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The Jellyfish Demon

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Summary: Five times Dean Winchester saw Willow Rosenberg.

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Chapter 1

Description: 5 times Dean meets Willow
Disclaimer: Supernatural, BtVS: not mine.


“Jellyfish Demon”

Xander answered the blank stares with an animated sigh.

“Jellyfish Demon. You know, when -” He made a slicing motion with his hands. “- how jellyfish just sew themselves up when you cut one up?” Then he shrugged, “I used to watch a lot of National Geographic.”

“Whatever. So how do I kill it?”

He shrugged again. “I don’t know. How do you kill a jellyfish?”

“Well, in reality Xander, it is not an actual jellyfish.”

“I’m hungry. Who wants lunch?”

They did this a lot now, traveling, being on the road, killing vampires, hunting demons. They had tried settling down, letting the slayer school take over their lives, but they couldn’t. Less than a year in, and they had all gotten itchy and restless.

It had been Giles first, surprising them all. He'd just up and announced one day that he was thinking of going out to LA, seeing Wesley, maybe help Angel. And then Buffy had come clean about where she really was every weekend and what she was really doing every time her office door was locked. Xander and Willow had shrugged out their own agreements soon after. And then there was Faith. Faith was a curveball, a rebel without a cause who had found a cause - Buffy’s cause. She had shocked them all. Faith had decided to stay home and run the school. Sure, she saw some blood and gore sometimes, but she claimed that the real thrill was training. Being needed and respected really got to her, made her nervous, made her heart race. Being the leader she had always been afraid of being got her blood pumping. She could hunt demons in her sleep, but being this kind of strong was something she needed to prove. This, responsibility, was something else.

So on that last day, she had given Buffy a cheeky grin, a pat on the butt, and deftly slipped the keys to the offices from Giles’ pocket.

And they were fine with that. Buffy trusted Faith with her life these days. And she better, Xander pointed out, because Faith was in charge of other people's lives now.

That’s how they ended up in Joe’s Diner in Montana, quietly arguing over the best way to kill a Jellyfish Demon.

But after Giles’ fourth instance that they not call the Kik’To Demon a Jellyfish Demon anymore, an exasperated Willow announced that they needed pie. Seeing no waitress, she made her way to the counter and ordered, not noticing the tinkle of the bell on the doorknob.

“So what’s good here?”

It had been a while since the last time she was flirted with. But the scruffy man to her left was laying it on so thick that even she couldn't miss it. She looked over at him, and he flashed a suggestive grin and winked. And she couldn’t help it, Willow giggled.

Luckily for him, the waitress appeared at that moment with a cherry pie and a can of whipped cream. “Ooh.” Willow thanked her with a large smile and hopped off the stool.

Turning back to the still affronted flirting stranger, she giggled again. “Sorry sweetie, I like girls.”

He stared open-mouthed at her as she sashayed back to her table, pie in hand.

And that’s how Sam Winchester found his brother when he walked into the diner two minutes later.
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