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Occasionally Fans

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Rules of the Hunt". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dawn writes fanmail to a certain Special Agent and confuses yet another Federal Agency. Rules of the Hunt story.

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NCIS > Dawn-CenteredTelumielFR743,50325024,63231 May 1022 Jun 10Yes

Little Coda

Disclaimer: No fandom mentioned is mine. I was just playing and thought I was done playing. Then this little idea came along. So now I am playing for just a bit more. But only playing. There is no owning.

Set after NCIS Season 7 Episode 4-Good Cop, Bad Cop


The elevator dinged. Ziva and McGee did not look up. Tony and Gibbs had left to follow up on an interview in Georgetown ten minutes ago, so they couldn’t be back yet.

“Ziva Diva!” a woman’s voice crowed.

That made both of the NCIS agents look up. McGee had his often-worn puzzled look on, but Ziva was actually grinning.

“Faith! What are you doing here?” she asked as she gave the visitor a manly hug, two slaps on the back.

“In town for a meeting.” Faith pulled a face.

“You are speaking of a real meeting? Not a ‘meeting’?” Ziva glanced at McGee before finishing her last question.

Faith followed her gaze. “Hey there, Gemcity.”

McGee blushed.

“Kinda. I pulled the short straw on Dawn-duty.” Faith shrugged. “Might have to do some show and tell, too. We are doing the speech today.”

McGee caught the name and his brain whirred and processed. This woman worked with Dawn Summers. How had she gotten in without a guide?

“Ah,” Ziva nodded.

“Anyway, Dawn wanted to give this to you,” Faith handed Ziva a small wrapped package. “We figured it might work better than whatever shrink-wrap they try to put on you here after Africa.”

Ziva caught the pronoun change. “We?”

“Yeah, me too. It’s just a story, but I got a few of them life nuggets out of it, too. Just don’t Andrew. He’s been sending her stories based on us and asking for her psychological profile of his ‘characters’.” Faith used air-quotes with her fingers. Her look turned fierce for a moment. “She better continue to be smart and not answer.”

“Where is Dawn?” McGee interrupted courageously, rather hoping he would get to see his fan. He got up and came over to Ziva’s desk.

“In the car with strict instructions not to leave, which is why I had better get back. If she came in, we’d never leave until she had spoiled the whole series for you.” Faith gave Ziva a slap on the shoulder. “See ya around, Diva.” She turned to leave, then swung back around on her heel. “And McGee, you might as well give it up. Dawn’s already got a Fed. Sorry.” With that she left.

Ziva chuckled and patted him on the shoulder. “First they get the credit. Then they get the girl.”

“Aren’t you going to open your present?” McGee growled sweetly. “Or do you want me to tell Tony your nickname?”

“If you even…”Ziva’s eyes glinted dangerously.

McGee’s smile wilted two degrees. “So how do you know these women?” McGee decided to ask what he had been wanting to since Dawn’s previous visit and perhaps distract Ziva.

“They did a training seminar at Mossad.” Ziva sat down at her desk and began typing on her computer.

Despite his survival instincts, McGee pressed. “What kind of training? What kind of group are they?”

Ziva stopped her typing and looked at him. “Do you remember the Chimera?”


“They are the ones who would have taken care of it if it hadn’t been an old nuclear bomb from the Cold War.”

“Oh.” McGee thought on what this meant. “Why did your father…”

Ziva cut him off. “My father hoped I would…join them one day, but that was not possible. He had me do their training when Director Vance sent me back to Israel to show me what I could have been. To teach me to be better.”

“So, ah, are you going to open the present?” McGee decided a change of subject would be the healthy thing to do.

Ziva turned to her package and ripped off the Santa Claus paper.

McGee wondered for a moment about the wrapping. It was still two months to Christmas. Then his eye caught the two small paperback books jolly ole Nick had hidden. His face lit up.

Cordelia’s Honor and The Warrior’s Apprentice,” McGee read the titles. “Good books, but I wonder who they are expecting you to identify with.” He paused in thought.

Several of the possibilities that came to mind apparently frightened him, Ziva judged from the emotions that flitted across his face. “I shall read them and let you know.”


For those of you who wondered if Ziva was a slayer, in this little story the answer is no. In my little cobbled world of 'verses, only those who were still young enough to be potentials did. Ziva was a potential at one time, but by the time Willow did the spell, she was too old.

As for the Vorkosigan nod, I was re-reading them and the relationship between Cordelia and Bothari struck me as rather similar to Gibbs and Ziva's relationship, in the whole trying to figure herself out and what part her assassin past has with her now. And I also just included it because I just love Bujold. Go read it!

The End

You have reached the end of "Occasionally Fans". This story is complete.

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