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Time Wave

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Summary: Clark is hit by a mysterious wave of energy which gives him knowledge of the future and how to prevent a dark future from befalling him and those around him.

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Smallville > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR152989,34073344,7235 Jun 1022 Oct 13No

Chapter 14

Chapter 14

(Luthor Mansion)

Lionel Luthor smiled as he entered the study, now knowing he was a part of something so much bigger than himself. It was even bigger than he had ever believed it could be when he had first learned of the Traveler when he had been a member of Veritas.

He remembered his actions at that time and he found that he hated what he had done in an attempt to gain control of the Traveler when he had arrived, such as murdering the Queens so that he could steal their key and then later on had Virgil Swan poisoned to remove him as an ally to Clark Kent, who he had learned was in contact with the doctor. These actions now shamed him and he was determined to make up for these sins, as well as stop what he now knew was to come. He knew the memories he could access were of the future and he knew he needed to do everything he could to help avoid the future it showed.

He had already started when he had hacked into his son's computer last night and gained as much information on 33.1 progress as he could. He would go over later to share it with Clark and the others, hoping once they learned it was him and not Jor-El they would still accept him. He noted Lex was already up and working on his computer smiling himself at whatever he was readying.

"You seem happy Lex, something good happened?" he inquired, as he sat down in front of his son.

"Just some of my recent projects have begun to bear fruits," Lex responded with a smirk, as he closed down his computer and faced his father. "Have a good rest dad?" he asked

"I did actually, I was really tired," Lionel shot back. "I take it you have not found out anything about our new enemy in regards to the stones?" he inquired.

"Not yet dad, but I will find them soon enough," Lex replied frowning before getting up to make himself a drink. "I still hope to convince Lana and Clark that she should stay here for her own protection and so I will be heading to the farm later today," he added, having decided to give it another go by lying and saying an attempt had been made on his life the night before, as well as one on Jason, who he had met with to discuss this before going to bed.

"Oh and how do you plan to do that? Somehow I don't see Lana choosing to leave Clark as they have just got back together," Lionel said in reply, whilst inwardly he groaned at his son's persistence in chasing something that would never be his, at least not in this time line.

"I think I can convince them dad, just leave it to me," Lex assured him with a smirk, sure he would succeed this time before downing his drink.

"Well I have to go. I'm dropping in on the Kent's before I go, to discuss my past transgressions hoping to bury the hatchet," Lionel said, as he stood and heeded for the door as an excuse as to why he would go near the farm, that would not cause his son to become suspicious.

"Good luck with that," Lex said in disbelief that his father would even attempt such a thing with Jonathan Kent. He shook his head and sat back down, wondering if his father was slowly losing his mind.


(Kent Farm)

Clark smiled slowly as he awoke to find Lana in his arms smiling at him as he woke up. She leaned forward and kissed him as hard as she could, before snuggling closer to him.

"How did things go last night?" she asked curious why he had left for a few hours while obviously being tired

"Not too bad, we may have gained another ally and I will find out later today," Clark replied, as he kissed her again before getting up and going for a shower, knowing there was much to do and they had no time to stay in bed cuddling, no matter how much he wished they could.

Lana watched him go and sighed knowing they couldn't stay in bed, but a part of her wanted nothing more. She waited until Clark had finished his shower before going for her own and then getting ready for the day.

They found everyone else already up and at the table and so joined them as Martha placed two plates of food in front of them. They looked up in surprise as someone knocked on the door and they opened it to find Lionel Luthor outside, looking nervous

"Clark?" Jonathan asked knowing in his gut this was not Jor-El on control by the look in Luthor's eyes.

"Easy dad, he's no threat," Clark reminded his father, also noting Jor-El seemed to have released control of the man, but he was not to troubled by it, as he knew the future Lionel had been a great ally in the future most of the time. "Come in Lionel," he added.

"Thank you Clark," Lionel replied with a small smile. "I know I am not welcome here, at least as far as your parents are concerned so I will be quick. This is all the information I could get of Lex's computer concerning 33.1," he told them. "It shows how far he has come in his experiments and what he has planned for the future, for some reason his plans seem accelerated from what I remember from the memories Jor-El downloaded from you," he continued with a frown. "I think something or someone is trying to combat your efforts to stop the war," he warned very seriously

"Brainiac, it has to be him," Clark growled.

"How, I thought he was stuck in space and was not active?" Lana inquired, confused how Clark had come to this conclusion as well as being worried by what Lionel had said.

"I'm talking about the Brainiac from the future Lana. As an advanced Kryptonian artificial intelligence he would have time sensors, which can detect changes in the time line," Clark explained to the others. "If he picked up a time ripple he may be trying to stop us by somehow changing things himself. He could be sending Lex information straight into his mind to push him in certain directions," he added with a curse. "My future self allowed himself to believe the changes in time would not give him time enough to counter us, I guess he was wrong," he went on with a shake of his head.

"What's the worse he could do before the ripples changes that future?" Chloe inquired, very worried about what the answer could be.

"He could activate the black ship and send it towards earth as well as fill this version of Brainiac with all the knowledge of how to beat us and how to make the war happen," Clark responded slumping into a chair.

"Can we stop him from sending these signals?" Chloe asked, her mind whirling with possibilities.

"I am afraid not Chloe," Raya was the one who answered. "Or at least not right now and it would take days if not weeks to create something that could and by then it would be to late," she added. "Our best option here is to continue to change the future as best we can and then try and counter whatever it is Brainiac is attempting to do," she advised.

"Raya is correct," Jor-El said, assuming control of Lionel once more. "We should not waste our time on this," he added.

"Very well father. Dax-ur should be arriving soon and so he will join you at the fortress to work out a way to free Kara and stop Brainiac," Clark said after a few moments of silence.

"Before I go Clark, I told Lex I was coming here to try and make up for my past sins in regards to your family, as a way of explaining my presence here, so do not be surprised if Lex mentions it," Lionel said, as he once again found himself in control. "Also he is planning on coming over again to try and convince Lana to stay in the manor once more," he warned them, noting the looks of anger that passed on Clark's, Lana's and Kent's faces at this.

"Thanks for the head's up," Clark said. "I have a mission for you Lionel, I want you to go and see Patricia Swan, warn her about Lex and tell her everything, in return I want her father's diary," he said, as he thought of his next move and that was to try and contain some of Lex's more brutal crimes and he felt he owed Virgil Swan and had to do what he could to protect his daughter.

"She will not listen to me Clark, but I will try and I think talking to Jor-El will help her accept my tale," Lionel said, wincing slightly at having to face the young woman, but then after considering it may be the best if he did confess his sins. "I take it that there is something of importance in the diary?" he asked.

"Possible, there is something in the memories about it, but I can't seem to see it to well," Clark replied, straining to pull up the memory he was thinking off. "Still she needs to be warned not to have any contact with Lex and she may also think about hiding that key somewhere no one will look for it," he added. "I do not want Lex to get anywhere near the fortress or the orb. This time it has to stay buried," he added.

"I can attempt to retrieve the orb and move it," Lionel offered, knowing why Clark did not want Lex near it from the memories of the future, as someone else entered the house. Clark just smiled and welcomed the man.

"Everyone this is Dax-Ur," Clark introduced the man. "Dax-Ur, I'd like you meet my foster parents Jonathan and Martha Kent, my best friend Chloe Sullivan, my girlfriend Lana Lang, this is Lionel Luthor, Jor-El's vessel, and finally J'onn a long time ally and friend of my father and of course you remember Raya," he introduced his group one by one and Dax-Ur nodded in greeting to each, before Clark turned back to Lionel.

"For now Lionel do nothing about the orb, but keep a close eye on Lex, especially if he starts investigating anywhere near the fortress," Clark told him.

"Very clear Clark," Lionel said in understanding, before Jor-El took over. "Dax-Ur it is a pleasure to meet you once again. I am pleased you have decided to help us as it seems Brainiac is attempting to stop us from the future before a time ripple changes his present," he said facing the older man.

"I see, that makes our job more difficult, but not impossible," Dax-Ur responded. "I have already given much thought on how to stop Brainiac and I feel the best chance we may have is to reprogram him," he added.

"Of course, that's what stopped him last time. A group of heroes from the future came back in time and helped capture him and then reprogrammed him," Clark said, as the memory suddenly surfaced, having been buried before. "But capturing him was not easy," he added frowning. "Still it's a plan and more than we had before," he went on.

"I have begun molding new stones to throw of Luthor and the Teague's," Jor-El informed them, remembering the other things he had wanted to say. "I shall infuse some energy as well as some knowledge you humans have forgotten into them, to make them seem genuine," he informed them.

"How long will it be until they are ready?" Raya inquired.

"Three days is the best I can do," Jor-El responded. "I shall lead Dax-Ur to the fortress and then help Lionel accomplish the mission you have given him before returning," Jor-El said and headed for the door.

Dax-Ur handed Clark a box with a smile, before following Jor-El. He was still getting used to being able to use his powers once again, but he remembered how to use them and so soon took off after Jor-El's vessel.

"Clark, what were you discussing with Lionel?" Jonathan asked, knowing there was a lot more said between them than he believed.

Clark sighed before motioning the others to all sit as he explained about Veritas, the keys, the cryptograph and finally the orb and what had happened when he had learned about them all, as well as meeting the daughter of Virgil Swan who was to be killed by Lex in his pursuit of a way of controlling him.


(Ghul Mansion, Middle East)

Bruce Wayne stood and was staring out of the window of one of the bedrooms he had stayed in, thinking over his long talk with Talia the night before. There had been no barriers between them, as they began to get to know the other better. He had felt more alive than ever before and yet he still found it hard to believe that any of this was happening.

He was dressed in some clothes one of the staff had brought in for him. He wondered when Clark was going to return, before turning and heading for the dining room where he found Talia and Ra already waiting for him.

"I trust you had a good night, detective?" Ra inquired with a small smile.

"I did, thank you," Bruce responded, wondering what Ra had decided in regards to what he and Clark had told them. He joined them at the table, sitting next to Talia without even thinking about it.

"We will discuss business later when your friend returns," Ra said, noting the curious look on Bruce's face, who just nodded in understanding and began to eat his breakfast, almost jumping as he felt Talia's hand come to rest on his thigh.


(Star City, Queen Tower)

Oliver had just finished breakfast and was about to start some exercises when he noted Clark was waiting for him. He smiled, wondering if he could construct someway of stopping the young man from getting in without been detected.

"How are you doing, Oliver?" Clark asked, with a smile of his own.

"Better after a good night's sleep," Oliver replied. "What's up?" he asked, wondering why the young man was back so soon, as they had made plans to meet up at the end of the week with the rest of the future members of the Justice League.

"I need you to design some costumes for me and my group," Clark responded, pulling out some sheets of paper and handing them to Oliver who began to look them over and noting the detail in them.

Clark had after he finished informing the others about Veritas and everything involved with it, decided they had to start getting ready for when they were ready to strike and so he had sat down and drawn some designs for everyone. The costumes would disguise them all, as well as help protect them from injury once he had applied some Kryptonian tech to them.

He had decided to not use the red, blue and yellow custom his future self had finally used. He needed something more grown up and something more practical. He had decided on pure black with silver outlines, as well as choosing silver for his family insignia which would go on his, Raya's, Lana's and Kara's costumes. He had also chosen for each costume to have a head piece as well as a voice modulator which Oliver and the League had used to such great success in the future to hide their Identities and he had no plan to play a bumberling idiot this time around.

"Cool designs man, did you draw these?" Oliver inquired, while sitting down as he continued to go over the sheets of paper he had been given and he was very impressed with the designs.

"Yeah I did," Clark admitted. "Can you do it?" he asked.

"Yeah I can. I should have them ready by next week," Oliver responded with a smile. "I take it all the measurements are correct?" he asked, leaning back into his chair.

"Yes, but it won't matter. I will be adding some of my own tech to them once they are ready, such as an auto fitting device," Clark said in reply. "It will fit the costume to whoever is wearing it. My people were true genius in some areas," he admitted.

"I don't suppose you would be willing to share some of this technology, would you?" Oliver could not help but ask.

"Maybe Oliver, I did before in the future, especially when we were trying to build the watchtower," Clark answered with a grim look. "Sadly the war stopped us and it was destroyed by Brainiac and Doomsday before it was half built," he added with a shudder. "Once we are in a better position and we've gotten most of the other members of the JL to join us, I will see what can be shared and what this planet is ready for," he said. "Too much would cause chaos and so we have to move slowly," he reminded his friend.

"I know, but I am happy you are willing to share," Oliver said, impressed by this as he had worried slightly on learning this young man and his friends had access to advanced alien technology, but knowing he did not plan on keeping it all to himself he relaxed soon.

"Anyway I got to go and check on another friend and then visit some of our other future allies," Clark said shaking Oliver's hand, before taking of and heading for the Ghul's mansion, leaving Oliver to summon one of his scientists, so that they could begin to design the costumes Clark wanted.
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