chain down from the collar, between Dawn's breasts and legs, passed it through the ring bolt, and used a small padlock to fix the other end to Dawn's handcuffs.

"Wait here in silence," said Lady Heather. "I'll be back shortly."

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