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A Splendid Ninja Triumphs

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Summary: What if Rock Lee's battle with Gaara went a little bit different

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Anime > NarutoBlueEyedJediFR181756151,6872 Jun 102 Jun 10Yes
I own nothing. Least of of all any of the original 'Naruto' Characters. Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, I just borrowed him for a little while.

A Splendid Ninja Triumphs

There it was on announcement board; Gaara of the Desert Vs. Rock Lee of Konoha. Almost before the names appeared, Gaara had transported down to the arena in a sandstorm, to those who knew him, he seemed almost giddy, he was going to get a chance to kill, and that always made him happy. Up in the stands his Opponent was also excited. His strategy of reverse psychology had worked his match had finally come; he just knew that he was up to the challenge, he was ready.

9 times out of 10 this would be the recipe for a tragic maiming that would nearly exile a fine ninja to the side lines, but this was not one of those 9 times, this time things would a little different for all involved. Neji Hyuuga was indifferent to the final battles, he didn’t care about the outcomes, he had won his match, and that was his only apparent concern, even to himself. Never the less being a conscientious Genin, had he felt he should prepare for the next battle. He already knew the strengths and weaknesses of his teammate Lee, so Neji trained his Byakugan upon Lee’s foe.

As Guy Sensei was pumping Lee up for the battle no one noticed that Neji was shocked speechless by what he saw in the Desert Ninja. Just before Lee Jumped onto the arena floor, Neji stopped him and said to him, “We are rivals, we will never be friends, but this is a matter of HONOR. Both for our team and our village. Drop all the weights, and go at him with all you got from the first second. Don’t hesitate, Don’t hold anything back, Go at him like you were facing me in the finals.”

Like Neji said they weren’t friends, and never would be. Truth was they were barely even civil rivals, still they were from the same village, on the same team, and in the end that counted for allot. So Lee’s answer of, “Hai.” was all that need be said between them. So without further word Lee removed all the weights from his body and leaped down to the arena floor below. Then, he went and stood before the proctor of the match Hayate Gekko, he was ready to give his all.

At the given signal from the proctor, the match began with Lee advancing on Gaara at an every increasing rate, till he blurred into invisibility. Gaara for his part, having never been tested made no move at all; he was indifferent that that victory would once again be his. It was to the last mistake that one of them would ever make. Gaara’s sand moved forward protects him like it always did. Across the arena floor the wave of granulated death, stalked the Leaf Shinobi, always just a step behind him.

The Spectators were also having trouble seeing where Lee was at any given time. The only way they had any clue was to follow where the sand went. Then Lee appearing before Gaara, made the only aggressive move that he would make in the match. Lee delivered a haymaker to Gaara’s jaw, and then quickly disappeared in a burst of speed. A large Crack was heard throughout the stadium, as Gaara stood there for a second, his neck twisted in an unnatural angle. Then he dropped, first onto his knees, then onto his side, DEAD.

Strangely, the sand was still moving. If Gaara wasn’t controlling it, then who was? The speed of the sand increased, Lee was having to use every evasion trick he knew just keep a hair’s breadth ahead of it. Then the pursuit ended as the sand retreated back around Gaara’s body, and started to take the shape of a Raccoon made of sand, before it like it’s host collapsed into death. Against all odds Lee had not only won his match, he had also defeated an ancient monster of immense power and ability.

In the aftermath, Lee joined Shikamaru in the wearing of the flak vest of a Chuunin. All felt his ability to move fast, plan on the fly, unleash a punch worthy of Tsunade herself. Even Neji was now treating him with respect. All in All life was better because, one Shinobi decided to size up a potential opponent, and then give his teammate a head’s up.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "A Splendid Ninja Triumphs". This story is complete.

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