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Drinks and Dead Moms

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Bars and Hospitals". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Meredith Grey meets a blonde stranger in a bar whose relationship with her father eerily resembles her own.

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Television > Grey's AnatomyelviFR131878092,3664 Jun 104 Jun 10Yes
God, I'm all about the short little blurb stories these days.
Disclaimer: I don't own Grey's Anatomy or Buffy.
Notes: This came to me today when I was watching Grey's on Lifetime, haha.

Today was her mother’s birthday. She raised her hand for another shot of tequila.

Ellis Grey had never celebrated her birthday, but every year, little Meredith Grey would hope that she would. Happy birthday mommy, she would crawl into her mother’s bed, only to be shooed away because she had to get ready for work.

And so now, on this day, Meredith Grey raised a glass, and toasted her mother.

“Two tequila shots please.”

Meredith cast a sidelong glance at the woman that had ordered her own personal favorite. She was blonde and short. She was dressed in a simple gray turtleneck and dark jeans.

“Cheers.” She tapped her glass to the blonde’s and the two women downed their shots quickly. And then the newcomer downed the other shot too.

At Meredith’s quirked eyebrow, she explained. “My dad’s dead.”

“It’s my dead mommy’s birthday.”

“Well, then. I guess we better keep these coming.”

As the hours wore on, the walls that both blonde women so routinely kept up melted away with each shot of tequila. Meredith was fascinated with her. She had seen so much death in her life. In that way, they were the same. She had never been good enough for her mother, and Meredith had never been good enough for hers. Her dead daddy, as she put it, had mastered ignoring his child in a way that made both Ellis and Thatcher Grey seem like saints. This strange woman had hollow hazel eyes that bore into Meredith's soul and cried out in pain for the people she had lost in her life. There was hatred for Ellis Grey and for this woman's father, and yet the grief still rolled off of them in waves. And then the stranger started to talk about the man that had been her mentor, her teacher, her surrogate father.

Meredith had always known that Richard Webber cared about her. He watched her every movement, tried to protect her, always tried to teach her. But she had also always wondered how he felt about being her father. Lexie had had a beautiful childhood with her real father, what would her life had been like if Richard Webber had never been in it?”

“He wants to be your dad. He wants to now. Why now? Where was he when you were growing up? He’s not your dad Mere, he took your dad away and never made it up to you.”

And that was it. That was the nagging feeling that Meredith always felt around Richard. That was the emotion she couldn’t place. This is where her resentment was. It wasn’t that Richard was playing dad to her every chance he got nowadays, it was that he had pushed her own father out of her life, and then had joined him in the stay-out-of-Meredith’s-life club.

“Now Giles? Giles knows I’m not his daughter. But he always wanted me to be. He was there when Hank wasn’t there, when my mom wasn’t there. I don’t think he ever thought I would put him in that position, but it just happened. The way he cared about me when I was fifteen years old is the way that every little girl should feel about her dad. Everything he ever did, he did because he thought it was right for me. Even if I didn’t agree or understand. Even if I hated him.”

Suddenly she lifted her arm over her head. “Wait, where am I?”

Meredith giggled. She didn’t know. She had driven as far away from the hospital as she could for this, to some bar, in some other place, where no one knew her name.

“You know, I have no idea.”

They collapsed into a fit of giggles and blonde hair as they sprawled over the counter top together.

“Meredith, there you are. What—what are you doing?”

The blonde reached out her fingertips to the newcomer's hair in wonder. “Does it, just stay in place like that? Like magic? What do you use? It’s so perfect.”

“Derek! Derek’s here. My husband. My hot hot brilliant neruo-ner-ne- brain surgeon is here. Isn’t he hot?”

“Meredith I’ve been to every bar in the state looking for you.”

“Derek kiss me.”

He smiled, and obliged, and then lightly tugged his wife to her feet.

“Say bye bye Meredith.”

“Bye bye Meredith.” The two blondes giggled again.

And then the shorter blonde stood up in a whirlwind of quick graceful motion that surprised Derek. She reached out and pulled Meredith close to her and hugged her tight. “I’m sorry about your dead mommy.”

“I’m shorry about your dad dead dad. “ Meredith giggled again and steadied herself on Derek’s arm.

The blonde released Meredith and gently eased her back into Derek’s arms. “You stay strong.”

Meredith smiled gratefully, and then was carried out of the bar by her tall beautiful husband.

And Buffy sighed as she watched them leave her alone. Always got left alone. And here, in this seedy bar in this strange city where Hank Summers had died, she was more alone than she had ever been.

The End

You have reached the end of "Drinks and Dead Moms". This story is complete.

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