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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,6985 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

(Gotham City, Batcave under Wayne Manor)

"This is impressive," Raya said as she looked around the cave which had a huge computer system within, along with other modern systems, which obviously helped Batman in his quest to protect the innocent.

"Yeah Bruce sure went all out, before he started taking on the night," Clark said, as he remembered his future self's first time in the Batcave.

"Thank you I do try, now would you care to explain first how you found this place and second how you know who I am," a third voice cut in from behind them, causing them both to turn around to find Batman standing in one of the shadows watching them.

"Easy Bruce, we are no threat to you, I promise," Clark said with his hands raised in a symbol of trust. "We've come here because we need your help to stop a war that is to come. A war that will kill millions and devastate this planet," he added.

"And how would you know of what is to come boy?" Batman shot back, annoyed that he hadn't gotten his answer just yet about how they had found his base.

"It's a long story Bruce, but first check this here out," Clark responded, handing him one of the data crystals. "All you have to do is place it next to your data port and the crystal will activate," he explained, as Batman looked at the crystal wondering what it was, before doing as he was instructed, curious despite himself.

Clark and Raya watched as he began to view the data from the crystal on his main computer, after pulling his mask off showing his face. Clark noted that he was much younger than he had been when his future self had first met him.

Raya was again impressed with how Kal-El was handling the situation. He was obviously trying to avoid any misunderstandings between himself and his potential allies, which was a good move.

"What the hell is this kid?" Bruce asked as he watched a huge battle take place on the main screen, which included himself and he noted that Catwoman was there as well.

"It's a recording of my future self's memories, which were transmitted back through time to me a couple of days ago," Clark replied. "It was our last plan to change the way the war was going, because we were not winning," he added. "You or at least your future self came up with the original idea and from there we spent the next three months refining it, until we ran out of time and sent the transmission, hoping it would work and it did," he explained. "I became host to my future memories within minutes and although it has taken me time to sort out most of it, I know most of what is to come and none of it is good," he stated with a very serious expression.

Bruce stared at the kid and his friend. He watched them, as he quickly ran through what he had just been told. He almost laughed and told him it was impossible, when he remembered some of the strange events of his life and quickly revised his view point.

He sat back wondering what he should do, if the kid was to be believed, a very dark time was coming and it would take the people he saw on the data crystal to try and stop it. He had recognized some of the people on the screen that were fighting with him, such as Catwoman, Green Arrow and Nightwing, still how was it possible to send someone's memories back in time? He needed more information.

"Tell me everything kid, starting at the beginning," Bruce finally said, indicating they should sit which they quickly did.

"You got it Bruce, just keep an open mind," Clark said, relieved Bruce had decided to at least listen to him and not consider him and Raya a threat, before he began to explain the whole thing.


(Metropolis the future)

Brainiac stopped speaking and turned as he sensed a disturbance. As an advanced Kryptonian artificial intelligence he had access to sensors which detected changes even in time and that was what he was now detecting. This was not good and it was clear Kal-El was behind this. A time ripple was already on its way and once it hit, it would change the present, so he would have to act quickly to try to counter this new strategy of the Justice League.


(Gotham City, Batcave under Wayne Manor)

Bruce stared at the kid very concerned, if what he had been told was true, the horrors he had described were truly disturbing. Having watched the video feed from the crystal once again, he truly hoped the kid was either wrong or just insane, but somehow he doubted it just by looking at the kid and his friend's faces.

He had never really been one for playing in a team and even after his partnerships with Robin, Nightwing and the Huntress he was still more comfortable working alone, but if, what the kid had told him, was coming, he would have to change his work ethic.

He took a deep breath and hoped he was not making a big mistake. He turned to his computer and pulled up the file on the kid, noting the almost amused look he was sent instead of the expected frown. The most troubling thing he had been told was that his greatest nemesis, the Joker, would be a part of the army Lex Luthor would assemble to take over the world and would kill his future wife and their unborn child. That information really stroked his anger and rage. Noting, there was nothing to indicate the kid was an escaped mental patient, just that he seemed to have a habit of helping people and so he finally decided to trust him.

"Okay kid, I'll trust you for now," Bruce said, while turning to face his guests.

"Thanks Bruce, we're going to go see Green Arrow and Aquaman tonight and then recruit some of the others tomorrow," Clark said and was very relieved to have won Bruce over. "We'll all meet here at the end of the week at noon," he added, writing down the address to his farm and handing it over to Bruce. "Keep the crystal Bruce, learn from it," he added before standing up and heading for the exit. "One more thing, if you come in character I swear we will not tell the others who you are," he stated before he and Raya super sped out of the Batcave.

Bruce watched them leave before turning back to the computer screen and playing the files again, hoping that they could indeed prevent the carnage to come. He sent out a call to Huntress and Nightwing to join him, as he believed they would come in handy for this. He stood up and walked over to the middle of the cave and wondered about what the kid had told him about his future wife. He had married Talia al Ghul, a relationship he could not see himself in just yet. Then he remembered Clark had also said she had been pregnant when the Joker had killed her and he vowed he would not allow it to happen again, should he decide to try to see if he could make it work with Talia this time around.


(Luthor Lab 33.1)

Lex sat down and continued to listen to the boring presentation of the head researcher, who seemed to think they had made a breakthrough in finding out why the green meteor rocks had such a strange effect on people. It was something he had thought over before, but had dismissed at the time.

Radiation from the meteor's time in space seemed to have transformed the rocks into something much more than simple rocks. He wondered yet again, if Clark had been exposed to the rocks when he was a kid and it was this fact he was hiding, out of fear. He knew Clark and Chloe suspected him of capturing other meteor infected people, just as his father had done before his time in jail.

It made some sense, if he was correct that Clark was not willing to admit the truth, even with his friends and he wondered if he had told any of his friends the actual truth. He knew Lana did not know, because one of the reasons she had gone to Paris was to escape Clark's lies. He stopped and wondered if he could use that to cause a new breech between Clark and Lana, before they got to the point where Clark would tell her the truth about himself.


(Star City, Queen Tower)

Oliver Queen groaned as he removed his Green Arrow hood and top after a hasty battle against a crime syndicate who had been after a small family, who the man of it had decided to testify against the syndicate. He had hurt his shoulder and suffered a deep cut to his back, but other than that he was fine. He had managed to stop the syndicate and sent them running to hide for a while and he had relocated the family to a new safehouse.

"Bad night, Oliver?" a voice asked from behind him and he quickly spun around and brought up his bow and aimed at the intruder. "Hey we're no threat, Oliver. We're just here to talk," the voice added, as he watched two figures step out from the shadows.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?" Oliver demanded to know and considering the tower was very well guarded by his security he kept his bow pointed straight at the young man.

"My name is Clark Kent and this is my friend Raya," Clark responded, knowing Oliver wouldn't shoot unless they provoked him or acted as if they were a threat. We've come here because we need your help to stop Lex Luthor," he added, knowing that should spark Oliver's interest and it did, as Oliver slowly lowered the bow.

"What is he up to now?" Oliver asked, trying to ignore the anger and hate the very idea of Lex Luthor brought to him.

"First you need to view this Oliver, because what I am about to describe will sound crazy to you, but I swear to you on your parents' graves that it's the truth and forgive me for using them. I know how much thinking of them hurts you," Clark said, handing him one of the data crystals.

Oliver narrowed his eyes at the mention of his parents, but relented when the kid asked for forgiveness for using them to illustrate how important he believed this was. He did as he was instructed and his eyes widened as he watched the files play. He was sure this was some kind of ruse, but a glance at the two strangers faces showed they were not here to play a prank.

He recognized Batman, Catwoman, Atom and Green Lantern, who had showed up last year. They were all fighting with other costumed people in what looked like a war. 'What the hell is going on,' he wondered.

"Start talking," he said, while turning to face the strangers after checking anything he could find on Clark Kent, which only indicated that he liked to help people and had a nack for investigating strange going ons in his home town of Smallville.

Clark just nodded and asked that Oliver keeps an opened mind, before he began to explain just what had brought him and Raya to visit him. He just hoped Oliver would believe him.

(Kent Farm)

Lana was amazed by some of the things Isobel had learned from her time with Xan-El. It would seem Chloe had not been kidding when she said the Kryptonians had been a very advanced race. Still it would seem no matter how advanced they had been, they still dealt with the same problems as any other race, such as war. She was just thankful Clark had not perished when the planet had exploded and that Jor-El had chosen Earth as his son's refuge.

As Isobel began to explain how she was going to learn magic, her mind strayed for a minute to Clark before she quickly refocused and listened, hoping she had what it took to learn what Isobel wanted to teach her, so that she could help stop Lex.


(Star City, Queen Tower)

Oliver stared at the young man as he finished speaking. He was wishing he could believe this was all a joke, but knowing Lex Luthor was involved kept that from happening. He remembered exactly what Luthor had been like as a kid, when they were in Excelsior Academy and what he did to Duncan. No, with him involved he could very well see what he had been told coming true and that was something he would fight to stop.

"Okay, I'm willing to at least see where this goes," Oliver finally said. "Lex cannot be allowed to ever control an army," he added.

"Great, thanks Oliver," Clark said, while writing down the address to his farm and handing it to him. "We're going to meet at the end of the week at noon here, to go over everything. If you want to come as Green Arrow go ahead, we promise not to reveal who you really are," he added, before he and Raya headed for the opened window.

"Where are you going now?" Oliver asked, watching the two very curiously.

"We have two more people to visit before we turn in tonight. We have to move slowly less we alert Lex," Clark said in reply. "Keep the crystal and study it, maybe you can find something our future selves missed in how we fought," he added, before he and Raya began to float into the sky and then they speeded away at high speed, so no one would spot them.

"Now that is cool," Oliver said impressed and was wondering if he could build a gadget to replicate the effects. He went back to his computer and frowned at the paused image of the battle, that kid said would take place, if things were not changed. He shivered and hoped that it could be changed.


(Luthor Mansion)

Jor-El walked into the main room of the mansion, knowing the body of Lionel Luthor was in greater health now thanks to the rest he just had and he had finished turning the man into his oracle. He looked around and noted Lex Luthor was missing and he wondered where he was, before he headed to the table and began to try to access the man's computer.

He looked up as someone entered and noted that it was Jason Teague and he seemed to be very annoyed about something. Accessing the memories he had downloaded from Kal-El, he knew he had to be careful what he said to this man.

"If you are looking for Lex he is not here just now, Jason," he said, assuming the role of Lionel Luthor once more.

"I can see that," Jason shot back irritated that he could not focus on getting Lana back because of his mother's orders. "I want to know what you did with the stone you had old man?" he growled, losing his temper and forgetting how dangerous Lionel truly was.

"Be very careful Jason of how you speak. I do not take threats lightly," Lionel responded with a grim smile. "I never had one of the stones. It was a fake and now please show yourself out," he ordered, while getting up and making himself a drink before turning to watch Jason scowl at him before he stormed out.

Jor-El decided to allow Lionel to assume control for a while. Now that he was fully under his influence he would no longer be a threat to his son and his group of friends and family. He retreated into the back of the man's mind and began to go through the memories of his son's future self once again.

Lionel shook his head and was wondering how he had gotten here, as the last thing he remembered was lying on a bed in a cell in Bell Reve. Suddenly he realized he had access to everything he had been seeking for years and he understood he was now at the call of another. Strangely he felt this was an honor and so he walked to his son's desk and began to try to hack his way into the files, to see what he could find on his son's plans to help Clark and his friends.


(Miami, University)

Arthur Curry shook his head and was thinking he was hearing things, as he continued to swim laps in the pool. He could have sworn he heard someone enter, but he had not seen anyone.

"You know I thought you could swim faster than that," a voice said, startling him and he quickly turned in the water to see a young man and a woman standing by the edge of the pool watching him.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Arthur asked, swimming over to them and pulling himself out of the pool.

"We're friends and we need your help," Clark responded, as he tried to get the memories of Arthur's death in the future out of his head. He reached out and grasped Raya's hand and he began to feel a little better.

"Help doing what?" Arthur asked, very unsure what was going on.

"Saving the world, including the oceans," Clark replied. "I know of your activities Arthur as well as your true origin. We have our own secrets to hide, but we're no threat to you, but we do need your help," he added. "Do you have access to a computer?" he asked.

"Yeah, why?" Arthur responded, becoming a little concerned when Clark had mentioned his true origin.

"Because before I explain what is going on you are going to need to watch the files I have on this," Clark answered, as he pulled a data crystal out of his pocket.

Arthur looked at the two people before shrugging, seeing no signs of threat from either of them and so he quickly dried himself of and led them to his dorm room and placed the data crystal next to his laptop, just as Clark had instructed him to do and watched as the files began to play.


(Luthor Mansion)

Lex entered his house somewhat tired and he quickly went to his chair and sat down. He closed his eyes and hoped his search for the stones would lead to something good. He had ordered his scientists at 33.1 to start experimenting with different types of radiation and the rocks, hoping it would lead to a breakthrough in a weapon which could negate the powers given to people exposed to the rocks during the meteor rocks.


(Miami, University)

Arthur was confused as to whether to trust what he had just seen and been told or to just tell the two to leave. If he decided to believe them, they had a hell of a task in front of them and one that seemed worth doing, but if he decided they were lying he could be leaving them to fight an uphill fight, which could lead to the destruction of the world and the oceans that were his true home.

It was a risk he could ill afford to take and so he decided to trust what he was being told. His people hidden beneath the waves were counting on him and this would go a long way to help them and to keep the oceans safe for the future.

"Okay, I'm willing to take a leap of faith and trust what you're saying is the truth," he finally said, after taking a deep breath.

"Thanks man, you won't regret it," Clark said. "Here take this and meet us at the end of the week at noon," he added, handing him a piece of paper with his farm's address on it. "You'll be meeting the others there and then we can discuss what you've learned and you can ask questions, okay?" he continued.

"I'll be there bro," Arthur responded, as he watched his guests get up to leave.

"Keep the data crystal and study it as much as you want, because if we are not careful what is on it will happen again," Clark said, before he and Raya left and headed back to Smallville to retrieve Dax-Ur's beacon.

Arthur watched them go and shook his head at the speed they displayed. Turning back to the laptop, which showed his future self fighting a monstrous creature, he prayed they could indeed change fate and stop what was to come.
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