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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,7065 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 12

Chapter 12


Clark and Raya arrived back in town just as his watches alarm went off to let him know it was ten thirty, as he came to a stop he noted the town centre was basically deserted, which is exactly what he wanted. After securing the help of Bruce, Oliver and Arthur he felt much better about their chances of bringing the Justice League together years earlier than it had in the memories he had from his future self.

He knew he still had much to do before they were ready to take on Lex. He was also weary that something unexpected may happen to worsen the situation, but he refused to focus on that. He super sped to where he remembered the capsule was and then with his super strength he smashed his fist straight through the ground, until he felt the handle of the capsule and then pulled it out and super sped away followed by Raya leaving the few who came out to investigate the noise to stare at the hole that seemed to suddenly have appeared in the ground.

"Here it is," Clark said, showing Raya the beacon with a smile, as they came to stop at the edge of the town.

"That is indeed a beacon and the markings are indeed those of Dax-Ur. I find it amazing that he has hidden out here for a hundred years or more," Raya said, as she looked the beacon over.

"Not really Raya," Clark responded. "He fell in love with a woman, before he ever went through with his plan to try and save this world and so he easily blended in with the humans," he explained at her confused look. "Plus he was here for a few years studying the yellow sun and its effects on our people, before even that, so he knew how to make himself appear as one of them," he added.

"Do you truly believe he will aid us?" Raya asked, as she handed the beacon back.

"I think so, he came here to make up for his sins and helping to safeguard it will help do that," Clark answered. "If Brainiac should come to Earth, then it becomes even more his fight, with his family's life on the line, I am sure he will help," he stated confidently. "You ready?" he asked, as he held the beacon up so Raya could hold it as well.

Raya nodded and waited until Kal-El spoke Dax-Ur's name and the beacon activated, bathing them both in a white light before they vanished.


(Gotham City, Batcave under Wayne Manor)

Batman almost growled in frustration. Nightwing and Huntress argued over what he had just told and shown them regarding the newest threat, they both seemed to think it was a huge prank. The fact that he wanted to go and look for Talia and Ra Al Ghul was also causing some tension, but he was not going to change his mind. He had found within the files a secret file his future counterpart must have infused into the signal sent to Clark, which gave him much more information about what was to come, but he was keeping that to himself.

The secret file gave him a list of the people who would join Lex Luthor's army, including some of his worst enemies like the Joker. He had shivered at how many names were on the list and one of the names that stood out was Bane's. How Luthor had managed to combine them into a single army was a question he kept asking himself: his future self's message was disturbing in another way, as it was clear that he had been deeply affected by the deaths of Talia and their unborn son, as well as the loss of so many friends. He had become bitter and filled with nothing but anger and hate and that was something he wanted to avoid. One thing he wondered was if Clark was aware of the secret message or if his future self had put it in without telling anyone.

"Bruce, you can't just drop everything on the word of some kid," Nightwing shouted, breaking his train of thought.

"Yes I can Dick," he replied slowly. "Clark was not lying about anything he said, I could tell," he added, as he walked towards where the Batplane was. "I have also gone over the files he gave me, they are not fakes and as for the data crystal itself, it is unlike any technology I have ever seen or heard of on Earth," he stated, turning to glare at his original partner. "I cannot take the risk of not believing him. The fate of the world is much bigger than even protecting Gotham," he added.

"If this Clark is right Bruce, how does he plan to stop Luthor?" Huntress inquired, deciding on a more level tone, as it was clear that Bruce had made up his mind on his course of action.

"It's clear that part of his plan revolves around assembling the team showed on the files. I just showed you, which you were a part of," Bruce responded. "As for actually fighting Lex I am not too sure," he added. "But whatever it is, I will do everything I can to help," he went on. "Tell me, if you knew someone you loved or will love was to die and the world made to ruin, what would you do?" he asked them.

Nightwing and Huntress didn't answer because they knew that in that situation they would do everything possible to save that person and the world. They watched in silence as Batman got into the Batplane and left without another word. They both turned back to the screen, which showed a frozen image of a devastated world, a world Clark Kent assured would come to be, if things were not changed.

"Do you think it's possible this Clark is right?" Nightwing inquired, surprised by Bruce's choice.

"I don't know, but he is right about one thing. The risk to the world is too great to ignore," Huntress responded. "All we can do is wait and see and be ready, just in case they are right," she added, to which Nightwing could only nod.

(Arizona, Al's autoshop)

Clark and Raya looked around as the light faded and they could feel solid ground beneath their feet once again. To Clark the place looked exactly the same, as it did when his future self had come here. He hoped Dax-Ur was still up and in a good mood.

Raya followed Kal-El, as he entered the nearby building, which was filled with primitive tools and two obviously broken cars. She came to a stop as a man of middle age came out of a side room holding a spanner, before coming to a stop when he noticed their arrival.

"Hello, can I help you?" the man inquired looking them over.

"Actually Dax-Ur you can," Clark said, tossing the beacon to him and smiled when Dax-Ur caught it and smiled almost sadly as he looked it over. "My name is Kal-El," he said.

"Of the house of El," Dax-Ur said, knowing it was pointless to try to deny who he was. "I always knew you were survivors and who is your friend?" he asked.

"I am Raya-Sal, former assistant to Jor-El," Raya responded, whilst privately agreeing with Dax-Ur's statement of the El's being survivors. "I was recently rescued by Kal-El from the Phantom Zone, where Jor-El sent me to survive the destruction of our home, as he felt any life was better than no life," she added.

"Jor-El never did anything without a purpose Raya. I think there is more to his sending you to the zone than you believe," Dax-Ur responded with a chuckle. "However I doubt you came here to catch me up on recent events. What can I do for you?" he asked, deciding to get to the heart of the matter.

"A couple of things actually," Clark said, having to admit Dax-Ur had a point concerning his father and he wondered what motive he had for sending Raya to the zone other than her survival. "We have a long story to tell Dax-Ur and it is important," he added.

Dax-Ur looked them both over, seeing no signs of hostility from either of them and considering the houses they came from he did not believe they meant him or his family any harm, so he nodded and led them into his house, which was behind his work place where they could sit and talk. He had no secrets from his family, so it was safe to discuss it in front of them.

His wife greeted their guests with surprise, when she realized they came from the same place as her husband, but quickly put it aside and made them all some tea.

"Before I start, I'll ask that you keep an open mind, because some of this will sound crazy, even to a brilliant scientist such as yourself," Clark said, after he thanked Dax-Ur's wife, who he learned was named Grace.

"I can do that, please go ahead," Dax-Ur prompted and he listened as Kal-El began his tale.


(Kent Farm)

Lana woke up still feeling tired, but she felt a hell of a lot stronger than she could ever remember feeling in her life. She had learned a lot from Isobel during her sleep, even as she wondered how she was doing it. Her first lessons on magic had been insightful and troubling as Isobel had pointed out how seductive the power could be and she would have to be careful how she tapped that power.

She got up and went downstairs to find Chloe out cold on the couch. J'onn seemed to have disappeared and Martha was busy cooking, so she went and joined the older woman.

"Is Clark not back yet?" she asked, as Martha noticed her and gave her a warm smile.

"Not yet Lana," Martha replied a little worried about her son and noting Lana felt the same way. "But Raya is with him, so I doubt he is in any trouble," she said hoping to cheer her up.

"Yeah I know Mrs. Kent," Lana agreed. "I saw Isobel again and she has begun to teach me magic," she admitted. "She also taught me a lot of what she learned from her husband Xan-El," she added.

"Is it going to be dangerous for you to learn magic?" Martha asked, very concerned about this new twist, especially as she viewed Isobel the same way she viewed Kal.

"Yes it is. If I tap into the power wrong," Lana admitted. "But I am confident if I take my time I'll be able to do it right," she added, as Mrs. Kent frowned. "I just have to be careful and not rush things," she said with as much confidence as she could.

"If you are sure this is what you want Lana, then we will support you, just be careful. We don't want anything to happen to you," Martha told her. "Jonathan and I care about you as more than just Clark's girlfriend," she said, hugging the younger girl she sometimes viewed as a daughter.

"I know Mrs. Kent and I appreciate it," Lana said with a smile. "I've always felt so safe here," she added as they pulled back. "With Isobel's help I will be able to help Clark stop Lex and help people in the future," she said with a smile.

"Well as I said as long as it is what you want, then I am happy for you Lana and I am sure Clark will be too when he gets back," Martha responded with a motherly smile. "Although I am not too sure I trust Isobel just yet, same with Kal. They are both wild cards and I'm worried that they will not always be so helpful," she admitted.

"I can understand that Mrs. Kent, but Isobel was only a threat when she was tainted by the Teague's and Kal was only so rebellious because Clark would not accept his role as one of this planets defenders, as Jor-El wanted," Lana said after a few minutes. "That has all changed now," she stated with a smile.

"I guess I will have to get used to that fact," Martha sighed. "I know things changed Lana, but I guess I had come to believe these things would never change," she added.

"I better wake Chloe, so she doesn't miss supper," Lana said, after hugging Mrs. Kent again.

Martha smiled, pleased that Lana seemed much more grown up and confident than ever before and it was clear that she was intent on staying with Clark and helping him embrace his destiny.


(Arizona, Al's autoshop)

Dax-Ur stood and walked over to one of his windows and stared out of it, as he went over Kal-El's story. He did not doubt the truth of it for a minute, as he had taken part in many experiments dealing with time before he had left Krypton. Learning his and Jor-El's creation, the brain interactive construct would come to Earth and succeed in releasing General Zod and then cause as much destruction and death on Earth as they had done on Krypton, which would go to include himself and his family disturbed him quite a lot.

He had come to Earth to make up for the sins of his pride in creating Brainiac and what that creation had done in turn, but it would seem that he had not yet reached that point. He could not ignore the request for help from his fellow Kryptonians, especially if Brainiac still made it to Earth. To protect his family, he would have to join them and finally cleanse the darkness from his soul.

"I will return with you Kal-El and assist as much as I can," he finally said, closing his eyes and he released the clasp on his bracelet that held the blue kryptonite that had bound his powers all these years. "Should Brainiac come to Earth, he will need to be stopped fast. I will work with Jor-El to find just such a way," he added.

"Thank you Dax-Ur. I know it's a lot of ask for, but to safeguard Earth and our families this has to be done," Clark said, noting the worried look Grace shot her husband at his choice. "We're not asking you to fight, just to use your mind to help us," he added.

"And I will," Dax-Ur said with a nod. "I have run from this long enough and now it is time to face my demons," he admitted.

"We have one major problem I would like you to think about, my cousin is on this planet trapped in a dam," Clark told him, pleased that he had agreed to help. "She has a crystal in her possession that holds replicants of my mother and Zor-El, who was an ally of Zod and helped to destroy our world. Her memories of this have been removed and we need to restore them," he explained. "Zor-El's replicant cannot be allowed to be born, as his goal for Earth was the same as Zod's, which included wiping out the human race," he continued.

"I see," Dax-Ur said, as he went over this new information. "I take it you want to free your cousin as soon as possible?" he asked.

"I do, Kara is a good person and she does not deserve to pay for the crimes of her father," Clark shot back. "In the future she would sacrifice herself to save millions of human lives against Brainiac and for that alone she is owed this," he added.

"I will think on this tonight and join you at your farm tomorrow. We can then visit the fortress and I will begin to work on both problems," Dax-Ur promised, seeing that the idea of his cousin dying in the future hit Kal-El hard.

"That's all I can ask," Clark said, hoping they could retrieve Kara as soon as possible, because even though he had not met her in this timeline he missed her thanks to the memories of his future self. "The last thing I want to ask you is a bit more personal. I like you have fallen for a human woman and I wanted to ask if I can borrow some of your blue kryptonite bracelets?" he asked remembering Lana had wanted him to get some for the future.

"I will bring a few over tomorrow Kal-El," Dax-Ur agreed with a small chuckle, knowing how easy it was to want to give up all the power they had for the love of a woman.

"Thank you, well I will wish you a good night," Clark said with a smile which was echoed by Raya before they both turned and left Dax-Ur to assure his wife he would not be gone too long.
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