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Summary: Xander finds a strange man tied up and after saving him sees a zipper in his thats something you don't see everyday

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Chapter One

These are not my characters although I am using them. Please don’t sue me because I have no money to give. Buffy/ Tin Man fandom

Xander was out on patrol. He had come home to Cleveland to visit Slayer Central for a bit. Little did he know that he and Giles would get into a big fight about how to kill a Kaglar demon. Forget all that silver dagger shit. Xander had cut it’s head off and it had died just fine. Who cared how you killed it as long as it ended up dead?

Anyway, that’s why he was out here…alone…in a cemetery. Xander sighed. He really should have brought back up. He was after all out here following a lead. See Cleveland is famous for many things. But one of those things is not tornados. And one had popped up in a cemetery the night before. Willow said that it was traveling magic. That meant that something with witchy powers was here without an invitation. And in his anger Xander had grabbed an axe and run off to kill it himself.

Now here he stood in the middle of an old grave yard, at night, and alone. He sighed again and listened to the sounds of night. That was when he heard it. He wouldn’t have if he had been walking it was so quiet. It sounded like muffled sobbing. Xander followed the sound as quietly as he could. What he found wasn’t pretty. It was a sacrifice of some kind. Some poor bastard had been stripped naked and tied to a tree. He had been gagged and blindfolded. The blindfold was soaked with tears and the guy was sweating like crazy as he tried to break free. It looked like he had been at it for a while because the rope was digging into his skin in places and making him bleed slightly.

From what he could see it looked like a clan of demons were going to kill him soon. Xander pulled out a mini recorder that all members carried. It was in case they heard a language they didn’t know.

The demons raised a large knife and were about to slit the man’s throat when Xander leapt and cut off one of the demon’s head. Luckily the demons were weak and Xander quickly dispatched them. The sounds of fighting had made the naked man freeze.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’m gonna untie you and take you somewhere safe.” Xander said as he came closer. He got a better look at the man after he untied him and gasped. He was beautiful. He had such smooth white skin. The burns and blood stood out in a way that seemed to mar the sight. He had plump lips that were quivering and large brown eyes that screamed of fear and confusion. He also had longish curly brown hair. At that point Xander stared. It looked like he had been to late after all.

The man’s head had what looked like a zipper on it. The zipper was open, showing nothing inside the skull but small bits of brain. If Xander had to guess, he would say that the only reason this guy was alive was by magic that the demons must have done to keep him alive for the sacrifice. Xander almost cried as he zipped up the head and the man in his arms flinched.

“Hey, can you hear me?” Xander asked, not expecting the brainless man to respond

“Cain.” the man said to Xander’s shock, “Knew you would save me.” and then the man in his arms passed out

Xander felt sorry for him. He realized that this man must have mistaken him in his exhaustion for someone else. Xander took off his long coat and wrapped the man inside it and started off for the Home Base.


When Xander walked into the house with a bloody man in his arms he was set upon almost at once. The Slayers started to ask questions. He ignored them all as he took the man to his own room and set him down on the bed. He then went to the door and gave one slayer a short story to tell Giles and then the recorder to another to give to Giles as well to tell him what the ritual was for. He then shut his bedroom door and dug out the first aid kit from under his bed.

He bandaged the man and slipped a pair of sweatpants and a large sleeveless shirt onto him. He then tucked him into the sheets and stared at the zipper. He left his room then and locked the door behind him. No reason to trust the guy just cause he was about to be killed by demons. He went to see Giles who looked a bit pale while looking at a book, “Is it that bad Giles?”

“What, oh, no, just haven’t had much sleep is all.” Giles rubbed his eyes, “What you stumbled across is a one of a kind ritual Xander. And it explains that tornado from yesterday. This ritual requires the blood of one who is not of this world. That is to say someone from another dimension. It’s not picky as to which dimension or being either. From what I can tell it just plucks them, whoever they are, without warning and drops them into a group of demons.” Giles then removed his glasses and chewed on the tips as he did when he was worried, “It does not however say anything about brain removal or zippers of any kind. It must be something from this person’s own dimension.” Giles replaced his glasses, “May I see him Xander?”

Xander shrugged, “I don’t see why not. But if he’s still sleeping that’s a big no G-man. This guy is in some serious need of sleep. More then I thought if what you just said is true. I mean,” Xander said as they started off down the hall, “being plucked off the street while minding your own business. Add to that falling into a group of unknown creatures who tie you to a tree. Got to be an exhausting experience.”

Giles nodded, “I really agree with you on that.” Giles stopped, “Do you hear thumping?”

Xander listened and realized it was coming from down the hall…his door, “Oh shit, he’s awake. I think the locked door might be freaking him out.” Xander and Giles ran down the hall

“You locked the door?” Giles asked

“Well, I didn’t know he would be a confused, scared, dimensional traveler did I? For all I knew it could have been fake and he could have been a spy.” Xander said as they reached his door just in time to see it burst open and a leg sticking out of the doorway after kicking the door in just the right spot, “Wow.”

The man stepped out and looked around like a scared chicken. When he spotted Xander and Giles he fell into a defensive position, “Where am I? Who are you people? Do you work for those creatures?” The man was shaking with fear

Xander put his hands up and pushed Giles behind him, “Hey there. Just calm down. We’re not going to hurt you. We’re your friends, or at least we want to be. Don’t you remember me, I saved you from those creatures?”

The man looked ashamed as he answered, “My memory is not so good.” then he dropped his stance slightly, “Are you really my friends?”

Xander smiled his biggest smile and said, “Cross my heart and hope to die. I would never hurt you. Nobody here would. We just want to help.”

The man then changed into a pouting child. His arms crossed his chest and his lip stuck out as he asked, “Then why did you lock me in that room?”

Xander blushed and had the good grace to look ashamed, “Well, I wasn’t sure what was going on or if I could trust you. But judging by the height of your freak out meter right now I would say your no threat to me or my friends.” He noticed the man was now looking very tired, “How about we go back to bed, I’ll even leave the door open a crack?”

The man smiled and nodded before following Xander into the room and slightly closing the door behind him. He saw Xander sitting on the chair next to the bed and asked, “Don’t you want to sleep in the bed. There’s plenty of room for us both after all. Why waste it, it, it, it…”

Xander just stared as the man began to glitch like a robot or a broken record. He reached out and patted the man lightly on the arm, “Hey, what was that?”

The man blushed and looked away, “It’s just something I do. You might have noticed my brain is missing. Well, it causes me to glitch from time to time. I forget things or say something over and over.”

“Oh yeah, the zipper. Well, that’s a conversation for another time. I can tell you don’t like to talk about it and that’s fine. I don’t like to talk about my eye either. Oh, you never told me your name.” Xander said as he pulled off his shirt and got into bed, “My name is Xander.”

The man sat on the bed and then lay down as far away as he could but still on the bed, “Names Glitch.”

Xander shut his eyes and as he drifted off to sleep he muttered, “Night Glitch.”

“Night Xander.”

The next morning Xander woke as the sun hit his eyes. He was so warm, wrapped up in his blanket. Xander froze, his blanket was breathing. He opened his eyes and looked down and his breath left him. Glitch was laying over him, head on his chest. His face was bathed in morning twilight. His zipper shone slightly in a way Xander found beautiful somehow. Glitch had wrapped his arms around him and Xander somehow didn’t feel the need to move away. Instead he reached up and began to trail his fingers through Glitch’s hair.

Glitch smiled and snuggled into Xander’s chest. Then he froze and sat bolt upright, looking around. He was panicking and breathing hard. When he saw Xander he glared and said in an indignant manner, “Do I know you?”

Xander couldn’t help it, he laughed, “Yeah, you met me last night while you were tied to a tree. I’m Xander remember?”

Glitch blushed, “Oh, right, sorry. I forget things sometimes. Also, sorry for the snuggling.”

Xander winked (which was hard to pull of with one eye but he managed somehow) and smiled, “I wouldn’t mind waking up like that more often.”

Glitch blushed so hard it went down his neck and under his shirt. He gaped at Xander like a fish and made a few sounds but that was it. Then he just got up and ran to the window to look outside.

Xander panicked, “Look, I’m sorry, I was just teasing you.” then he noticed Glitch looking out the window in fear, “Glitch, what’s wrong?”

Glitch turned to him with fear and panic in his eyes, “Where am I?”

That’s when Xander realized they had never told Glitch this wasn’t his dimension he ran over to Glitch’s side. He reached out a hand and put it on Glitch’s shoulder, “Your in a different world, what we call dimensions. But I promise, we’ll find a way to send you back.” for some reason Xander didn’t know he pulled Glitch to him and kissed his forehead before holding him in a tight hug, “I promise with all my heart.”

Glitch cried a bit before pulling away, looked up at Xander with his tear stained face, and kissed him lightly on his lips, “Thank you Xander.”

Then the moment was ruined as Glitch’s stomach growled very loud. At the sound a thought occurred to Xander, “When was the last time you ate?”

Glitch thought, “I think it was right before those creatures took me away.”

Xander smiled, squeezed Glitch, then pulled away, “I’ll get you a shower and fresh clothes. Then we can have some breakfast. How does that sound?”

Glitch smiled, “That sounds lovely, thank you.”

Please let me know what you think because I won’t update unless at least one person wants me to.
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