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Sing Your Heart Out

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Summary: Singing well is a must if you want your favourite people to become a couple. Either a het pairing or a slash pairing. I suggest reading this story if you want to find out what I mean.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsCorruptedSmileFR719360344131 May 1031 May 10Yes
Disclaimer: If you recognise it, I probably don’t own it. I’m not making any money from writing this. It’s called fanfiction and is therefore a totally and utterly made-up story with existing characters created by people who aren’t me.

The Greek Gods are the ones from ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’. ‘X: WP’ was created by John Shulian and Robert G. Tapert.

I don’t own anything that’s even closely related to the X-Box game ‘Lips’.

Crossover: Basically anything you want as long as it has actual people-like characters.

Pairing? No names are mentioned and no telling descriptions are given, so you can put in any two characters you want.

Rating: FR7.

Spoilers: Strife’s alive and kicking.

Summary: Singing well is a must if you want your favourite people to become a couple.

time and/or place

Story: Sing Your Heart Out

Somewhere above the Unsuspecting Soon–to–Be–a–Couple

“Come on, mum!” Cupid yelled. “Sing better for crying out loud. Those two have to get together!”

“She’s trying,” Hephaestus said calmly. “You know she hasn’t been sleeping or eating well, because those two were always on her mind.”

“We know, Hephaestus,” Ares said, while looking at his sister who was singing her heart out. “But even I think those two should become a couple. And I’m from the War side of this dysfunctional family and not the Love side.”

“There’s a fine line between Love and War,” Phobos said, snickering openly.

Seeing the dark look directed at him from Ares, he squeaked and said, “Shutting up now.”


“Look!” Cupid suddenly yelled—which made everyone look over at the screen, of course. “Mum, they are getting closer! Good job. Go on. Just a little bit more, mum.”

“This is so exciting,” Hestia said, seating herself a bit better in the soft, squishy chair she had conjured up for the occasion.

“It really is,” Hera agreed, materialising an extra cushion for her own chair.


“This is a great idea,” Hermes praised Strife.

He preened at hearing that.

“He’s right,” Harmony agreed with Hermes, looking at Strife too.

“You invented this way of getting those two together?” Poseidon asked, trying to hide a surprised look.

“It’s my invention, yes,” Strife answered, a bit insulted over the incredulous tone Phobos used, “but it’s not only for them that it works. It’s set up we’re able to get together any two people who need to become a couple desperately.”


“Just a little bit more!” Cupid yelled again. “Come on, mum, I know you can do it. Just think about this: if you do well enough, you won’t have to lose any sleep over these two anymore. Your beauty regime will be able to go back to what it once was, if they get together this time.”

Hearing that, Aphrodite perked up. She started to sing the best she had done ever since she had really gotten into this way of getting couples together.

Those two needed to become a couple soon or she was going to kill them. And Hades wouldn’t appreciate it, if she gave him more work.


Everyone held their breath, started to lean forward in their seat of choice and watched the screen closely.

So close, they were so close. They saw the two getting closer and closer when—



Cupid started dancing around the room, happy that that particular problem—um, he meant to say that particular couple—could be scratched off the list his mum and him kept. He pulled Strife and Harmony out of their seat and took them with him in his crazy oh–my–god–it–finally–happened! dance.

Hestia pushed Aphrodite gently in her seat and materialised a glass of water for the exhausted Goddess of Love.

“You’ve done very well, dear,” Hera praised her, stroking her hair as if she was a small child. “We’re all very glad that they’re now finally a couple.”

“The amount of work I had to put into getting those two together was quite simply ridiculous!” Aphrodite said, watching her overjoyed son bounce around the room. “It was as if they could shrug off everything I tried. As if it was nothing more than a normal annoying bug or something.”

“Never you mind,” Hestia soothed her, patting her hand gently. “They are finally in a relationship and that’s what counts at the moment.”

“That’s true,” Aphrodite said, wearing a smug smile, because of a job well-done. She looked at the huge screen and smiled widely. “They do make a great couple, don’t they?”

Hestia, Hephaestus, Hera and Ares all nodded in agreement.

“You did so well, mum!” Cupid gushed, hugging her tightly.

Aphrodite just smiled and enjoyed the compliments that came her way.

Sitting silently, they watched the happy couple’s first kiss—while unknown to the pair, it was also their first on-screen kiss.


Somewhere Below the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus

They both looked up at the sky, thinking for a split second that they had heard laughter coming from above them. Turning to look at each other again, they didn’t mention it; terrified of sounding ridiculous in front of the other.

“Let’s go,” one said.

Taking the hand of the other walked off towards the—hopefully happy—future they would share together.

End of “Sing Your Heart Out”.

A/N: It’s an extremely short one-shot, I know. This plot bunny just popped into my head one day and refused to leave. And I know it’s weird, you don’t have to tell me. It was supposed to be funny, though, so I hope you had a laugh.

I love getting reviews, so if you’re interested in leaving me one, then by all means, don’t let me stop you. Just click the review button and do so. Flames on the other hand will be printed out and taken with me when I meet my friends. We will then proceed to mock them as we have never mocked anything before in our lives.

The End

You have reached the end of "Sing Your Heart Out". This story is complete.

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