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Innocence Twice Lost

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Summary: Joyce feels terrible for what Buffy went through. At the end of Season 2, she makes a decision that will change everything.

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A Faery Tale

Okay, so a while back I was challenged to write a fic where Joyce gets superpowers. I was complaining about people giving Xander superpowers all the time and Chikageko called me on it.

So here it is. The first installment of my story. More will come, but not for a while. I'm not abandoning this.

Thanks go to Greywizard for everything editing related.

Years Ago:

“Momma, tell me the story again,” four year old Buffy asked. Joyce grinned and pulled the little bundle of trouble into her lap.

“Are you sure? I seem to remember you telling it to your cousin the other day,” Joyce said with a smile. “I bet you know all the words.”

“Yeah, but I likes it better when you tells it.” The little girl had a begging face that could move mountains. The pout was worse. Hank simply couldn’t resist -- not that Joyce was much better, she would reluctantly admit.

“Okay,” she said. “Once upon a time, there was a magical kingdom. It was the most beautiful kingdom in all the world.”

“And there was a pretty peasant girl, too!”

“Yes, there was,” Joyce said. “She was smart and beautiful and loved living in the magical kingdom. But one day, some terrible warlocks attacked the magic kingdom, pulling them all into darkness.”

“The peasant girl wasn’t afraid, I bet,” Buffy said, even though she’d heard the story a hundred times before.

“Oh, she was very scared, but just when everything was at its scariest, a charming warrior arrived and saved her,” Joyce said. “He lead her away and she swore to help him save the Kingdom.”

“That was when the good Wizard showed up, right?”

“Right you are,” she said with a grin. Buffy really did know the story by the pure memorization of a child.

“The good wizard helped the Warrior and gave him many charms of protection,” Joyce explained. “Together, the three of them fought to save the kingdom. But the Warlocks were petty and cruel, so they destroyed the Kingdom instead of keeping it for themselves. The trio were consumed with sadness, but they fought on and tried to punish the Warlocks.”

“Then it was the curse,” Buffy said with a grim look.

“Yes, the warlocks put a curse on the saddened Warrior, and poisoned his heart,” Joyce said. “They turned him into a monster. The peasant girl and the wizard fought to save him, but it was too late, and the curse too strong. The Wizard was pained by the loss of his friend. He knew the peasant girl loved the Warrior, and so the Wizard cast a magic spell on a ship that let the peasant girl travel to a new kingdom, where she could live happily ever after.”

“What happened in the new kingdom, momma?”

“She lived happily ever after,” Joyce said simply.

“What does that mean?”

“Some times I wonder.”

To be continued.....

PS: I own none of these characters. Neither DC comics nor Buffy are mine.
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