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Mixed Destines:Change Is Coming

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Summary: John Connor awakes and see a note in his own writing: “You’re forgetting her - you’re losing your humanity. SAVE HER.” Connor knows he must send someone back in time for Cameron, or everything will be lost. He sends Buffy. She changes everything.

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Disclaimer: ‘Buffy’ and ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ both belong to others. This story belongs to me. Innogen was the Beta for this Portion of the story. .

Post BTVS, Season 7 & TSCC Season 2 episode 1.

Judgment Day: Skynet turned against humanity with its advent of nuclear strikes, followed by a relentless machine army, which nearly destroyed the Earth.

Scoobies’: Repeated attacks against humanity drained Earth’s life force to practically nothing. Basic spells are all that is left of magic. A basic spell can incapacitate a person for days, too dangerous a risk when everyone is needed for the war effort.

Skynet attacked humanity: After the first wave of nuclear strikes, the potentials, Willow activated through the scythe gradually lost their power.

Fate found Buffy and Faith the ‘Chosen Two’ again. Due to her profound connection to the Earth, Willow is able to perform low-draining spells without risk of death; as are Buffy and Faith.

Giles, Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Willow, Faith, Andrew, and Robin found themselves running a resistance base against Skynet, with the potentials hidden in secret around the world. Inevitably, during an attack on a Skynet bunker they discovered John Connor’s resistance fighters, in doing so learned they were not alone in their fight. They combined forces with Connor, and provided him and only those he trusted with intelligence on slayers and magic. They began an exchange program in secret, hidden from Connor’s men for fear of human traitors. The two resistance groups worked together, with people from the bases traded on a rotational basis.

Connor sent his Cameron into the past, to help John, and possibly his mother and the others prevent Judgment Day. Time never stands still; his future self knew this. No Fate. No Destiny.

Past: Cameron’s personality chip is damaged in an explosion, and this released the lock on certain parts of her memory that Buffy, Connor, and Cameron herself, agreed would hinder her mission – because Sarah and John would never accept a Terminator that acted human. With the lock broken, Cameron cannot act emotionless, She is no longer just a machine. The situation is difficult for her, because she misses her Connor and her Buffy. Cameron is forced to pretend to be the terminator John, Sarah and Derek expect; emotionless and heartless. Adding to the ever-worsening situation John, Sarah, and Derek don’t trust Cameron after she attacked John when her chip was damaged. Before the chip malfunction, John saw Cameron as more than a Terminator, after the damage he is distancing himself from Cameron and by doing so, he is dooming the future.

Plot- The Scoobies' and Connor’s Resistance is fighting Skynet. John Connor awakes in his bed, and notices a note, written in his own handwriting:

“You’re forgetting her - you’re losing your humanity. SAVE HER.”

Connor stares numbly at the note, wondering what it could mean or refer to, He hadn’t forgot anything. A sharp pain exploded from his head. ‘Oh god…. Cameron’ Connor knows he must send someone back in time for Cameron, or everything will be lost. He decides to send Buffy.

She changes everything.

***Future John is referred to as Connor for this story and past/current John is referred to as John. ***

Prologue: Here comes Buffy


John Connor wakes in his bed deep in the base of the human resistance against Skynet. He is covered in sweat haunted by a dream he can’t remember. No matter how much he fights for sleep it escapes him beaten back by dark images he’s unable to comprehend. With a grunt of frustration, Connor moves from his bed to his desk, accepting sleep as no longer an option. The paperwork sitting on his desk can’t capture his attention for long, so his thoughts turn to his family. His biological and adoptive families couldn’t be more different.

He went from a dysfunctional and cold biological family, to a dysfunctional and loving adoptive family. In his bio family mistakes were unacceptable, in his adopted family the saying went ‘ We’ve all gone a little world endage crazy, what’s a mistake or two.’

The difference shows where it counts he has thrived in his new family.

As Connor mentally compares his two families, he absent-mindedly pushes paper work around his desk. Revealing an aged paper with burnt edges, the short writing filling the page.

You’re forgetting her - you’re losing your humanity. SAVE HER.

Connor stares numbly at the note, wondering what it could mean or refer to, He hasn’t forgot anything. A sharp pain explodes from his head. ‘Oh god…. Cameron’

Connor remembers Cameron’s smile, her innocent childlike questions. The pain that fills her eyes when some idiot calls her metal.

Connor remembers the inhuman acts he committed as a result of no Cameron. He somehow convinced a squad of men to go on a no-win suicide mission just to serve as a distraction.

“Oh god, they’re all dead, and I didn’t care.” Connor gasps as the full impact of his actions sink in. He crosses his arms across his gut, digging his fingers into his skin anything to distract from the thoughts running through his mind. ‘I’m a murderer’

”For the greater good, what a joke,” Connor wheezes out a twisted laugh; sobs escaping his body as he curls into a ball on the floor, arms wrapping tightly around his knees. Images of those he sent to their deaths in recent years run through his mind ‘I’m no better than Skynet.’.

That thought shocks him out of his despair, rocketing to his feet, and pulling his clothing on as quickly as possible. He grabs the note and runs out of his room. He ends up at Buffy's door and begins banging on the door in desperation.


“ Huh, Dawn that had better not be you, sister or not you’re dead?” Buffy yells as she stumbles half-asleep to her door.

“Connor, What the Hell?” Buffy asks in shock as she opens her door to see Connor. Buffy pulls him into her room, noting his stricken expression. “It’s past 3am, slayers may not need as much sleep as everyone else but we do need some.”

Buffy pushed Connor toward her bed noticing his increasing distress. Buffy walks over to the hot plate in the corner of her room and turned on the coffee machine, her coffee addiction rearing its caffeinated head.

No one spoke the only sound filling the room was coffee dripping into the pot. After silently pouring them both a mug, she returns to the bed and hands him a mug. Connor stares into the mug, wishing he could be anywhere else.

They drank their coffee in silence; Buffy knew her adopted brother would say something, eventually. What she didn’t understand was why he seemed so upset at what her reaction to what he was going to say might be.

Finally, Connor took a deep breath. “Buffy, don’t hate me –“

“Don’t be –“

“– And please just listen to what I am saying before you say anything.”

Buffy nods and squeezes his hand, indicating her support.

“I’m…somehow losing myself, Buffy. You remember the mission I sent Cameron on?”

Buffy stares at Connor, questioningly. “Yes, of course. Why?”

“ Buff, I did something, and I don’t want you to hate me, I really can’t stand it if you hate me.”

Buffy laughs softly, curling into Connor’s side, her mug now empty and on the floor next to the bed.

“Idiot you’re my brother, I’ll never hate you; I might be disappointed, but I will still love you just like I will always will love Dawn. So, just tell me.” Buffy said with complete confidence.

Connor wraps his arm around Buffy, needing the stability of her presence, as he tells her his feelings about the resistance lately, which includes how he didn’t really care that he's been sending soldiers to their deaths. He tells her of forgetting Cameron, and the note he wrote to himself.

“That’s why I’m here – something’s going wrong with Cameron’s mission. I’m losing my ability to trust others and you’ve taught me how a loss of trust can lose a war.”

Buffy clutches her pillow as she collapses into Connor’s lap. She fells him stroke her shoulder length hair as she processed what he had told her.

Connor whispers as he feels a ball of emotion blocking his throat. “I came here because I need someone to go back and stop what is happening, to ensure that whatever is causing me to forget what you and Cameron taught me is stopped. Someone who will make sure I don’t lose who I am and who I absolutely trust, and who Cameron trusts, since she is already in the past.”

“Me, it just leaves me,” Buffy murmurs as she pulls herself from Connor’s side with reluctance; she needs to go. She has to leave them all behind – Connor, the potentials, the remaining Scoobies; she felt numb towards the situation. ‘I’m leaving everyone and everything behind” she thinks to herself. She knows eventually it will hit her and devastate her, but for now she needs a clear head.

“Yes, I don’t want you to go; I don’t want to lose my little sister-“

“You’re suddenly older, now?” Buffy teases as she heads to the bathroom to change.

“I don’t want to lose my sister,” Connor whispers as he paces Buffy’s quarters. “ I’m terrified if you don’t go back soon, I won’t be the brother you know and love anymore.”

Buffy exits the bathroom after changing and stares at Connor as his last words sink in. Connor looks away from Buffy, as if she would reject him. ‘Silly boy, doesn’t he know better by now?’ She adopted him into her family, and declared him her brother, and she wasn’t ever going to change her mind; she hopes that this fear of his will disappear and be swept away by the wind like vampire ash.

Buffy stands in front of Connor and pulls his face towards hers, one hand on each side, so she can look into his eyes and impart the intensity and truth behind what she about to say.

“Connor, the day I met you, I instantly loved, and wanted to protect you – just like Dawn. You are my brother just as Dawn is my sister; I love you both so much and would do anything for you. Just like I told Dawn, when she doubted she was my sister, it is Summers’ blood running through your veins – just like all the Scoobies’, and we will always be your family. Love like this can bend and stretch but never break. You, Dawn, and the Scoobies, are in my heart and will never leave it. If someone in the past is messing with your head and my Cameron, they are going to pay dearly. Understand?

Buffy holds Connor’s face, staring into his eyes till she knows he finally understands; Connor nods, his eyes filling with tears that Buffy knows he won’t let fall. Buffy pulls Connor into one of her patented hugs which while almost crushing you makes you feel surrounded by love, and they stay like that for a while trapped in a hug they both need, till an explosion causes them to pull apart. An alarm sounds, signaling the base is under attack.

“The Wards are down,” Buffy screams over the alarm.

“We have to go NOW,” Connor replies heading to the door.

Buffy grabs supplies and puts them in a bag.

Connor opens the door and checks it is clear, before he signals to Buffy. ‘Where is everyone?’

They make it safely to the center of the base, where the time machine is located. Connor starts the machine and enters a date for 2007, while Buffy casts the spell on the bag of supplies 'They had discovered with magic how to bring a small bag of items through time displacement', and nearly falls from the exertion before Connor catches her. Buffy turns in his arms and curls into his taller frame, sadness filling her heart.

Connor tightens his arms around her, sighing before speaking. “You’ll need to contact Cameron out of sight of my mom. Maybe you can get a job as a counselor at the school, Cameron and I are attending, like you were at Sunnydale.”

“I know it will be hard, but you can’t tell my past self who you are, Sis. You just need to get close to me somehow, and do what you do best – make people see the truth, show them the good in the world, and in everyone.” Connor pulls back and glances down at his sister “Don’t get discouraged by how I act. Mom made me grow up too fast and hard to the world, and I’m going to need you to break that shell.” Connor kisses Buffy’s forehead and pushes her towards the platform.

Buffy nods and stands on the platform there were no instructions left to give, he knew how much she loves him all that was left to do was say goodbye. Buffy lifts her hand, kisses it as the machine starts and waves at Connor. Connor waves back, a sad smile crossing his face.

Buffy disappears in a ball of blue electricity.

“Be safe Sis,” Connor whispers as an explosion occurs and the door blasts open. He turns towards the door just in time for a terminator to enter and shoot Connor on sight. In his dying moments the only thoughts on Connor’s mind are that the future is safe in Buffy and Cameron’s hands.

As Buffy appears naked, in the past, at night, she realizes she felt something pass over her as she traveled through Time. Whatever it was, she was now seventeen instead of thirty-five.

She still has all her memories, and knows what she must do to save the future.

“Guess it’s high school again; so much for applying for a job in one, great. At least this time it’s not on top of a Hell Mouth!” Buffy mutters in annoyance “Fine I’ll go to high school again, but only if I can blow it up at graduation." A smirk crosses Buffy's face. "Best part of high school.”

********SO what do you think, should I continue? My muse responds to reviews… So Read and Review please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear readers for the previous note and prologue alone my beta was Innogen. I am searching for a new beta so if you want to be my beta please leave a comment or message me. I really want to continue this story so if want to be my beta and have beta'd stories before please send me a list of the stories you have worked on. I am not as picky as this note portrays. This is my creative outlet; I want to have fun with it.
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