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Mixed Destines:Change Is Coming

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Summary: John Connor awakes and see a note in his own writing: “You’re forgetting her - you’re losing your humanity. SAVE HER.” Connor knows he must send someone back in time for Cameron, or everything will be lost. He sends Buffy. She changes everything.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesSlaygrlIcaFR1823,636051,8631 Jun 1028 Jun 10No

A hint of the truth

Disclaimer: ‘Buffy’ and ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ both belong to others. This story belongs to me.

Chapter 1- A hint of the truth


Sarah stares out the window of the Connor’s new house.

‘New place, new unknown risks’

Sarah could hear Derek cleaning his gun in the other room. John is studying upstairs in his room. Sarah stops looking out the window and glances back over her shoulder into the house. Sarah freezes as she remembers the Cameron, she can’t hear her moving around the house. Sarah ran into the kitchen at a jog sliding to a stop in front of Derek, who was cleaning his gun.

“Where’s tin-man?” Sarah barks the question at Derek.

In response Derek cocks his gun and joins Sarah in racing up the stairs to John’s room. Together they burst through the door to John’s room surprising John who was sitting on his bed reading. Sarah and Derek scan John’s room looking for signs of distress.

“Where’s the Metal?” Derek asks angrily his hatred for all things terminator shining through.

“I don’t know what’s going on?” John questions confused about the entrance to his room.

Just as Sarah is about to answer him, all three hear a crash. They all turn and race to the area where the crash came from a room down the hall from John’s. They arrive to find Cameron kneeling on the ground picking up large pieces of colored glass. Derek swings his shotgun to point at Cameron head.

“What are you doing Metal?”

Cameron looks up and tilts her head to the side not understanding the sudden hostility.

“Cleaning up the glass that fell.” Cameron answers in a monotone voice.


Buffy looks around trying to find some type of clothing store, She notices a closed clothing store at the end of the alley she is standing in. Buffy felt bad as she broke into the clothing store, but she needed clothes she couldn’t go around naked. As she searched through the racks Buffy found skin-tight black jeans, a white halter top and she pulled Angel’s leather jacket out of her bag she brought from the future. After getting dressed, Buffy slid her arms into the leather jacket the familiarity of the Angel’s jacket comforting her.

Buffy saw her reflection in the mirror for the first time having a chance to stop and think.

‘That spell the one that messed with the time travel and de-adultified me. What was it terminators don’t have magic so it had to be one of Will’s spells. Willow wouldn’t be randomly casting spells so it had to be a base defense spell and the only one that had to do with time is… Oh god.’ This thought triggers a flashback in Buffy………

“So wait this ‘Spell’ will give us a last line of defense against our base being attacked?” John asks skeptically.

Willow nods and goes back to work at planning the spell with Giles and Dawn.

“Come on Buffy, it’d be perfect for them our symbol won’t work for them and they need a symbol of hope.” Xander said smiling while he and Buffy are fighting over a poster. Buffy looks at the poster Xander is holding in disbelief all the while Xander is laughing.

“I don’t know these ‘big tough’ resistance fighters and this symbol” Buffy and Xander start laughing after Buffy says this at the inside joke. All the resistance fighters are always looking at Buffy and the others Slayers like they are a burden in a fight.

Buffy looks up to see John looking at Willow confused and Worried. She bumps Xander and motions to John; Xander nods and goes back to his poster. Buffy hops down from the table she and Xander are sitting on and walks over to John.

“Don’t worry, Will’s mojo will help keep out the baddies.” Buffy says as she bumps Johns hip playfully.

“Why don’t you go train with your men, its all good.” Buffy says with a smile

“I can’t.” John says as he looks at her and then turns to watch Willow set up magic supplies.

“John, they need to know your human, they can’t fight for a phantom. They have to know you and want to fight for you, want to follow your orders. Go.” Buffy says softly while watching Willow

John turns from watching Willow to glance at Buffy the certainty in her words, changing his mind. John nods and leaves the room to go be with his men while they spare. Buffy watches him leave, then walks over to Willow, Dawn and Giles.

“Brat, How’s it going?” Buffy asks as she ruffles Dawns hair to annoy her.

Dawn shoves Buffy away laughing; Willow, Xander and Giles couldn’t help smiling at the sisters antics.

“Almost done, it’s a protection/ regeneration spell it will protect an injured solider from the worst of his wounds. While jump starting the healing process, by turning back the wounds time to before the wound was fatal.” Willow explains as she gathers the last of the ingredients for the spell.

“So it’s basically a time-turner, Hermonie?” Xander translates while sharing a smirk with Buffy.

Willow stops what she is doing turns towards Xander and sighs.

“Ya mine sounds better though.” Willow says with a pout

Xander, Buffy and Dawn start laughing causing Willow to join them as Giles gazes at them fondly.

“Children.” Giles whispers softly as he watches his children smile and laugh.

****Flashback ends****

The happy laughter ringing in her ears Buffy came back to the clothing store staring in the mirror.

“Time-Turner, omg the base was attacked.” Buffy gasps and pulls her Angel’s jacket tighter around her sliding to the floor, tears falling from her eyes. Faces of those she loves who were on the base flashing before her eyes Xander, Giles, Willow, Faith, Robin, Andrew, Dawn and John.

“Are they alive, dead, hurt?”

Thoughts of her family’s death held Buffy captive till she heard John’s voice in her head “ You’re the hope for our future.”

“Right there alive in the this time and I’ve got to keep it that way.” Buffy grabs her bag and stuffs clothing into from the store. Buffy walks off into the night determined things would be different this time around.


“What was that?” Cameron murmurs while staring out the window of the Connor’s kitchen. Cameron is sitting at the table nursing a cup of peppermint tea. If any of the Connor’s or Derek Reese happened upon her and saw her sitting there slouched over and curled in the chair sipping her tea. They would be hard pressed to believe she is a terminator, she was acting to human for the way they view terminators and not at all like the girl they see every day.

“My dear girl, this is not tea if you want tea you need to go to England.”

“Giles?” Cameron asks startled and glances around the kitchen

“Right Giles and everyone else are in the future and I’m here alone.” Cameron sighs and snuggles deeper into the chair.

“What am I going to do, I can’t keep acting I have no emotions or feelings.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Mixed Destines:Change Is Coming" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Jun 10.

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